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STEM Engineering Project

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1 STEM Engineering Project
Jamestown 1607 STEM Engineering Project

2 Essential Question How would you improve upon your ability to survive and create a way to make money as either an English Ship’s Captain, Primary Colonist, or Powhatan Indian in 1607?

3 The Fort

4 The Ships

5 Powhatan Village

6 Project Setting The year is 1607 Location:
The Atlantic Ocean Gulf Stream (From Modern Day Tip of Florida up entire East Coast of USA) OR 37 degrees Northern Latitude and 76 degrees Western Longitude. (Modern Day Jamestown, VA) You have all common 17th Century materials at your disposal.

7 Objective You and your partner will use the Engineering Design Process to create a Colonial Fort, 17th Century Passenger Transport Ship, or Powhatan Outpost Trading Village for 100 people using the project criteria

8 Criteria All Constructions must keep humans protected from and able to function with the weather elements, and protect from attacks by other humans. You must be able to explain how your construction accomplishes this. All Constructions must be able to sustain life and take into account areas for : adequate food, living space, water supply, waste elimination, functional space for work and sales product development. Again, you must be able to defend how your construction will support ALL of these challenges Your design must include 2 design improvements upon 17th Century designs, and one innovation not thought during this period.

9 Required Design Goals:
What are two significant design faults in the 17th century structure you’ve studied? What is one other idea you have to increase the survivability, function, or profitability of your design that they may not have thought of in 1607?

10 Material Restrictions
All Constructions must be modeled on Google Sketch-Up. All Constructions must be accompanied with written defense explaining clearly how your design will sustain life, create wealth, and explain two design improvements and one innovation not thought of in the 17th Century. It must be presented in digital media format.

11 What are the problems with the 17th Century Ship design?
What is unacceptable? What could you improve upon? What needs reinventing? What could be a major breakthrough using 17th Century materials?

12 What are the problems with the 17th Century English Forts?
What weaknesses did you find? How could fort life be improved? Are you making maximum profit or do you need another business model? How are your native relations?

13 What are the problems with the 17th Century Powhatan design?
What weaknesses do you see? How could you increase trade? How could relations be improved or clarified with the English? Could you feel safer?

14 Internet Resources Powhatan Outpost Village - Jamestown - jamestown.htm Ships - Ships/2011%20Ships%20brochure%20(2).p df

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