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Mrs. Pope 7th Grade Reading

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1 Mrs. Pope 7th Grade Reading
RED HOT ROOT WORDS Lesson 8 Outside Mrs. Pope 7th Grade Reading

2 Red Hot Root Words Prefixes Meaning Words You Already Know
e, ec, ef, ex out of, outside emit, eclipse, effort, exit, extra, exter out of, outside, excessive extraterrestrial, exterior

3 eccentric adjective ignoring social conventions; odd

4 eccentric The eccentric old man lived by himself and had strange habits, but didn’t hurt anybody.

5 ecstasy noun happiness; overwhelming feelings of joy

6 ecstasy The girls experienced a feeling of ecstasy when it was announced that they were the winners.

7 effervesce verb to give off bubbles; to show excitement or liveliness

8 effervesce He seemed to effervesce and soon everyone was just as excited as he was.

9 effusive adjective demonstrative, unreserved, overflowing, pouring out

10 effusive Her effusive personality made people doubt the sincerity of her compliments.

11 eject verb to throw out

12 eject Because he was not wearing a seat belt, he was ejected from the car during the accident.

13 emit verb to send out; discharge;

14 emit The Sith Lord’s hands emitted light.

15 excerpt noun a selected passage from a book or article

16 excerpt I enjoyed the excerpt so much that now I want to read the entire book.

17 exodus noun a departure or journey away from a place

18 exodus The family's exodus from their homeland was dangerous and disheartening.

19 expulsion noun forcing out

20 expulsion His bad behavior caused his expulsion from the organization.

21 extrude verb force or press out

22 extrude The machine extruded the play dough in the shape of a star.

23 The End Images and sounds from microsoft office

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