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Identity and State Building in Kosovo (1999-2012).

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1 Identity and State Building in Kosovo (1999-2012)






7 Basic Facts  territory 10,908 km2 / 4,212 sq mi slightly bigger than Dellaware  flat fluvial basin with an elevation of 400- 700 m above sea level surrounded by several high mountain ranges with elevations of 2,000 to 2,500 m

8  ethnic groups: -Albanians 92 % -Serbs 5 % -Bosniak, Gorani, Roma, Turk, Ashkali, Egyptian appr. 3 %


10 Historical Context The Battle of Kosovo of 1389

11 A Battle and a Myth Controversial data Unclear outcome despite general agreement that the Ottoman troops prevailed Symbolic significance: -for the Serbs -for the Ottomans and their heirs  Consequences

12 Ottoman Kosovo (1450-1912) Multi-ethnic character of Ottoman Kosovo Islamization of Albanians Plight for Albanian nationhood: the League of Prizren of 1878

13 Prizren townsfolk Armed Kosovo Albanian in traditional dress Gorani

14 Kosovo Under Serbian Rule (1912-1999) Conquest and initial repressions 1912-1918 Interwar colonist policies Interwar education policies Kosovo under Tito Renewal of repressions under Milosevic 1989- 1999 Kosovo Albanian parallel structures or civil society Escalation of violence and international intervention

15 UN Protectorate (1999-2008) War UNSCR 1244 UNMIK Administration and PISG: initial efforts in civil society, state, and identity building KFOR and its role Failure: March 2004 Riots The Status Issue and its implications

16 Independent Kosovo (2008-2012) The Declaration of Independence of 17 February 2008 and its importance Challenges: -from a centralized state to liberal democracy -Albanians and Serbs or Albanians vs. Serbs -the Question of the North -relations with Serbia -economic problems



19 Opportunities and Perspectives A liberal multi-ethnic democracy: current situation and perspectives The Issue of the North and relations with Serbia: possible solutions Influence of the EU integration perspectives and the overall effect of the international community Civil Society

20 Identity Construction in the Context of the Balkans Shifting identities. The impact of state building Multiple identities Europeanization of the Balkans


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