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Plymouth Colony (GA: SSUSH 1b, 1e)

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1 Plymouth Colony (GA: SSUSH 1b, 1e)
European Settlement: Plymouth Colony (GA: SSUSH 1b, 1e)

2 The Plymouth Colony “The Landing of the Pilgrims at Plymouth, Mass., Dec. 22nd, 1620,” Lithograph, Published by Currier & Ives, c1876.


4 Plymouth Colony

5 Plymouth Colony


7 Pilgrims Church of England (Anglicanism) Calvinism
Created during the Reformation as a “middle-way” between Protestantism and Catholicism Thomas Cranmer (1489–1556),archbishop of Canterbury and principal author of the first two Books of Common Prayer Calvinism A Protestant form of Christian theology by John Calvin Argues for an omnipotent (all-powerful) God God chooses who goes to “Heaven” and who goes to “Hell” Sixteenth-century portrait of John Calvin ( ) by an unknown artist

8 Anglicanism + Calvinism + Primitivism = Puritans
Pilgrims Primitivism (primitive + ism) A consequence of the Protestant Reformation The idea that the earliest (most primitive) form of Christianity is the correct form Mural painting from the catacomb of Commodilla, Rome. Bust of Christ, c. 4th Century. Anglicanism + Calvinism + Primitivism = Puritans William Brewster (c. 1560–1643) was a Pilgrim colonist leader and preacher

9 Pilgrims Pilgrims believed that the Church of England was beyond fixing The only answer was to leave and start a better form of Christianity This was not received well by traditional Anglicans The Pilgrims (then called “Separatists”) traveled to neighboring countries to find a new home and religious freedom They decided the best place to go was the New World 1620: 102 Pilgrims set sail for Virginia


11 The Mayflower

12 The Mayflower 1620: a group of 102 people (half Separatists)
Negotiated with the Virginia Company to settle in its jurisdiction Non-Separatists included Captain Myles Standish Instead of landing in Virginia the Pilgrims landed in Southern Massachusetts Became squatters without legal right to land & specific authority to establish a govt.


14 Mayflower Compact

15 Mayflower Compact Written and signed before the Pilgrims disembarked from the ship. Not a constitution, but an agreement to form a crude govt. and submit to majority rule. Signed by 41 adult males. Led to adult male settlers meeting in assemblies to make laws in town meetings.


17 Plymouth Colony Winter of Unexpectedly hard winter Average England Winter = 35°F Average Plymouth Winter = 18°F The Result… of the 102 died.

18 Plymouth Colony Fall of 1621: First “Thanksgiving.”
Colony survived with fur [especially beaver], fish, and lumber


20 Plymouth Colony Plymouth stayed small and economically unimportant.
In 1691: only 7,000 people in colony Merged with Massachusetts Bay Colony.


22 Clothing

23 Architecture

24 Other Forms of Art? Why was there no Visual or Musical Art created during the early Plymouth Colony?



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