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Centre of Innovation for Technologies of Intelligent Buildings Comfort Entertainment Safety Savings Ecology © 2010 Insight Home, Inc.

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1 Centre of Innovation for Technologies of Intelligent Buildings Comfort Entertainment Safety Savings Ecology © 2010 Insight Home, Inc.

2 What is CITIB...  Centre of Innovations for Technologies of Intelligent Buildings (CITIB) has been built in Prague 4 with total investment of 25 mil. Kč  Has been nominated for Grand Prix Architects 2009  All visitors from the Central and Eastern Europe will see the state-of-art technology which should:  Increase living standard  Offer comfort  Decrease energy consumption  Secure security  Do entertainment and  Be environmentally friendly

3 CITIB in Figures  Address: K Dýmači 18, Prague 4  Two family houses and a summerhouse  Field size: 4.000 m 2  The first house occupies 592 m 2  The second house occupies 251 m 2  Summerhouse : 110 m 2  Lagoon with Japanese carps (koi) + pool  The garden includes 450 m 2 of inside routes

4 Family house 1 2009 – Grand Prix Architects Nominee

5 Family house 2 2009 – Grand Prix Architects Nominee

6 Summerhouse

7 inHome technology at CITIB  inHome is a solution for modern living which was developed by the Insight Home Inc. and its partners. What used to be known as the house of the future or intelligent house has become a reality, all thanks to the technological progress in the last two years.  inHome offers a comfortable and safe life style which can be environmentally friendly as well.  inHome will also open new opportunities for your free time..

8 Partners  Major partners  Products partners

9 Key points of modern living  inHome solution offers: Excellent comfort and living standard Hi-end entertainment Hi level of security Energy consumption effectiveness Ecology

10 Comfort  The control is very easy and totally intuitive  There are variations of outer and ergonomic design of the control for all members of the family  Whenever you open the window, inHome system turns down the heating  It dims the light on the way to the bathroom if you get up at night  It signalizes new post in your mailbox  Before going to work it turns on the washing machine  Automatic alarm clock quietly switches on music, slowly opens the blinds and turns on the coffee maker with your favourite coffee  Before your arrival it heats the sauna

11 Entertainment  Your family pictures, records from holidays, your favourite music, films in the highest HD quality, surround sound, the Internet, computer games, e-mails, reception of radio, television, digital and satellite broadcasting are all available from any room of the house or garden.  The chosen programmes (e.g. series) are automatically recorded and what’s more, commercial free.  Thanks to the multifunctional buttons you can at the same time start playing your favourite movie, simultaneously the lighting in the room dims, and possibly the blinds roll down, the projector and projection screen eject from the lower ceiling and your amplifier sets to the required loudness.

12 Safety  At any time you have a perfect overview of the safe operation of your household – the alarm system, fire detectors, camera system and infra-red bolts.  The infra-red bolts will allow you to prevent your children from passing the dangerous distance from swimming pool.  In case of any nonstandard event you are informed via SMS (decreasing of the temperature in the fish tank, power cut or fallout in heating system etc.).  After the last member of the family leaves the house, the alarm system automatically activates, the lights go off, the required sockets are deactivated, the blinds pull down and the air-condition / heating switch to the low mode.  The system also allows the option of random lighting the rooms and by so doing simulate your presence in your absence (holiday…).

13 Savings – Lighting  At any time inHome enables you set or change the setting of which switch will turn which specific light.  One switch can control a whole group of lights as well and therefore create lighting scenes of a various lights intensity.  Thanks to the LED units the coloured tones of the lighting can be changed as well.  The switches can be also wireless – which means considerable costs savings during installation, however, it is possible to add them, or alternatively, to place them onto the glass.  The central system also enables you to have a constant overview (even when you are not at home) of which room is lighted.  If you are absent from the room for a longer while, the system automatically turns off.  The outside intensity of light fluently regulates the intensity of the interior lights.

14 Savings – Heating  inHome very effectively operates and monitors the energy consumption.  The control system is capable of effective combining of various heat sources:  Heat pump / electrical boiler / gas boiler  Solar cells  Air-condition  Recuperation  Fire places  In case of rain it automatically closes the roof windows, in case of wind it draws back the terrace blinds.  Thanks to this regulation a considerable amount of energy is saved.

15 Ecology  The integration of alternative sources and their optimal and effective operation in connection to the low-energetic or passive buildings makes the inHome system very environmentally friendly.

16 CITIB – Infrastructure  The bone of the infrastructure is structured cabling:  standardized, 6A cable category, RJ45 socket  Computer network bandwidth up to 0,5GHz and 10 Gbit/s  10 Mb permanent Internet connection  Video – 75ohm coax and HDMI  Audio – bi-wire speaker cable  Homes interconnection – optic fiber (40 Gbit/s)  Perfect grounding and galvanic isolation  Surge Protection  Data and power cables shielding

17 Near future…  Today or in the near future would be possible:  Shielding by smart glass which changes color according the intensity of the electricity  According to the foodstuff reserve automatically order missing items  Those items are delivered into special box, which is accessible from outside street and fully cooled down  Automatic barman – mix automatically drink according your order  Electronic evidence of your wine archive  Chair vibration in order to intensify your game of movie enjoyment  Suitable clothes selection according your electronic diary  LED displays instead of classical wall pictures ...

18 Insight Home, a.s. K Libuši 4/24, 148 00 Praha 4 603 52 50 50 Jan Průcha Prezentační areál Centrum inovací pro technologie ineligentníh bydlení K Dýmači 18, Praha 4 - Cholupice, 603 52 50 50

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