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Who said give me Liberty or give me death Answer:

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2 Who said give me Liberty or give me death Answer:


4 Who was king when the colonies were taxed? Answer:

5 The Stamp act taxed which items? Answer:

6 Why did Britain Start taxing the colonies? Answer:

7 This Cartoon was made by who? Answer:

8 Parliament is… Answer:

9 Name one punishments the sons of liberty gave to stamp agents Answer:

10 Who Organized the sons of liberty? Answer:

11 What is a Tariff? Answer:

12 What did the Daughters of Liberty do? Answer:

13 What is a boycott? Answer:

14 Fill In the blank  The boycott of goods was hurting _______ businesses. The _______ government decided to take stronger action. In 1768 ______ warships arrived in _______ harbor. Answer:


16 What Organization organized the Boston Tea Party Answer:

17 The Colonist Dressed up as Answer:

18 Why did Colonist do the Boston Tea Party? Answer:

19 According to Parliament what should have been the only company to export tea to the colonies Answer:

20 Who was king of England at the time of the Boston Tea Party Answer:

21 How many ships did the colonist break into and dump out the tea? Answer:

22 BONUS:  Fill in the Blank  “Rally ______! Bring out your ________ and tell king ________, we’ll pay no __________!” Answer:


24 Crispus Attucks was the first ________. You should probably fill in the blank Answer:

25 This soldier was the First soldier, who called for back up from the other soldiers. Answer:

26 Who defended the British soldiers in court. Answer:

27 What is the definition of Massacre? Answer:


29 Who were the British going to arrest in Lexington Answer:

30 The goal of the British soldiers was to get to which city? Answer:

31 The Shot heard round the world was in which city? Answer:

32 Which colonist on the night of April 18, 1775 actually got to concord? Answer:

33 Which Colonist during April 18, 1775 went completely by land to Lexington Answer:

34 When the British arrived in Concord they were defeated by the Colonist. The British Retreated to which city Answer:

35 This person was Captain of the Lexington Minutemen. Answer:

36 The Battle of Bunker Hill

37 Which hill did the Colonist set up a fort on? Answer:

38 William Prescott led his men up which hills? Answer:

39 Which city did the want to colonist fire down at? Answer:

40 The British succeeded on taking over Bunker Hill on which try? Answer:

41 How many British soldiers were wounded during the battle of Lexington? Answer:

42 Complete this famous quote  DON’T FIRE UNTIL YOU SEE THE ________ OF THEIR EYES Answer:

43 Sources  Building a Nation “scott foresmen” social studies  

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