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Latin & Greek Root Words Dr. T. Robyn Wilson. ROOT WORDS What are root words? Words originating from Latin (ancient Rome) and Greek. Why is it important.

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1 Latin & Greek Root Words Dr. T. Robyn Wilson

2 ROOT WORDS What are root words? Words originating from Latin (ancient Rome) and Greek. Why is it important to learn root words? Almost every word in English has root words, so this makes it easier to understand a new word and remember how to spell them.

3 2.graph 3.tele 4.meter 5.tropic Roots are word parts. Build more words with root words.

4 GREEK DERIVATIVES English has built largely on the old Greek roots and still continues to utilize them as foundations upon which to construct new terms. In the following table are some words which were derived from the old-time Greek roots

5 Greek Roots:



8 Greek and Latin Words from Harry Potter by J. K. Rowling arma – weapons, armour dens – a tooth dormio – I sleep lumen – light ludo – I play nox – night, darkness nunquam (or numquam) – never patronus – a protector or sponsor

9 Sirius Black Draco Malfoy Sirius is the Latin name for the bright dog star and the title of the Cornhusker tunnel walk song. Draco is the Latin word for dragon.

10 Greek letters are still used in math and science today.

11 th, ph, ch, and ps stand for Greek letters not in our alphabet.

12 ad to adhesive, adapt, addition

13 Root wordaer-, aero- OriginGreek MeaningAir, atmosphere ExampleAeronautics

14 al action removal, referral, disposal

15 Root wordagri- OriginGreek and Latin MeaningField ExampleAgriculture

16 Root wordanima- OriginLatin MeaningBreathe ExampleAnimal

17 Root wordann- OriginLatin MeaningYear, yearly ExampleAnnual

18 ante before antecedent, antebellum

19 Root wordaqu- OriginLatin MeaningWater ExampleAquarium

20 Root wordastro- OriginGreek MeaningStar ExampleAstronomy

21 astro star astronomy, astrology, asteroid

22 Root wordaud OriginLatin MeaningHearing, listening, sound ExampleAuditorium

23 audi hear auditory, audience

24 To hear or listen Audio Audition auditorium

25 Root wordauto OriginGreek MeaningSelf ExampleAutomobile

26 Root wordavi- OriginLatin MeaningBird ExampleAviation

27 bene good benefit, beneficial

28 Root wordbi- OriginLatin MeaningTwo ExampleBicycle

29 Root wordbi(o)- OriginGreek MeaningLife ExampleBiology

30 Root wordcap- OriginLatin MeaningHold, take Example Capture

31 To take, catch, hold, receive. Recap Receipt receive

32 cede go precede, recede

33 Root wordcent- OriginLatin MeaningHundred ExampleCentury

34 chron time chronological, synchronize

35 Root wordclar- OriginLatin MeaningClear ExampleClarity

36 Root wordcon- OriginLatin Meaningwith Exampleconnect

37 To Believe Credit Incredible Accredit

38 To Run Or Go Current Curricular Cursive Cursor

39 Root wordcycl OriginGreek MeaningRound ExampleBicycle

40 Root wordde- OriginLatin MeaningFrom, away from ExampleDelete

41 de down deposit, demolish, deplete

42 Root worddem- OriginGreek MeaningPeople ExampleDemocracy

43 What is a derivation? (pronounced: “dir-ah-va-tion”) Derivation means drawing off water from a main stream From Latin de: down from, away from + rivus: brook, stream English words may be derived or drawn off of mainstream Greek or Latin roots. Roots may not be spelled the same way all the time.

44 To Say Or Tell Dictionary Ridiculous Addiction Dictator Prediction

45 Root worddict- OriginLatin MeaningSay, speak ExampleDictation

46 dict say, speak dictionary, predict, contradict

47 Root worddigit- OriginLatin MeaningFinger ExampleDigital

48 Root worddorm- OriginLatin MeaningSleep ExampleDormitory

49 To Lead Conduct Educate Produce Introduction

50 Root wordeco- OriginGreek MeaningHouse ExampleEcology

51 et cetera etc. What does this term mean? etc. is a Latin term that means and so forth

52 To Make Or Do Factory Fact Facility

53 fec make-do factory, benefactor, manufacture

54 fer carry transfer, infer, ferry

55 To Bear or Yield Conference Confer Difference

56 flect band reflect, deflect

57 To Bend Or Curve Flexible Flexibility Reflex

58 flex band flexible, circumflex

59 To Bend Or Curve Reflect Reflection Reflector

60 Root wordform- OriginLatin MeaningShape ExampleFormation

61 To Shape Formula Inform Perform Uniform Transform

62 Root wordfrig- OriginLatin MeaningCold ExampleFrigid

63 Root wordge(o)- OriginGreek MeaningEarth ExampleGeology

64 graph Definition: to write or draw Example: autograph

65 helio sun heliocentric, perihelion

66 hetero different heterogeneous, heterodox

67 Root wordhex- OriginGreek MeaningSix ExampleHexagon

68 homo same homonym, homophone bawl or ball

69 Root wordhydr(o)- OriginGreek MeaningWater ExampleHydroponic

70 hydro water dehydrate, hydrate, hydrosphere

71 im not impossible, immature, immeasurable

72 inter between international, interlude, interstellar

73 -ism doctrine capitalism, cubism, Marxism

74 -ize to make crystallize, synchronize

75 ject throw eject, projectile

76 To throw Or lie Project Reject Eject

77 Root wordjuven- OriginLatin MeaningYoung ExampleJuvenile

78 kinesis Definition: movement Examples: kinetic: movement of bodies cinema: motion pictures (movies) telekinesis: moving things without physical contact

79 Root wordkil(o)- OriginGreek MeaningThousand ExampleKilogram

80 Law Legislative Legislation Legislate

81 Root wordleg- OriginLatin MeaningLaw ExampleLegal

82 Root wordliber- OriginLatin MeaningFree ExampleLiberation

83 mal bad dismal, malady, malignant

84 Root wordmanu- OriginLatin MeaningHand ExampleManual

85 MAN & MANU mean BY HAND Manu=hand Manual : relating to the hand; manual labor Chains for the hands: manacles Manicure : The care of the hands and nails

86 metron Definition: measure Examples: thermometer, meter stick, geometry

87 To send Dismiss Admission Dissmissal

88 neo new neonatal, neophyte

89 Root wordnov- OriginLatin MeaningNine ExampleNovember

90 Root wordnumer- OriginLatin MeaningNumber ExampleNumeral

91 Root wordoct- OriginLatin and Greek MeaningEight ExampleOctangular

92 -ous full of or like ambidextrous, glorious

93 paleo old Paleolithic, paleomagnetism

94 pend hang pendulum, pendant, impending

95 Foot Peddle Pedometer Pedicure

96 To Drive Or Push Expel Propeller Repellent

97 Root wordpent- OriginGreek MeaningFive ExamplePentagon

98 To Hang Or Weigh Dispense Expense Expensive Suspense

99 Philia (“feel-ya”) Definition: love, friendship Examples: Philadelphia, philosopher, Philip, philharmonic, philanthropist

100 philia Rocky actor Sylvester Stallone at the Philadelphia Museum of Art Philadelphia -- city of brotherly love

101 Root wordphob(ia)- OriginGreek MeaningFear ExampleHydrophobia

102 Root wordphos-, phot- OriginGreek MeaningLight ExamplePhotograph

103 photos Definition: light Examples: photograph, photosynthesis

104 Root wordphys- OriginGreek MeaningNature ExamplePhysics

105 phobos Definition: unusual fear Examples: claustrophobia: fear of closed places acrophobia: fear of heights arachnophobia: fear of spiders myctophobia: fear of darkness suriphobia- fear of mice testophobia- fear of taking tests

106 To Fold Accomplice Complication Duplicate

107 port carry transport, import, porter

108 To Carry Airport Export Portable Transport

109 To Put, Place, or Set. Compose Pose Opposite

110 Root wordpre- OriginLatin MeaningBefore ExamplePrevious

111 PRIM & PRIME are ROOT- WORDS meaning FIRST First, as in quality The foremost; the best

112 Root wordpseud(o)- OriginGreek MeaningFalse ExamplePseudonym

113 Root wordpyr(o)- OriginGreek MeaningHeat, fire ExamplePyrolysis

114 Root wordquadr- OriginLatin MeaningFour ExampleQuadrangle

115 Root wordquint- OriginLatin MeaningFifth ExampleQuintary

116 Root wordre- OriginLatin MeaningAgain, back ExampleRecede

117 rupt break rupture, erupt

118 To Write Describe Indescribable Prescribe Scribble

119 semi half semicircle, semiannual

120 Root wordsept- OriginLatin MeaningSeven ExampleSeptember

121 Root wordserv- OriginLatin Meaning Save, protect, serve ExampleConservation

122 To Stand Assistant Status Constant

123 sol alone solo, solitude, solitaire

124 stella star stellar, constellation, interstellar

125 syn together Examples: synonyms: words that go together symphony: sounds that go together synchronize: do things at the same time synagogue: to bring people together for Jewish worship present - gift

126 syn together symmetry, symphony

127 To Break or Burst Disrupt Eruption Interrupt

128 To Write Scripture Subscription

129 To see, watch, or observe Aspect Inspect Perspective Suspect

130 To see, watch, or observe Suspicious Suspicion

131 To Build Construct Destruction Instruct Structure

132 tele Definition: far away, distant Examples: telephone, telescope

133 To hold Contain Container Contents

134 temp time temporary, contemporary

135 tempo time temporarily, contemporary

136 To Stretch Or Strain Extend Tendency Pretend

137 Root wordterr- OriginLatin MeaningDry land, earth ExampleTerrain

138 thesis Definition: put, place, position

139 -tion act or state completion, devastation, production

140 Root wordtri- OriginLatin and Greek MeaningThree ExampleTriangle

141 tri three tricycle, triangle

142 tropos Definition: turning toward something such as the sun Examples: Tropic of Cancer, Tropic of Capricorn, Tropics

143 To Turn Advertise Invert Convert Vertical

144 To see Visual Visor visit

145 To live Survival Revive Vitamin

146 voc voice vocal, advocate

147 Using root words guess what the meaning of these words.

148 “Dynamics” is used in physics to describe the process of how things work. Aerodynamics Hydrodynamics Air Water

149 What does biofuel mean? Fuel made from living organisms such as corn, sugar and plants.

150 What does animation mean? Cartoon


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