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Revolution Comes to America (1750-1780) Era Project Dylan, Dalton, and Regan.

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1 Revolution Comes to America (1750-1780) Era Project Dylan, Dalton, and Regan

2 The middle years of the 1700’s brought Revolution to America. After English settlers established themselves and developed 13 colonies they felt they owed the motherland nothing. England, on the other hand, felt the colonists should pay taxes to the government for protection. In the end the colonist opted for war……won……and became the United States of America.

3  Terrorist to some, patriots to others: Members of the Sons of Liberty catch a British tax collector and tar and feather him to protest taxes. Americans are upset with the taxes being forced on them because they have no representation in the British government where the tax laws are decided. Many are now turning acts of terror to fight what they see as British Tyranny.

4  After the destruction of the armada, the English were able to settle the land of North America and soon 13 colonies were thriving with agriculture and trade. This is a picture of a new housing development in the city of Boston. The colonies are coming together and becoming less dependent of England.

5  Violence turns deadly in Boston as British troop’s fire on colonist after members of the Sons of Liberty began harassing the red coat soldiers. The incident was sparked by the British moving troops into Boston to stop any ideas of a rebellion for independence. The Sons of Liberty felt these troops were a show of force by England that had to be dealt with. More and more colonist appear to be rallying behind the idea of independence.

6  The shots heard around the world. A colonial farmer lay dying as several hundred minutemen gathered and took on British forces as they marched from the towns of Lexington and Concord back to Boston in Massachusetts. The British were looking for colonial weapons but none were found as Paul Revere and others were able to warn colonists that the British were coming. Casualties for the colonists were light but British casualties were heavy and the American war for independence has started.

7  George Washington has accepted the task of turning farmers into soldiers as they form what is called the 1st continental army. These men will try to win independence for the 13 colonies against the strongest military force in the world.

8  American soldiers, known as minutemen because they have to be ready at a moment’s notice, take training and instructions from General George Washington. It was this training, knowledge of the land, and motivation for independence that helped a rag-tag group of farmers/soldiers defeat the mighty forces of Great Britain.

9  Soldiers leave on their final call to duty as General Washington sends thousands to support and surround trapped British army in Yorktown. These fighting men arrived on time and assisted in the effort to defeat the British General Cornwallis ending the war for independence. American hard work and courage won the war overall but were it not for the diplomatic effort of Ben Franklin to get the French to send troops and supplies the Americans courage may not have been enough. Congratulations America!!!

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