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Quarter 1: Study Guide Review Questions 1. Jonathan Edwards is a religious man. Answer: True 2. Jonathan Edwards graduated from Havard Answer: False, graduated.

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1 Quarter 1: Study Guide Review Questions 1. Jonathan Edwards is a religious man. Answer: True 2. Jonathan Edwards graduated from Havard Answer: False, graduated from Yale 3. Jonathan Edwards was born in the time of the Great Awakening Answer: True 4. Jonathan Edwards was named the president of the College of New Jersey Answer: True 5. Edwards did not believe in the value of Independent intellect. Answer: False, he did believe in it. 6. Olaudah Edquiano was born into slavery. Answer: False, he was taken at age 11. 7. He was never seperated from his sister. Answer: False, he was seperated. 8. Olaudah Equiano purchased his own freedom in 1766. Answer: True 9. He married an African American woman. Answer: false, he married a white American woman. 10. At the end of his life, he referred himself as “The African. Answer: True

2 Quarter 1: Study Guide Review Questions 11. Patrick Henry is said to have grabbed an ivory letter opener and plunged it towards his chest. Answer: True 12. Henry has always been successful. Answer: false, he never succeeded in anything 13. Henry was chosen to represent his region in the Virginia House of Burgesses Answer: True 14. He never accompanied his mother to the hear the sermons of the traveling preacher during the Great Awakening. Answer: False, he did. 15. He was born in a religious family. Answer: True 16. Washington Irving did not sign his real name in his work until he was over the age of 50. Answer: True 17. Irving was from New York. Answer: True 18. He found inspiration in his British Romantics. Answer: False, German Romantics 19. Irving never developed a literary voice of his own. Answer: False, he did. 20. Irving borrowed openly from a European past. Answer: True

3 Quarter 1: Study Guide Review Questions 1.Edwards became known for his extremism as a pastor. 2. Patrick Henry gave his speech in British Parliament. False he gave his speech in the Virginia House of Burgesses. 3.Irving created the comic fictional narrator True 4. The sketch Book carried Irving to the summit of international success. True 5. Irving stopped writing fiction altogether because his book Tales of a traveler had much unfavorable reviews. True 6. In 1815, Irving was sent to Europe by his father after the failing overseas branch of their business. False He was sent to England. 7. Irving was from England. False He was from New York City 8.Edwards became known for his extremism as a pastor. True 9.The Great Awakening began at a time when enthusiasm for the old puritan religion was declining. True 10.Edwards was named vice president of the college of New Jersey. False he was name president not vice 11. Edwards relocated to the remote Mohican community of stock bridge. True 12.Edwards entered Yale when he was only 16. False he entered at age 13 not 16. 13.Patrick Henry was killed by the British red coats over his speech. False he killed himself 14. Patrick Henry’s famous quote was Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. False his famous quote was Give me Liberty or give me death 15. One of Patrick Henry’s Speech was given against the stamp act. True 16. Patrick Henry’s speech ignited the revolutionary war. True

4 Quarter 1: Study Guide Review Questions 1. Who is Edwards targeting in his sermon? A. People who believed in God. B. The unconverted persons C. The sinners D. Natural men Answer: B 2. In paragraph five, the first sentence “Your wickedness makes you as it were heavy as lead,” what does this simile means? A. To inform people that God is protecting them. B Hell is waiting for them. C. God loves people who do bad things. D. To tell people that the more bad things they do, the greater chance of them going to hell. Answer: D 3. What is Henry trying to persuade? a. To go to war with the British b. Stop all connections with the British c. Let Britain take their time on peace terms d. All of the above Answer: A 4. What is Henrys main idea? A.The British are ready to compromise. B. They should have peace with the British C. The Colonists are mistaken in the thinking the British are ready to compromise. D. the colonist should go to war with the British Answer: C

5 Quarter 1: Study Guide Review Questions 5. What is the central message of the sermon? A. There is no hope salvation B. The only hope for salvation is in good deeds C. The only hope for salvation is through Christian rebirth D. Sinners can save their soul through constant prayer Answer: C 6. What experience does this portion of Equiano's slave narrative describe? A. the loss of African cultural traditions B. the fight to abolish slavery C. the observations of a slave merchant D. the horrors slaves faced on transatlantic voyages Answer: D 7. What was Equiano's main purpose in writing The Interesting Narrative? A. to entertain readers with dramatic episodes in his life B. to sway public opinion about slavery C. to contrast life in Africa and life in Barbados D. to provide detailed information on 18th- century sea travel Answer: B 8. The story suggests that after Tom makes his deal with the devil, Tom's name is recorded A. in an account book. B. on a tree in the swamp C. on the handle of the devil's ax. D. on the devil's forehead. Answer: B

6 Quarter 1: Study Guide Review Questions 9. What is supposed to be hidden under one of the big trees beside the inlet? Why is that a good hiding place? A. a skull; no one will look there B. Indian gold; it’s supposed to be cursed C. a silver teapot; it’s far away from any town D. Kidd’s treasure; it’s near a Indian ruin said to have hosted human sacrifices Answer: D 10. What does this quote mean, "The waters are constantly rising, and waxing more and more mighty.." A. God has more wrath to throw upon you B. your sins are piling up and so Gods angry is increasing C. everyday hell is getting hotter D. the waves of the ocean is getting higher Answer: B 11. A person's wickedness makes them as heavy... A. Stoned B. Brick C. Iron D. lead Answer: D 12. What was the first object that caught his eye when Equiano arrived on the coast? A. chains B. barrels C. the sea D. none of the above Answer: C

7 Quarter 1: Study Guide Review Questions 13. Who is the large man that Tom is talking to? A. merchant B. the Devil C. Old Scratch D. a ghost Answer: C 14. What was left of Tom's wife? A. she disappeared into another dimension B. all Tom can find of her is her heart and liver in her apron tied to a tree C. she turned into an old lady that does not remember who Tom is D. a white beautiful swan and she can never change back into a human Answer: B 15. What is Edward comparing god’s wrath too? A. An arrow and a spider B. Himself C. The devil D. Sinners Answer: A 16. How many people does Henry say there is to fight the Britain’s? A. None B. 300 C. 50 D. 3 million Answer: D

8 Quarter 1: Study Guide Review Questions 17. 5. Why did Tom become religious? A. His wife made him B. He loved God C. His dad told him to D. He was scared of the Devil Answer: D 18. What item in mythology was used in Patrick Henry’s speech? A. Kitsune B. Sirens C. Odysseus D. Circe Answer: B 19. Throughout Edwards' sermon, he conveys... A.) Fear of dying by oneself B.) Hatred of the Native Americans C.) Frightening images to induce his congregation into believing they are vulnerable to God's wrath D.) Regret of the past Answer: C 20. What literary technique does Patrick Henry use during his speech? A. Logic and Emotion B. Irony and metaphor C. Pun and simile D. All of the above Answer: A

9 Quarter 1: Study Guide Review Questions 21. Where did he give this speech? A. Virginia B. China C. Under the sea D. In his backyard Answer: A 22. What is his famous quote? A. Cats and dogs B. Give me pie or give me death C. Nothing useful D. Give me liberty or give me death Answer: D 23. What would Henry give for liberty? a. his home b. nothing c. his friends d. his life Answer: D 24. In the last paragraph Equiano makes a very good point of what? a. Slavery changes a man, but becomes more significant to live. b. No matter what happens stay strong. c. Life is horrible d. Both A and B Answer: D

10 Quarter 1: Study Guide Review Questions 25. 1. The preacher ____ conflict between the crowds. A. Blended B. Provoked C. Advised D. Appeased Answer: B 26. With the high altitude and stealth of the AC130, soldiers knew they had a(n): A. Intruder B. Distraction C. Invalid D. Vigilant Answer: D 27. 15. For a man who wants complete dictatorship over his land, he must have A. Benevolence B. Compassion C. Avarice D. Kindness Answer: C 28. You got no swag, therefore your argument is ___. A. Invalid B. Overdue C. Irrelevant D. Reasonable Answer: A

11 Quarter 1: Study Guide Review Questions 29. “I ask gentlemen, sir, what means this martial array if not to force us into submission?” This is an example of ? a. logical appeal b. emotional appeal Answer: A 30. Which of these is not used in the speech to the Virginia convention? a. logical b. emotional c. persuasion d. ethical Answer: D 31. The narrative of olaudah equiano is an example of a(n)? a. historical fiction b. biography c. autobiography d. fiction Answer: C 32. After her big break-up, the only thing that could ______ her was a tub of chocolate ice cream. a. martial b. inevitable c. insidious d. solace Answer: D

12 Quarter 1: Study Guide Review Questions 33. Today is just not my day, I am moody depressed and ________. a. melancholy b. prevalent c. avarice d. stagnant Answer: A 34. She was ________ to pass the class with an A+. a. resoluted b. obliterate c. parsimony d. superfluous Answer: A 35. As judges in the court, they must not succumb to any form of _________ from those being accused. A. Solace B. Supplication C. Adversary D. Spurned Answer: B 36. Oladuah had an ___________ bombard his house when he was 11 years old. A. Apprehensions B. Distraction C. Assailant D. Alleviate Answer: C

13 Quarter 1: Study Guide Review Questions 37. Wells Fargo has been a very ___ company. A. Credited B. Prevalent C. Precarious D. Stagnant Answer: B 38. No force was able to break through the ___ wall. A. Immovable B. Breakable C. Snagged. D. Impregnable Answer: D 39. "Fried chicken is bad for you," I said as i ate KFC. A. Personification B. Metaphor C. Irony D. Simile Answer: C 40. "My, what a wonderful and romantic view we have of the moon from up on this hill.." is an example of: A. Tone B. Mood C. Imagery D. Rhetorical Question Answer: B

14 Quarter 1: Study Guide Review Questions 41. What is paralleism? A.Repeating the sentences, clauses,phrases with similar structures B.Sentences that are not repeating C A and B D None of the above Answer: A 42. What is another word for word choice? A. diction B. mood C. Language D. Tone Answer: A 43. What creature does Edward compare the sinner to? A. Vicious dogs B. Angry cats C. Serpents D. A & C Answer: C 44. What was the most beautiful in Africa that Equiano mentioned? A. Tonmah B. Tinmah C. Hanmah D. Hinah Answer: B

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