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Nomura Jellyfish Hydra Coral Anemones Jellyfish.

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2 Nomura Jellyfish

3 Hydra Coral Anemones Jellyfish

4 The Facts … Body symmetry- Radial Reproduction- Asexually and Sexually Movement- Polyps- Stationary Medusas- movement varies Food- carnivores- sting their prey Phylum Cnidaria

5 HYDRA Chlorohydra viridissima Hydra live in FRESHWATER. They are the only Cnidarians not to live in salt water. This hydra is in its’ POLYP stage. I’m hungry! Where is my DAPHNIA? DAPHNIA – are small crustaceans (like shrimp)


7 CNIDOCYTES – OUCH! That stings! M e m b e r s o f t h i s p h y l u m a l l h a v e s t i n g i n g c e l l s t o c a p t u r e t h e i r p r e y a n d d e f e n d t h e m s e l v e s c a l l e d …. C n i d o c y t e s C n i d a r i a n s c a n m o v e i n v e r y i n t e r e s t i n g w a y s H y d r a J e l l y f i s h A n e m o n e s

8 Just how fast is a cnidocyte? …. Can you beat it? The average reaction time for a cnidoctye to eject a barb is about 700 nanoseconds!! One nanosecond = one second divided by one million!!!.0000007. seconds.0000007 seconds

9 The coral reef is made up of mostly Cnidarians and Poriferans. Nemo on his way to school

10 How do Cnidarian eat? Cnidarians have a TWO WAY digestive system 1.Use the CNIDOCYTES in the tentacles to stun and capture prey. 2.Tentacles pull prey to mouth and into body cavity. 3.Prey is digested in body cavity using enzymes 4.Whatever is not digested is spit out of the mouth.

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