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 Team Team Sara Song Allen Song Joe Stillinger Tas Song, Allen J.

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1  Team Team Sara Song Allen Song Joe Stillinger Tas Song, Allen J

2 o From her “Toll House” Lodge where she was baking chocolate cookies, she ran out of Baker’s chocolate. Where instead she used Nestle Chocolate chips. o It became so famous locally that Nestle and Wakefield agreed on printing the Toll House Cookie recipe on its packaging. o Wakefield was given a life-time supply of chocolate chips for her accidental findings. Song, Allen J

3  Started her frozen pizza idea ten years after she and her husband started their pizzeria.  In 1979, Totino patented the Frozen pizza dough.  In 1981, Totino sold Totino’s pizza to Pillsbury for $20 million, and eventually became Pillsbury’s first female Vice President.  Totino passed away in 1994. Song, Allen J

4  Also known as “The Potato Chip Queen”.  Potato Chips were originally packaged in tin or wooden barrels.  In 1926 she came upon the idea of packaging potato chips in small sealable bags. These bags helped retain their crispness longer.  Scudder built an empire around packaged potato chips in Monterey, CA. Song, Allen J

5  Inventor of the “Nachos”.  Rocha first served this dish at El Cholo in Los Angeles while she was working as a waitress.  Learned it in San Antonio, she made Nachos for her guests. Layering the tortilla chips with cheese and jalapenos. Eventually gaining popularity and was added to the menu. Song, Allen J

6  Sybilla Masters was born in New Jersey and died in 1720  American colonist and inventor  Masters invented a way for cleaning and curing the Indian corn crops that the colonist in early America received as a gift from the native peoples  Sybilla Masters's innovation allowed the corn to be processed into many different food and cloth products.

7  The patent was issued in her husband Thomas’ name by the British courts in 1715.  That was the unfair law at the time, women and minorities had no rights to own patents.

8  Madeline M. Turner  A fruit press is a mechanism that is used to separate the juice from the fruit.

9  Amanda Jones re-invented American food production by inventing vacuum packed canning.  Amanda Jones was born in East Bloomfied, New York, on October 19, 1835.


11  Catherine Deiner in 1891 invented the rolling pin

12  Prior to the manufacture of Henry Ford’s Model A, Mary Anderson was granted her first patent for a window cleaning device in November of 1903  Her invention could clean snow, rain, or sleet from a windshield by using a handle inside the car.

13  Food politics are the politics are the political aspects of the production, control, regulation, inspection and distribution of food. Song, Sara

14  The politics can be affected by the ethical, cultural, technology and environmental disputes concerning proper farming, agricultural and retailing methods and regulations. Song, Sara

15  Food Politics in culture are affiliated with food preparation, tradition and demographics.  Due to culture indifference, concerns regarding food risk and safety regulations vary. Song, Sara

16  some food prep practices are acceptable in certain societies (ie Fast food processing)  animal domestication (pigs, cows, chicken)  animal cruelty

17 Aspects of environment that affect food politics include:  Land the food is grown on  Emission of toxins ◦ Ammonia and greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and methane  Pollution ◦ Tobacco

18  Technology that enhances the production of food.  Factory farming ◦ raising livestock in confinement at high stocking density ◦ Increases the risk of food borne illnesses  Genetically modified food  Proper handling of animals

19 How much did Rose Totino make when she sold her business to Pillsbury? What did Madeline M. Turner’s invention exactly do? Name the African American woman who invented the “Fruit Press” What is factory farming? What is Ethics? Song, Allen J

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