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External Slim DVD-W SAMSUNG Optical Disc Drive SE-S084D.

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1 External Slim DVD-W SAMSUNG Optical Disc Drive SE-S084D

2 Stylish design Design Innovation Samsung netbook Identity Embossing Samsung logo Slim and luxurious metallic line Round type edge for improving Mobility and soft feeling. Color variation for perfect match with netbook 2010 IF Design AWARD Winner Netbook User Target, innovation in dimension/weight/functions

3 More compact & easy Better than Before Depth reduced by 20mm Height reduced by 2mm - Electrostatic touch button → Easier than push type button → 20% reduced size (25% reduced weight) Touch to open/close tray Highlight the advantages compare with existing / Perfect External ODD by weakness compensation

4 AV connectivity Enjoy multimedia files on you disc with ODD!! mp3 jpeg avi Just connect USB cable to AV devices !!

5 How to use AV connectivity? Step1. Connect USB cable to AV devices and Drive. Step2. Open the tray of drive and then touch eject button 2 times in 1.5 sec to enable AV connectivity mode. If AV connectivity mode enabled successfully, LED indicator becomes blue.

6 How to use AV connectivity? Step3. Insert the disc which multimedia files recorded you want to play and close the tray. Step4. It takes time to display recorded files on the screen. (Approximately 30 seconds is required for 1GB of data) Step5. After list up the files on the disc, select the file what you want to play. Now, you can enjoy AV connectivity!

7 Various Color Options WhiteWhite SilverSilverBlackBlue Wine Red yellowPink yourMini PC Perfect color match with your Mini PC or Net PC! Provides the widest selection in the industry! ※ W/W Netbook color research Black White PinkBrownBlue 7 7 4 2 3 Others 3 Red 2

8 USB Bus Powered Powercordless !! Maximum speed supported with USB BUS power Reading, writing support with USB BUS power AC adaptor & Powercord Free

9 Supporting MAC OS and Win7 MAC and Win7 compatible - Can use with APPLE branded PC as well as other PCs using Windows OS Got an official approval from APPLE and MS

10 Accessory  Contents: DVD Writer, User manual & software CD, Set up Guide, 2 Port USB cable

11 Specification Data Transfer RateMedia TypeWriteRead DVD+R8X (10.8MB/sec) DVD+R DL6X (8.1MB/sec)8X (10.8MB/sec) DVD+RW8X (10.8MB/sec) DVD-R8X (10.8MB/sec) DVD-R DL6X (8.1MB/sec)8X (10.8MB/sec) DVD-RAM5X (6.75MB/sec) DVD-RW6X (8.1MB/sec)8X (10.8MB/sec) DVD-ROM-8X (10.8MB/sec) CD-ROM-24X (3.6MB/sec) CD-R24X (3.6MB/sec) CD-RW24X (3.6MB/sec) Supported Disc DVD-RAM, DVD+R, DVD+R DL, DVD+RW, DVD-R, DVD-R DL, DVD-RW, DVD-ROM, DVD-Video, CD-R, CD-RW, CD-ROM/XA, CD-ROM, CD-Audio, Video-CD, CD-I(FMV), Photo CD, CD-Extra, CD-TEXT Buffer Memory 1.5 MB Dimensions (WxHxD mm)146x 17 x 137.2 Weight (kg) 0.27 Interface USB 2.0

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