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The Revolutionary Period

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1 The Revolutionary Period
Chapter 4

2 What were the main causes of the American Revolution?
Change in the relationship between Britain and the colonies caused by The French and Indian War A change in British policy American desire to oppose British policy through social, political and economic means.

3 How did the French and Indian War change the relationship?
Causes of the war American colonists desire to settle the Ohio Valley. France builds forts (FORT DUQUESNE) in the Ohio Valley upsetting the colonists Indians are upset that colonists continue to move onto their land. Many of them join the French Albany convention held to work out a deal with the Native Americans Ben Franklin proposed the Albany Plan of Union (1754(



6 George Washington enters Ohio Valley to investigate French fort.
Washington is attacked and captured at Fort Necessity Britain is angered and demands his release.

7 Events of the war 1756- Britain sends Gen. Amherst, Gen. Braddock and Gen Wolfe. 1758- Fort Duquesne falls to the English and is renamed Fort Pitt 1759- British capture Quebec 1763- War ends with the Treaty of Paris

8 The treaty… Gave England all of France’s land in North America

9 Why was the war so important?
The French threat is removed The colonist see that Britain can be beaten Britain was in debt because of the large amounts of money it paid to fight the war.


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