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Chapter 47 + Nouns Chapter 48 Pages 84 & 89 12-21-11 James Lofton 27 Words.

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1 Chapter 47 + Nouns Chapter 48 Pages 84 & 89 12-21-11 James Lofton 27 Words

2 Verb cōnfugiō, cōnfugere, cōnfūgī, cōnfugitūrus/a/um = to flee for refuge fugitive, fugue, fumifugist, insectifuge, lucifugal, lucifugous, nidifugous, phrontifugic, refuge, refugee, solifugal

3 Conjunction - t autem = but, however

4 Verb 7000/jpg/_44497561_lewsey_catch512.jpg trāiciō, trāicere, trāiēcī, trāiectus/a/um = to throw across abject, abjectness, adjective, conjectural, conjecture, deject, dejected, dejection, ejaculatory, eject

5 Verb accūsō, accūsāre, accūsāvī, accūsātus/a/um = to accuse accusable, accusation, accusative, accusatively, accusatory, accuse

6 Noun clēmentia, clēmentiae F. = mercy, clemency clemency, clement, clemently, inclemency, inclement, inclemently

7 verb collocō, collocāre, collocāvī, collocātus/a/um = to place, position (allocate, allocation, allow, allowable, allowably, allowance, allowed, allowed, aloud)

8 Noun morbus, morbī M. = disease morbid, morbid, morbidity, morbidness, morbidostatic, morbific, morbigenous, morbose

9 Verb equitō, equitāre, equitāvī, equitātus/a/um = to ride (a horse) equerry, eques, equestrian, equestrianism, equestrienne, equid, Equidae, equine

10 Verb VERB putō, putāre, putāvī, putātus/a/um = to think account, accountability, accountable, accountably, accountant, accounter, amputate, amputating

11 Noun odium, odiī N. = hatred annoy, annoyance, annoyer, annoyingly, noisome, noisomely, noisomeness, odious, odiously, odiousness, odium,

12 Verb dominor, dominārī, dominātus sum (+ DATIVE) = to control, be master of domain, domatium, domatologist, domatology, domatophobia, domatophobiac, dome, domestic, domesticate

13 Noun scelus, sceleris N. = crime

14 Noun famēs, famis F. hunger famine, famished, famish

15 Noun adulēscēns, adulēscentis, M. = Young man adolescence, adolescence, adolescents, adolescent, adolescents, adult, adulticide

16 Noun classis, classis F. fleet classified, classifier, classify, classifying, classism, classless, classmate, classroom, classy, declass,

17 Verb obsideō, obsidēre, obsēdī, obsessus/a/um = to besiege assess, assessment, assiduous, assize,, dissidence, dissident, insidioiusness, insidious, obsess, obsession, obsessive, overassess, preside

18 Noun fluctus, fluctūs M. = wave affluence, affluent, afflux, circumfluent, confluence, confluent, conflux, costae fluctuantes, diffluent

19 Nouns mulier, mulieris F. = woman, wife muliebral, muliebria, muliebrile, muliebrious, muliebrous, muliebrity, mulier, mulierly, mulierose, mulierosity, mulier puisine, mulierty

20 Noun Dēdcus, dēdecoris, N. =Disgrace decent, decor, décor, decorate, decoration, decorative, decorator, decoration., decoratory, decorous, decorum, dedecorate, indecorous, redecorate

21 Noun Serpēns, serpentis M. = Serpent serpent, serpentine, serpiginous

22 Preposition apud (+ acc) = at, in, at the house of, with, among

23 Noun venēnum, venēnī N. = poison antivenin, venom., antivenom, antivenomous, anvenom, avenom, countervenom, disenvenom, envenom, envenomed, envenomation, envenomize

24 Noun triumphus, triumphī M. = triumph triumph, triumphal, triumphant, triumphantly, triumpher, triumphingly, trump

25 Noun Carcer, carceris, M. =Prison cancel, carcer, carceral, carceral state, disincarcerate, impact incarceration; high- impact incarceration, incarcerate, incarcerated

26 Noun dolus, dolī M. = trick; ploy

27 Adverb ōlim = once (in the past); once upon a time; one day, some time (in the future)

28 Noun Turris, turris, F. =Tower turret, tower, towering, tower house, turreted

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