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Greek and latin roots.

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1 Greek and latin roots

2 Ped words biped (n) a creature with two feet
peddler (n) a person who goes from door to door on foot trying to sell a product pedestrian (n) a person who walks across the street on foot pedicure (n) a foot treatment that could include soaking the feet and polishing the toenails quadruped (n) a four- footed creature tripod (n) a three-footed stand often used to balance a camera biped (n) a creature with two feet centipede (n) a creature with 100 feet impediment (n) something that stands in one’s way; an obstacle millipede (n) a creature with 1,000 feet pedal (n) a lever that is moved with one’s foot

3 Man, manu words emancipate (v) to set free; to lend a hand in freeing someone; to release from someone’s hands manacles (n) handcuffs manager (n) a person who has the upper hand; a person who is in charge of someone or something mandate (n) an order or command placed in one’s hands maneuver (v) to handily or skillfully go around something manicure (n) a treatment for the hands and nails manipulate (v) to skillfully operate by hand manual (n) a handbook; a book of directions manufacture (v) to make by hand or by machine; to change raw material into a new product manuscript (n) a handwritten or typed piece of writing, such as a book

4 Ject words dejected (adj) to feel sad; to feel thrown down in spirit
eject (v) to throw out injection (n) a shot; the “throwing” of medicine into the body by a needle interjection (n) a word thrown into a sentence or conversation jettison (v) to throw goods overboard to lighten the load on a boat or an airplane projectile (n) an object thrown into the air with great force projector (n) a machine that throws an image onto a wall reject (v) to throw something out because it’s defective and can’t be used again subject (v) to throw oneself under someone else’s rule trajectory (n) the curved path of an object thrown into space

5 Sect words bisect (v) to cut into two pieces
dissect (v) to cut apart for the purpose of investigation insect (n) a class of small arthropod animals that has three separate sections to their bodies: head, thorax,abdomen intersection (n) the point at which two lines or roads meet and cut across each other section (n) a separate part of something sectional (n) a couch that is made up of separate pieces sector (n) a separate part of a society, group, or area transect (v) to cut across something trisect (v) to cut into three separate pieces vivisection (n) surgery on living animals; medical research that involves cutting into living animals to study organs, tissues, or diseases

6 Port words deport (v) to carry or send away from a country; to banish
export (v) to carry out of the country import (v) to carry into the country portable (adj) capable of being easily carried portage (n) the route over which boats and supplies are carried overland from one lake or river to another porter (n) an attendant who carries travelers’ luggage for them portfolio (n) a case for carrying loose papers report (n) a collection of writing that carries information to be shared again with someone new support (v) to carry the weight of something transport (v) to carry something from one place to another

7 Mis, mit words admit (v) to send someone in; to allow someone to enter
dismiss (v) to send someone out; to let someone leave emit (v) to send out or give off (such as an odor) intermission (n) a break between acts of a play or performance during which people are sent out for snacks or stretch breaks missile (n) a weapon designed to be sent in the direction of a target mission (n) a special duty or function which a person or group is sent out to do omit (v) to leave out; to not send remit (v) to send back (usually related to paying bills) submit (v) to “send” yourself under someone else’s control; to give in to someone else’s power transmit (v) to send something across places; to pass along

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