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Seeds of Revolution Ryan Kohler Rylee Roth Kenzie Rubinas Hope Wilken.

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1 Seeds of Revolution Ryan Kohler Rylee Roth Kenzie Rubinas Hope Wilken

2 Britain’s Colonies The 13 colonies began to develop Their own ideas and ways of thinking separate from Great Britain.

3 The French and Indian War 1. In 1750 ‘s France and England wanted the same land in North America. 2.The goal is to banish.The French from the Ohio River Valley. French soldiers and Native American indians hid in the woods around the fort.They shot at the British who ran and Genaral Braddock was killed. This was the first real battle. In 1756 Britain declared war on France. After many years,Britain won the war. The treaty of Paris was sighned in 1763 and cut of all French claims to North America. The colonists grateful to Britain, but that changed to distrust and revolution.King George lll had the colonists pay for soldiers housing and food.He also wanted the colonists to pay taxes to pay Britains war depths

4 Taxation Without Representation #1The spanish sugar was to expensive so they bought the British sugar. #2In 1765 Britains pariment passed the quartering act.#3In 1770 Britain repaled all butt one of the tounshed acts because its merchants were losing money

5 Acts Of Frustration and Retaliation I n 1774,12 colonies sent delagates or representatives to Philadelphia to meet the first contential congress.On the night march 5 1770 a group of rowdey Boston colonists picked a fight with some British soldiers. Adoms called the fight caused by the colonists the Boston Masscare

6 The War Begins 1 On the night of April 18 1775 Gage planned to arrest the leader of the Revolution. 2 A patriot doctor Samual Prescott,found out about Gages plans And warned the militia that the British Were coming. No one was sure which side fired the first shot, but that shot Started the Revolutionary War.

7 Batting for Independence

8 THE SECOND CONTINENTAL CONGRESS On May10, 1775, the second continetial congress met at Independence hall in Phillidalphia Pensilvainia. The soldiers would be fighting against power Britain, with its well trained and well supplied army and navy. The delegates sent apetition to king George the third Asking them to grant the colonist rights and to proclaim the colonist as loyal english subjects.

9 The Patriots Take Ticonderoga On the same day the second Continential Congress met, the colonists soldiers scored a victory over the fort of Ticonderoga. Both Arnold and Allen wanted to be the leader of the atlac, so they argued all the way to Ticonderoga. Colonist were now forced to take sides either as Loyalist, those who wanted to remain part of Britian, or as Patriots, Those who wanted independence from Britian.

10 Bunker Hill (and Breeds Hill) After the battle of Lexington,in which ‘’the shot heard ‘round the world’’ Started the first battle of the american Revolution. On the night June 16,1775, patriot soilders dug trenches Into breeds hill.On March 17, 1776,the british soilders and thousand of colonist loyal to britian, left boston,leaving Washington s troops to march triumphantly into the city.

11 Batttling for freedome Patriots Fought many battles from 1776int-1778,2, The battle of saratoga was a turning point It prove to France and other countries that the patriots might win.In June 1778,thhe battle Monmouth was the last major battle of the northern colonies.

12 SOUTHERN BATTLES British forces captured Savahnnah, Gorgiea in december 1778. The patriots won the the battle at Kings Mountain South Carolina in a speedy 65 minutes. French soldiers helped hold the British back and fought along side colonists as part of the troops.

13 Major players Major players in revolutionary war. George Washington - commander of the continental army. William Howe- Commander of british army in North America. Henry Clinton- replaced Howe as a british commanderr in 1778.

14 a Building A Nation

15 The articales of confederation A document that was a new plan for our government in 1777. One big flow was in the fedral goverments lack of Power to tax the states.nine of the thirteen states agreed to changes in the articals,however it would take many years for changes to be made.

16 The Treaty Of Paris In 1781 the major fighting of the revolutianary war ended with the U.S. General Charles Conwails at york town, Virginia but the war itself wasn’t officially over for two more years. Representitives from the United Sates and Great Britain disscussed peace terms in Paris, France from the middle of 1782 until the Treaty Of Paris was sighned on september 3, 1783. The United States northern bounderies was set at the great lakes along the borders of quebes and scotia both parts of British controlled Canada.

17 Money problems Once the Revolutionary war was over and the Treaty of Paris was signed,there were terribile money problems for the United States. In 1786, Daniel Shays, a former Revolutionary war captain, and about a thousand farmers and other workers marched on the town of springfield, massachusetts, and then headed to Boston.Shays’ Rebellion persuaded Many citizens and leaders that a stronger fedral government was needed.

18 Consitutional convention The goal of the meeting was to change the articles of Confederation to make the fedral government stronger. The delagates elected George Washington To preside over the meeting, which Became known as the constitutional Convention. Debates on two issues relates to power in the new government.The first issues was represention. The sec. issues was slavery. Three branches were proposed in all –a legislative branch with two houses of congress, an executive branch with a system of courts to enforce laws.On September 17, 1787, Thirty-nine delagates of the convention signed the Constitution and sent it out to the states for a vote all thirteen states would vote in favor of the constitution the agreement included ten changes to the constitution, which were called the Bill of Rights.

19 Arguments over Land Land Ordinance of 1785 divided up new lands into townships and sections.Northwest and ordinance gave rules for how new states would be created. These Ordinances set the stage for settlers moving west, roads, canals, and railroads were built.

20 Timeline of the american revolution The united stateds would not be able to stay out of the war however because british and french ships began seizing and searching U.S. ships in order to keep supplies from reaching their enemies. In 1812 president madison told Britian to stop searching and seizing U.S. ships or there would be war. On January 8, 1815, Americans decisively won the battle of New Orleans under genral Andrew Jackson.

21 Credits Thank you to A-Z Reading. Com Google. Com

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