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Jamestown’s History By Amruth Pabba.

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1 Jamestown’s History By Amruth Pabba

2 Major Events - 1607 , Colonists arrive at Jamestown.
, Colonists die during “starving time”. , John Rolfe grows a new kind of tobacco to sell in England. , Pocahontas marries John Rolfe.

3 Jamestown’s Location Jamestown

4 Jamestown is named after the king of England
The Geography Jamestown is named after the king of England James The I. George Percy who rode in a ship that sailed to Jamestown. He said “ There are fair meadows & goodly tall trees… Beautiful strawberries & excellent good timber. This means that Jamestown had good wood & tasty strawberries. People like George Percy had dreams of finding gold in Jamestown. But they didn’t. James The I

5 Powhatan & English Meet
The Powhatan were in Jamestown. Their leader Powhatan, said to John Smith “I insist that guns & swords ,the cause off our jealousy & uneasiness, be removed & sent away.” This was said over 400 years ago ! John Smith was sent to Jamestown to start a colony. A colony is a place ruled by an another country Powhatan

6 The Difficult times After the colonists come to Jamestown, They find it hard. Especially growing food. They realized how hard it is to grow food. Some refused to work .They needed a strong leader. They found John Smith. He made a new rule. The rule was “If you don’t work , you should not eat” Smith went and asked if the Powhatan could help. Powhatan and his people helped them. They learned how to grow corn & other foods. Even with his help they struggled. This time was called the “starving time”. This is the time where people had a little food & were dying from the diseases . John Smith

7 Jamestown Survives Their life continues to be hard.
But in 1612 changes turned the colony all around. A colonist named John Rolfe began growing a new kind of tobacco and sent it back to England. This tobacco was sold for a lot of money. In 1614 John Rolfe married Pocahontas. This led a peace between the English & and the Powhatan. John Rolfe

8 Africans come in Lots of different people came to the colonies. Some came to build new lives. Others came for religious beliefs. Most were forced into slavery. People who were slaves came from Africa. They were captured in slave ships. Then sold into slavery. Slavery -

9 Jamestown Today Jamestown settlement is the place where Jamestown is located . Eric is a guide at Jamestown Settlement and says to the visitors “We do many of the things that the Powhatan & the English did long ago. We have cooking fires burning. We tan deer hides . We even show kids making rope.” To see Jamestown Settlement go to Jamestown, Virginia

10 Definitions Slavery – One person owning other
Pocahontas – The daughter of Powhatan John Smith – The Leader of Jamestown John Rolfe – The Person who grows a new kind of tobacco Powhatan – The leader of Powhatan, A Native Americans tribe. James the I – The king of England during 1600s.

11 Resources Communities (MACMILLAN/McGraw-HILL)
(click here) Communities (MACMILLAN/McGraw-HILL)

12 The End

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