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Bachhuber Automation Equipment Automation Competence Presentation.

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1 Bachhuber Automation Equipment Automation Competence Presentation

2 Bachhuber Core Competencies n Automation in, out, and around presses n Over twenty years experience n Full machine shop, control of fabrications n Low and high tech solutions, keep it simple n Track record for taking care of customers

3 Blank Loader (top feed shown) n Feed individual blanks n Safer and Faster than hand operations

4 Blank Loader Applications n Stamping or coining n Deep forming n Secondary operations

5 Blank Types n Flat n Round n Oval n Square n Rectangle n Unique

6 Strip Feeder (bottom feed shown) n Incremental n Continual push n Push, pull, eject n Top loading

7 Standard Press Unloaders n Proven design n Wide range of sizes n Bolt on accessories n In Stock warehouse

8 Press Unloaders’ Range n Stroke = 1.25” – 30” n Tray = 3” – 83” n SPM = 1 – 120 n Weight = 0 – 200 lbs

9 Mechanical Press Unloaders n Economically unload parts to increase production n Safer and Faster than hand operations

10 Servo Press Unloaders n Allen Bradley servo and drive n Programmable travel, dwell, acceleration, maximum speed, and deceleration n Precise control of movement n Adaptable to any single axis operation

11 Custom Press Automation Process n Budget for justification n Firm Quote n Receive order n Engineering approval n Factory runoff n Installation n Production runoff n Final approval

12 Thank you. n New products in development n Check out our web site for up- to-date information on equipment and accessories. n

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