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Birth of a Nation & Birth of a Teacher By: Heather Manning.

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1 Birth of a Nation & Birth of a Teacher By: Heather Manning

2 Introduction Majors: –Secondary Education (BA) & History (BA) Minor: –Leadership studies From Connecticut My Strengths –Context, Discipline, Positivity, Learner, Developer

3 Table of Contents Birth of a nation & Birth of a teacher Stage 1 The Beginning –Mayflower & Daycare –Outcome #52 Stage 2 Development –Colonies & Independent Study –Outcome #97 Stage 3 Development with Struggle –Taxes & MTI/URI 101 mentor –Outcome #115 Stage 4 The Struggle –Revolutionary War & Tutoring –Outcome #77, 51, 107 Stage 5 Independence –Independence & Student Teaching –Outcome # 42, 43, 1

4 Stage 1- The Beginnings Mayflower _______________________________________________________ Those who fled from England wanted to find religious freedom and establish a new home for themselves. They landed in Plymouth Massachusetts and started to create a new beginning. Daycare ______________________________________________________ When I was 16, I started working at a daycare in my home town. This was the first time I started creating lesson plans, fun activities, and using some discipline.

5 Stage 1- Outcome

6 Cycle of Socialization

7 Stage 2-Development Colonies ______________________________________________________ As more people came to America from England, the 13 colonies became established. In the colonies, the colonist worked to establish themselves despite growing control by the King of England. Independent Study (HS) _____________________________________________________ As I began to start teaching at my daycare, I wanted to continue my passion. Therefore senior year I took an independent study as a TA for an Honors Sophomore Spanish class. Despite that I wanted to take over the class, I had to follow my teachers’ requests.

8 Stage 2-Outcome

9 Challenge and Support Theory

10 Stage 3-Development with Struggle Taxes ______________________________________________________ As the colonist continue to work to establish themselves and gain independence from England, they are faced with continuous struggle and set backs from the King. MTI TA/URI 101 Mentor _______________________________________________________ Coming to college, I continued my role as a teacher. I first was a URI 101 mentor and then an MTI TA. As I continued to develop myself as a teacher, there was a struggle with wanting to teach without anyone else.

11 Stage 3-Outcome

12 Stage 4-The Struggle Revolutionary War ______________________________________________________ Taxes, Stamp Act, Sugar Act, Quartering Act, etc. finally set the colonist off. Starting with the Boston Tea Party and eventually war, the colonist fought for their independence from England. They faced struggle during war and after by creating a nation. ESL Tutoring ______________________________________________________ Finally getting to teach on my own was exciting. I was offered to tutor a student twice a week. Finding out that she was from Japan and didn’t speak English was very challenging. Thus, I had faced my first teaching struggle.

13 Stage 4-Outcome 2

14 Stage 4- Outcome

15 Stage 5- Independence Dec. of Ind. & Constitution _______________________________________________________ The colonist finally gained independence and created two of our most famous document; the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution. The colonist were finally free to govern themselves Student Teaching & Grad. _____________________________________________________ After some struggles to become a teacher, I finally have my own classroom. Although I have a cooperating teacher, I have full control of the class. I look forward to establishing myself as a full time teacher upon graduation

16 Stage 5-Outcome

17 Kolb’s Experiential Learning Model

18 Stage 5- Outcome 2

19 Current Resume

20 The Leadership Minor Being in the leadership minor has helped me grow in many ways, but especially in my career field as an educator. As a teacher being a leader and a role model to the students is essential. The leadership minor therefore has taught me many theories and skills that have all helped me develop as a better leader and teacher. GO LEADERSHIP!


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