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Net Conferencing New Features and a New Look and Feel.

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1 Net Conferencing New Features and a New Look and Feel

2 What Is Significant About This Release? Powerful –Lots of new features –Tools to allow presenter to completely customize meeting –New capabilities to manage content and users Easy –Completely redesigned for improved ease of use –Fewer presenter plug-ins and installations Reliable and Scalable –Robust new platform architecture –Continues to sustain the industry standard

3 Presenter Console Powerful –Enable or disable any meeting feature –Scalable graphics –Move and close panels –Move and rename slides –Movable annotations and highlighter Easy –Keyboard shortcuts –Context sensitive menus (right-click) –File/Edit/View menus –Sort and filter participants –Simpler recording controls –Rollover help for buttons

4 Default Presenter Console Quick Icon Buttons Slide Manager Attendee Manager Annotation Tools Drop Down Menus Easy to use controls

5 Flexible Meeting Controls Presenters may select the features that best meet their needs.

6 Move or Close Panels Presenters may design their own screen Audio Integration In Instant Net Conference

7 Full Screen Mode Presenter’s and participants may receive the full impact of the presentation

8 Move and Rename Slides Right click on slide to easily rename or move

9 Search and Sort Attendee List Eject single participant from meeting To Locate a Participant, type in any letters to display names starting with those letters to easily pick any audience member To Chat: Click name, then click Chat 1:1. No need for row chat

10 Application Sharing Three ways to share:

11 Presenter/ Leader Plug-Ins Designed to Manage Multiple Applications/Plug-ins –Initially Windows console, slide uploader, application sharing Seamless Installation and Updates –Does not require reboot or re-launch of browser Manual Installer for Locked-down Environments

12 Participant Console Leaders may give participants the ability to: –Ask Questions –Save the presentation to pdf format –See the names of participants –Review slides –Annotate slides –Create slides (Polls, Whiteboards, Text Slides) –Application Sharing and Web Tours

13 Participant Console No abilities enabled All abilities enabled

14 Participant’s Console Each Participant may move enabled windows Or select full-screen.

15 Enhanced Platform Architecture Reliability –Clustered server environment Provides additional fault-tolerance resulting in decreased downtime –Dynamic meeting resources Enables sophisticated load balancing Scalability –Maximum of 2,000 per meeting* Infrastructure supports Internationalization –Will be localized to different languages in 2004 *A week notice requested for meetings over 2,000

16 Questions? For more information call 1-800-480-3600 For technical support, call –U.S. 1-800-857-8777 –Canada 1-877-646-9403 –UK 0800-0-18-24-18 –Australia 1-800-505-020 –Hong Kong +852-2802-5100 –Japan +81-3-5539-5100 –Singapore 800-852-3221 –Other International 44-20-7-950-9950

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