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Eal-Net services for companies Prof. Andrea Cammelli AlmaLaurea Director Budapest, December 2006.

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1 Eal-Net services for companies Prof. Andrea Cammelli AlmaLaurea Director Budapest, December 2006

2 The replay: EAL-NET Project. Objectives –To realize the prototype of the data base of the European graduates –To keep together CVs of graduates coming from all Universities involved in the project and those Italian consortiated in AlmaLaurea –To test the prototype in collaboration with Universities and Companies –To create a multi languages tool for the publication of CVs and they search

3 EAL-NET Project Aims achieved –Common format of curriculum vitae –Multi languages functionalities of the portal –Compatibility of the Privacy Laws of each country –Searching the data base according to type of degree and field of study taking into account national differences –Inclusion of CVs in data base to TEST the system –Identification of the user group that is testing the system


5 Area companies - services to the enterprises

6 Search a graduate in the EAL-Net data base Login using username and password

7 Graduating students search (active)

8 Search parameters: personal information

9 Search parameters: University of origin

10 Search parameters: University experience

11 Search parameters: foreign languages and IT skills

12 Search parameters: ordering options and CV saving

13 Selection criteria and CV saving

14 CV saving

15 Example of CV


17 Job postings: an offer in synthesis

18 Job offer details Company profile description

19 Job offer details Position description

20 Job offer details Requirements description Work location

21 How to reply to a job posting LOGIN per l’invio del curriculum

22 E-mail with a CV that is send to the company Cv AlmaLaurea in attached Possible résumé

23 Alert with a job offer A personalized e-mail is sent to all selected graduates from the data base Eal-Net according to the company requirements

24 Promotional BANNER with company profile JOB BOARD COMPANY PROFILE Promotional BANNER with company profile Company Profile


26 A candidate with username and password can send her/his CV directly to the company

27 ALMALAUREA EXPERIENCE IN ITALY Some findings the AlmaLaurea’s customer companies Francesca Ralli Responsabile Servizio Aziende AlmaLaurea Budapest, December 2006

28 1.The characteristics of the graduated staff employed by the Company 2.Personal characteristics important for the company during the candidate selection stage and channels used for candidates search 3.The companies satisfaction with AlmaLaurea services Objectives: what has been found ?

29 Which companies are using AlmaLaurea services in Italy Large size Italian and foreign companiesLarge size Italian and foreign companies with the internal human resources office use AlmaLaurea services to reduce time and costs of the recruitment Small business and professional officesSmall business and professional offices use AlmaLaurea services for a specific need The associations of category and UniversitiesThe associations of category and Universities can directly provide companies with AlmaLaurea Services trought the activation of a desk

30 Companies using AlmaLaurea services in Italy Branch of economic activity Company Size

31 Graduates recruitments per degree subject

32 Companies recruitments per study level Junior profiles Senior profiles

33 Main graduates CV seeking channels CVs held on company files 82% AlmaLaurea (database and job posting) 73% Job posting on other web sites 61% Universities offices, Faculties 60% Personal contacts 59% Personnel selection/employement agencies 55%

34 Best channels for FRESH GRADUATES CV seeking CVs held on company files 12% AlmaLaurea (database and job posting) 57% Job posting on other web sites 8% Universities offices, Faculties 70% Personal contacts 7% Temporary employment agencies 45%

35 The most important aspects in job selections Valori medi (scala da 1 a 10) AL certified CV Almalaurea as official source AlmaLaurea CV

36 Key criteria for choosing an agency/organisation for personnel selection

37 AlmaLaurea on line data base service assessment averages ( 1 to 10 scale)

38 AlmaLaurea job posting service assessment averages ( 1 to 10 scale)

39 Main reasons for using AlmaLaurea’s services for personnel searches averages ( 1 to 10 scale)

40 THE REFERENCE CONTEXT AlmaLaurea competitors in Italy

41 Some (3-4) on line recruitment web sites CV on line search and job posting services offer In comparison with AlmaLaurea: 1) CVs are stored on a voluntarily basis and they aren’t certified; 2) Low information up date rates; 3) Graduates CVs are a minority of the whole databases consistence 4) No checks on posted job offers Competitors Analysis

42 Some on line newspapers and generalist portals offer job posting services as alternative channel to press advertisements Comparison with AlmaLaurea: 1)Not specialized on Graduates and highly skilled HR 2)on line service consists of the pure replication of press postings and often doesn’t allow the on line automatic delivery of applications nor the CVs collection and up date

43 Two different typologies of Traditional organisations/agencies for personnel search and selection: –Big companies, widely distributed on the entire country, well known and established (3-4 companies) –small societies/freelance advisors who develops personnel search and selection activities Comparison with AlmaLaurea: 1)Not specialized on Graduates and highly skilled HR 2)Specialized on traditional selection services, they do not offer tools for facilitate selections but sell the “final product”, namely the already selected candidate Competitors Analysis

44 AlmaLaurea competitive advantages SPEED/TIMELINESS’: CVs are available in real time without any postponement. Job offer publication is within 12 hours by the text delivery. SCREENING: more than 100 search criteria allow a good focus on the candidate target QUALITY/CERTIFICATION: company guarantee to obtain reliable information because certified by the University of origin and frequently update by the graduate themselves TRUSTWORTHY AND COMPETENT: AlmaLaurea well know the HE system and can guide the company in its candidates choice. Experience in search and personnel selection processes management

45 AlmaLaurea figures WEB SITE COMPANIES LAUREATI Average daily visits: 8.000 Average visited pages: 70.000 visitors distribution rates: 80% graduates area 10% companies area 10% university area Registered companies: 12.000 Downloaded CVs (bought by companies) in year 2005: 450.000 Stored CVs: 790.000 Stored CVs in 2005: 120.000 average number of sent CVs per single job offer: 160 rate of e-mail owners: 85% Update rate within the 1st year: 55%

46 COME TESTARE EAL-NET Cooperazione Internazionale

47 Company participation to EAL-NET tests Free access to the EAL-NET data base search Provision of personal username e password for services access EAL-Net enables the use of the available graduates CVs for recruitment purposes 50 CVs downloadable by the company for (for the TEST phase) Companies engage themselves to provide to project partners every feedback and opinions about the usefulness and usability of the proposed service

48 Some companies who are collaborating with EAL-NET… …in Italy …in Poland …in Hungary

49 Free job offers publication on and Send the text to this address: AlmaLaurea staff will take care to publish your offer on both the web sites: AlmaLaurea and EAL-NET You will receive directly on your e-mail box candidatures from interested graduates


51 Il progetto EAL-NET Prospectives –Start up of the entire data base at the beginning of 2007 –Extension of the Project to other Universities –Establishment of a University Consortium (alike AlmaLaurea) in other European countries –Incremento del numero di CV in banca dati –Attivazione del servizio di aggiornamento del CV con le esperienze di lavoro –Commercializzazione dei servizi

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