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Getting Health Policy Evidence to the Media: Noralou P. Roos, CM, PhD 2012 Cochrane Canada Symposium May 10, 2012 1.

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1 Getting Health Policy Evidence to the Media: Noralou P. Roos, CM, PhD 2012 Cochrane Canada Symposium May 10, 2012 1

2 What is makes the latest evidence on controversial health policy issues available to the media (funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and the Manitoba Health Research Council) 2

3 What do we do? Provide web based evidence and contact information for Experts Write & push evidence-based OpEds Connect using social media 3


5 5

6 Focus on Newsy Topics Aging population Costs and spending For-Profit More not always better Health more than Health Care Patient Pays Sustainability Waiting for care 6

7 Maintain Neutral Evidence-Based Position This project is about getting the evidence right – if there is anything we are missing – let us know. If we have anything wrong let us know and provide the evidence demonstrating this. We expect people will sometimes interpret the evidence differently. That is ok, but we do want to make sure we have the evidence right. 7

8 Why the markets can’t run hospitals by Julia Belluz on Monday, December 5, 2011Julia Belluz Defining public vs. private care According to the non-partisan Evidence Network website, out of the University of Manitoba, health care funding can be public, quasi- public and private. Public funding is paid for by the government: medically necessary hospital care and physicians’ services. Quasi- public funding, such as Canadian workers’ compensation plans, is “legally private but highly regulated by government and expected to act in the public interest.” Private funding refers to that which you pay for out-of-pocket: dental care, vision, outpatient drug costs, private hospital rooms. The government doesn’t cover this stuff, so you can pay for it yourself.Evidence Network 8

9 OpEds — Our Big Success 170 plus OpEds and climbing Work with Professional (Kathleen O’Grady Quoi Media) Encouraging Experts to Write - getting it polished ($200 - $1500 per) NPR gets the OpEd Peer Reviewed (sometimes) Offers to high profile outlets 9

10 Troy Media News Service “Pushes” OpEds Health and Lifestyle News Beat, opinion page editors and talk shows, Health and Lifestyle Editors, and Weekly News Service Pick up by papers (big & small) across the country 10

11 History of one OpEd TitlePublicationDate We can sustain our health care system - here's how IPolitics.caNov 1/11 Medicare sustainable: Seniors' care can show the way Halifax Chronicle Herald Nov 1/11 Sustaining our health careGuelph MercuryNov 4/11 Sustaining our health careWaterloo Region Record Nov 4/11 How we can sustain our health-care systemVictoria Times Colonist Nov 6/11 How we can sustain our health-care systemCalgary HeraldNov 6/11 OpEd Written by EN Expert Advisors: Neena Chappell and Marcus Hollander 11

12 12

13 Social Media Twitter (1700 followers) LinkedIn (invite only group) Facebook Wikipedia Youtube; Pinterest Atkinson Foundation /Toronto Star 13

14 Interest from Academic Media Healthcare Policy: we do OpEds on their stories, they publish expanded OpEds Canadian Medical Assn Journal: asking for our OpEds 14

15 What’s Next? (we hope) Double the number of Experts Creative Commons License for OpEds New topics; videos; audio on website Meet with editorial boards across country Internship program for Journalists Teaching Module for journalism students Merge with ongoing operation: SMCC / CIHR 15

16 Evaluate: Do Things Change? Monitor use of Network over time Google Analytics Ask journalists what works and what doesn’t Track media coverage of 2 key issues Before / After 16

17 17

18 Contact Us Noralou Roos, CM, PhD 18

19 Conflict of Interest Disclosure Name of speaker: Noralou Roos Name of presentation: Getting Health Policy Evidence to the Media: Date of presentation : May 10, 2012 Consultant for:N/A Speaker for: The University of Manitoba Received grant/research support from: Canadian Institutes of Health Research/Manitoba Health Research Council Received honoraria from: N/A

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