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Technology at Yinghua Chemin Chu August 15, 2012.

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1 Technology at Yinghua Chemin Chu August 15, 2012

2 Check out Technology Equipment Computer Lab: 28 PCs Mobile Lab: 25 MacBooks iPad Cart: total 26 iPad2 and new iPads SMART Response: 4 sets, 25 remotes/set Big TV: 1 Camcorder: 4 Digital camera: 11 Digital recorder: 2 Portable Speaker: 3 PC Laptop: 2

3 Check out Mobile Lab / Apple Laptops (1) Background – 25 Macbooks, labeled Mac B01~Mac B25 – Use wireless network Yinghua Network PW: 1616yinghua Yinghua Guest PW: 4Yinghuaguest – Locker code: 6161 In order to protect our network resources, please do not give out the Yinghua Network password.

4 Check out Mobile Lab / Apple Laptops (2) Location – Slop Sink Room next to Room 201 – Your room key is able to open it

5 Check out Mobile Lab / Apple Laptops (3) Check-out for class procedure 1.Sign out at Equipment Sign-out Page AgQ&hl=en#gid=0 AgQ&hl=en#gid=0 2.Pick up Mobile Cart Slop Sink Room next to Room 201 3.Use the accounts that indicate in the next slide 4.Please ask students to log off after each use

6 Accounts in MacBooks (Apple Laptops) Account for student: – Username: guest – No password needed – Username: user – Password: 11111 Account for staff: – Username: staff – Password: yinghuarocks

7 Office and iWork Office – Word – Excel – Powerpoint iWork – Pages – Numbers – Keynote

8 Internet Browser PC: IE Firefox for PC Mac: Safari Firefox for Mac

9 Mac OSX 101

10 On Windows, I used to… (1) Windows – Click the close box to close windows MacBook – Click the close button (the round, red one in the upper-left corner) to close windows

11 On Windows, I used to… (2) Windows – Click the minimize box to minimize windows to the taskbar MacBook – Click the minimize button (the round, yellow one in the upper- left corner) to minimize windows to the Dock. You can also use Command-M as a shortcut

12 On Windows, I used to… (3) Windows – Click the maximize box to maximize my window MacBook – Click the zoom button (the round, green one in the upper-left corner) to expand your window

13 On Windows, I used to… (4) Windows – Right-click my mouse to access commands or perform actions in a shortcut menu MacBook – Control-click items (press and hold the Control key while you click) to access commands or perform actions in a shortcut menu Reference:

14 On Windows, I used to… (5) Windows – Press a button to eject discs or disks MacBook – Drag the disc, disk, or volume icon to the Trash (it turns into an Eject icon) to eject or unmount items. – Or, in the Finder window click the Eject icon next to the volume to unmount it. – You can also press the Eject key on your keyboard (in the upper-right corner) to eject a CD or DVD.

15 On Windows, I used to… (6) Windows – Use My Computer to see and access everything on my computer MacBook – Double-click your hard drive icon on the Desktop to see content and access all the software on your computer – In Finder, click Go  Computer Reference:

16 On Windows, I used to… (7) Windows – Use the Start menu and the taskbar to access programs, folders, and files MacBook – Use the Dock to access applications or your favorite items – To add aliases to your favorite items, like Windows, drag and drop them to the right side of the Dock. To add your favorite applications, drag and drop them to the left side of the Dock. You can drag the icons off the Dock at any time to delete the aliases Reference:

17 On Windows, I used to… (8) Windows – Use Windows Explorer to find programs, files, and folders on my computer MacBook – Use the Finder to find applications, files, or folders on your computer – To open a new Finder window, click the Finder icon on the Dock Reference:

18 On Windows, I used to… (9) Windows – Use My Computer to access content from various drives, such as a hard drive or a CD-ROM MacBook – See and access content on any mounted disk, mounted volume (external hard drives and flash drives), or discs (CD or DVD) by double- clicking the appropriate icon that appears on the Desktop when the device or media is connected or inserted Reference:

19 On Windows, I used to… (10) Windows – Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete to terminate unresponsive programs MacBook – Press Command-Option- Escape (Esc) to force quit unresponsive applications. Once you press these keys, select any application from the Force Quit window and click Force Quit – You can also Force Quit by Control-clicking the item on the Dock and select Force Quit Reference:

20 On Windows, I used to… (11) Windows – Use these keys as shortcuts: Shift key Control key Alt key Windows key Backspace key MacBook – Use these keys as alternatives: Shift key Control key Option key Command key Delete key Reference:

21 On Windows, I used to… (12) Windows – Press the Backspace key to delete or the Delete key to forward delete MacBook – Press Delete key to backwards delete. Press the Function (fn) and Delete key to forward delete Reference:

22 On Windows, I used to… (13) Windows – Click the close box to exit programs MacBook – From the application menu, choose Quit Application name, or press Command-Q, to quit an application

23 Google Docs 101

24 Google Docs (1): Cloud Computing Cloud computing is Internet-based computing, whereby shared resources, software, and information are provided to computers and other devices on demand, like the electricity grid. – Wikipedia

25 Introducing a new Google Docs

26 Google Docs (2): Where to Access

27 Google Docs (3): Support Document Support – Document [Word] – Spreadsheet [Excel] – Presentation [Powerpoint] – Form [Excel and Word] – Drawing [Visio]

28 Google Docs (4): Another Method Send your Word, Excel, and/or Powerpoint files to yourself

29 Google Docs (5): Another Method Click on highligh links

30 Google Docs (6): Excel After clicking the link: Open as a Google spreadsheet

31 Google Docs (7): Word or Powerpoint After clicking the link: View on Word or Powerpoint files Save in Google Docs

32 Google Docs (8): Share your Docs Click on Share button, a Sharing settings window pops up, then you can share this document to someone else.

33 Google Docs (9): Share your Docs Once setup someone to share, the link will show up.

34 Google Docs (10): Lesson Learned If you would like to share this document to the whole school, please send it to, so it will stay under this Office account. Because once your email is removed, the share documents will be removed, too.

35 Teachers and Principals Talk about Google Docs

36 iPad Instructional Applications

37 iPad at Yinghua 26 iPads in one cart

38 Check out iPads at Yinghua Check out through Equipment Signout page – Under IE  Favorites – My email link – Google Docs Get iPad cart keys from Deb or Chemin Return iPads to the same location and plug the cables back on iPads to charge Return keys to Deb or Chemin

39 iPad Policy--While using an iPad Do not change the iPad wallpaper or lock screen image. Do not change any of the iPad’s settings, download any additional apps, or delete any apps. Do not violate any of Yinghua acceptable use policies (S:\Policy and Procedure\Policy\School Policies\524 Internet Use and Safety.pdf).

40 iPad Policy--When finished with iPads Leave the iPad on – do not completely shut it off at the end of class. Wipe the screen using the microfiber cloths. Return the iPad to the designated spot as instructed.

41 Project your iPad screen Use an iPad adapter to connect your iPad to the projector / SMARTBoard / Big TV Two kinds of adapters: VGA port or HDMI port

42 iPad Basics (1)

43 iPad Basics (2) Tap app icon to open it Swipe screen to see next page/screen Tap the Home Button to return to the Home Screen of app icons Press down power button to put iPad to sleep Press and hold down power button to shutdown the iPad

44 iPad Basics (3) Drag Apps Copy Click and double click Select cut, copy and paste Zoom in and zoom out Search iPad Virtual keyboard – iPad orientation change keyboard size – Double click shift become caps lock – Hold one key to see more options

45 iPad does not support Flash Steve Jobs: Thoughts on Flash 1.Not open--all standards pertaining to the web should be open 2.Full web: 75% of video on the web is in Flash; iPad doesn’t support Flash games 3.Reliability, security and performance 4.Battery life 5.Not designed for touch screen using fingers

46 Use Puffin Free Able to access Flash games Able to use Google Docs

47 Classroom Pages Jennifer Olsen Academic Coordinator August 15, 2012

48 Classroom Pages Communication Tool Learning Resources for home 48

49 Classroom Pages Classroom Pages | Yinghua Academy 49

50 Classroom Pages Assignments Classroom News Overview 50

51 Classroom Pages Overview About Yourself About the Classroom Schedule 51

52 Classroom Pages Classroom News Weekly Newsletters o What has been covered o Plans for the following week o Announcements Additional announcements Pictures 52

53 Classroom Pages Assignments Daily homework Weekly spelling words Weekly characters/phrases Projects Other Assignments Resources 53

54 Classroom Pages Editorial Help Available Files to By 5:00 PM on Wednesdays Update by Monday morning 54

55 Classroom Pages Informative Proper content, graphic, and language Grammatically correct No blogging! 55

56 Edit your page in Wordpress (1) Use Internet Explorer or Firefox Go to: login.php login.php Username: your email address Password: yinghuarocks You are now on the “Dashboard”, which is your starting point for editing September 20 to September 2256Classroom Page Training

57 Edit your page in Wordpress (2) Username: your email address Password: yinghuarocks September 20 to September 2257Classroom Page Training

58 Edit your page in Wordpress (3) You are now on the “Dashboard”, which is your starting point for editing September 20 to September 2258Classroom Page Training

59 Change your Password On the left hand sidebar, click Your Profile Scroll down to About Yourself Enter your new password twice in the boxes provided Write it down September 20 to September 2259Classroom Page Training

60 Create the Content on your Page Click POSTS All the current POSTS are listed Click MINE to see only yours September 20 to September 2260Classroom Page Training

61 Add a POST (1) Click Add New (under Posts) Enter Title in title bar, for example, Daily Schedule September 20 to September 2261Classroom Page Training

62 Add a POST (2) Enter Body in body section – Copy and Paste from Word Document Click this icon Then choose “Paste as Plain Text” or “Paste from Word” September 20 to September 2262Classroom Page Training

63 Add a POST (3) On right hand side under Categories, check the Classroom box. Then click the name of the tab on which the post should appear: Assignments, Classroom News, and Overview Click Publish September 20 to September 2263Classroom Page Training

64 Go to the live classroom page [ /], refresh, and double check appearance. Go back to Wordpress to tweak as necessary Add a POST (4) September 20 to September 2264Classroom Page Training

65 Insert MEDIA (1) See the Upload/Insert icons at the top of the body section. Click on the starburst (“Add Media”) September 20 to September 2265Classroom Page Training

66 Insert MEDIA (2) Find your media, change the title to something visually appropriate If you are entering a PDF file or a downloadable file, click “File URL” before clicking “Insert into Post” (not Post URL) September 20 to September 2266Classroom Page Training

67 Tips (1) – Visual or HTML The body section has two tabs – visual and HTML. Always edit in Visual (the default tab). You only need to use the HTML tab if you are pasting something in from another source (i.e., from Word, Pages, or other websites). Paste it into the HTML side and then switch back to Visual to edit it. September 20 to September 2267Classroom Page Training

68 Tips (2) – Post Time Stamp Yours posts will show up in reverse order – the most recent post will be on the top. If you want a different order, you can trick the program by changing the date/time stamp on the post. Go to your list of posts, hover over the one you want to change, and click Quick Edit. Change the time as needed to reorder your post. You will probably only need to do this for your Overview tab. September 20 to September 2268Classroom Page Training

69 Tips (3) - Post Time Stamp Similarly, you can enter posts ahead of time, and schedule them to go live later – just alter the timestamp (under Quick Edit, see first tip above) to your specified date/time in the future. September 20 to September 2269Classroom Page Training

70 Tips (4) – Up to 10 Posts Each tab, Assignments, Classroom News, and Overview, will maintain up to 10 posts. After 10 posts, it will automatically archive the oldest one(s). Next year you will be able to access them for updating and re-posting if you wish. September 20 to September 2270Classroom Page Training

71 Tips (5) – Insert “More” Tag If your entry is too long, consider inserting a break with a “read more” button. Simply enter the entire text that you want, then place the cursor where you want the break, and click the Insert More tag (Alt-Shift-T) from the top row of icons, next to the anchor. September 20 to September 2271Classroom Page Training

72 eStroke


74 Right Click on the Window

75 Preferences

76 Use Templates

77 IQ Chinese: Teaching Supplement to the Courseware and Your Class Provides Chinese teachers various teaching supplement to empower your teaching Learning Tools (Run, Quiz, Reader) can help your students to apply what they learn with Computer for learning activity eClass can let your students do homework online at home Due to license limits, only PC Lab computers are installed IQ Chinese

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