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British-Colonial Relations

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1 British-Colonial Relations

2 Political & Economic Relations 1607-1754
Royalization (9 of 13) Governor + colonial legislatures Economics Mercantilist System Acts of Trade & Navigation Smuggling & little enforcement Resulted in “Salutary Neglect” Political self-rule & democracy Economic diversification & growth Impact on slavery

3 Wars of Empire The 2nd Hundred Years War(s) All 3 Wars
#1 King William’s War ( ; War of the League of Augsburg) #2 Queen Anne’s War ( ; War of Spanish Succession) #3 King George’s War ( ; War of Austrian Succession) All 3 Wars England v. France To control land, sea, & resources Had limited colonial involvement, but resulted in increased… Emotional identification with GB Political identification with GB

4 Albany Plan of Union Devised by Franklin
Problems with Native Americans Rejected by everyone

5 War for Empire #4: The French and Indian War (aka The Seven Years’ War) 1754 to 1763 in the Colonies, in Europe “More” Colonial than European Battles fought in North America To protect Trade To protect Land claims To protect relations with Indians (Pontiac’s Rebellion) British Victory → Problems More territory to protect Exhausted Treasury Changes in British/Colonial Interactions

6 What would you do? Exit slip (written individually): Acting as a British citizen, propose to your royal monarch (moi—just call me “Your Highness”) how Britain should try to solve its problems resulting from victory from the French & Indian War?

7 The French and Indian War: The War’s Aftermath
Solution (s)? Proclamation Line, 1763 Revenue (or revenue saving) Acts Sugar Act, 1764 Quartering Act, 1765 Stamp Act, 1765 Declaratory Act, 1766 But who’s in charge in Britain?

8 The result: One colonist complained in 1765:
“A colonist cannot make a button, a horseshoe, nor a hobnail, but some snooty ironmonger or respectable button maker of Britain shall bawl and squall that his honor’s worship is most egregiously maltreated, injured, cheated, and robbed by the rascally American republicans.”

9 Reflection Questions Give three reasons why colonial-British relations soured. How was the 7 Year War similar and different from the other three Wars for Empire? Record two other things that you learned that were new or that you thought were really interesting.

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