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HIST-O (BELL RINGER) Brainstorm how you would survive in the outdoor environment, without the infrastructure of a grocery store or public transportation.

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1 HIST-O (BELL RINGER) Brainstorm how you would survive in the outdoor environment, without the infrastructure of a grocery store or public transportation. Write a narrative paragraph reflecting on what strategies they might use to survive in such a situation. Draw illustrations to support your strategies. Think about this.... What challenges would you face if you had to support yourself by living off the land at this time of the year? What resources do you see around you that you could use as tools to help you survive? What if you not only had to support yourself, but also care for children? What additional challenges might you face?


3 WHAT WILL I LEARN TODAY? I can... Explain the reasons England’s citizens colonized the New World. (8.1) Explain and follow the events that led to the founding of Jamestown. (8.2) Provide examples of cooperation and conflict between American Indians and colonists. (8.9) Locate and identify the first 13 colonies and describe their geographic importance. (8.10) Analyze the ideas that are important to the development of colonial self-government by stating evidence from text of specific documents.

4 ESSENTIAL QUESTION How does geography influence the way people live?

5 VOCABULARY CONTENT VOCABULARY Charter Joint-stock company Headright Burgess ACADEMIC VOCABULARY Investigation Expand

6 Mystery of Roanoke What problems did the Roanoke settlers encounter? Investigation England’s Queen Elizabeth gave Sir Walter Raleigh the right to claim land in North America. He colonized Roanoke Island. Lies of the coast of North Carolina. Two attempts to settle Roanoke First attempt – 1585 John White – collected valuable information (art) Colony did not survive – returned home. Second attempt – 1587 91 men, 17 women and 9 children (White and family) First English born child – Virginia Dare Colony does better – White returns for supplies. Spanish Armada Battle between Spain and England White can not return for three years. Colony Vanished Only clue – Croatoan carved on a tree. Croatoan Island, about 50 miles to south. To try to discover facts and other information about something.

7 Who was Sir Walter Raleigh? How was Raleigh significant to American history? In what order did the main events in the colony’s history occur??? Why did the English decide to settle in Roanoke? He was a explorer who sent settlers to Roanoke Island. He helped establish one of the first colonies in America. 1585 – Raleigh sent scouts to recommend a location. 1585 – first settlers start settlement on Roanoke but return to England. 1587 – second group of settlers establish settlement on Roanoke, leader John White returns to England 1590 – White returns from England colony is gone and settlers have disappeared. Sir Walter Raleigh’s scouts said it was a good place for a colony.

8 Success at Jamestown Charter Joint stock company What were the hardships the colonist faced? 1606 - England’s King James I – “Let’s try again!” Wanted to renew England’s quest for a colony in North America. Merchants pressed for a charter document that granted the right to form a colony. Virginia Colony of London Was a joint stock company – a company in which investors buy stock in return for a share of its future profits. Hoped to make money from the venture Charter given Dec. 1606 144 settlers landed in the Chesapeake Bay. Named the river – James River Names the settlement – Jamestown Jamestown Colonist did not find gold or riches Faced several hardships

9 HARDSHIPS OF JAMESTOWN Hostile Native Americans Hunger Disease Hardships of Jamestown

10 Expand Headright Captain John Smith 27 years old Built ties with the Powhatan people Took charge – “If you do not work, you do not eat.” 1609 – Smith injured – went back to England “Starving time” – Winter 1609-1610 Colonists went back to their old ways. Jamestown did survive. More Settlers come to Virginia Virginia began to expand. To increase in size or number. Relations improve with the Powhatan Pocahontas marries John Rolfe Women arrive in the colony. Virginia Company began using a headright system. A 50 acre grant of land given to colonial settlers who paid their own way. Colony succeeds because of this system

11 Burgesses Government is established Colonist have the right to take part in their own government. 1619 – land owning make colonist cast ballots for burgesses. Elected representatives to an assembly. Make laws for the colony. House of Burgesses First legislature of North America Elected by the people Royal Colony Lose charter Not making money for the shareholders of the Virginia Company. 1624 King James cancels charter. Directly under the control of the government in England.

12 1.How did Smith’s leadership help the colony survive? 2.What were the first two years like for the Jamestown colonists? 3.How did the colony’s relationship with Native Americans affect its success? 4.How did Pocahontas affect the success of the Jamestown settlement? 5.How did this help the colony of Virginia to expand? 1.Smith knew that without hard work the colony would not last. He forced the settlers to work? 2.They faced hardships and hunger. 3.At first Native Americans helped the colonists and provided food, but later they stopped doing this. 4.When Pocahontas married settler John Rolfe, relations with Native Americans improved. 5.The improvement of the relationship between the Native Americans and the colonist allowed the colony to expand because it was a time of peace and people felt safe. Women were sent to the colony.

13 CLOSE & REFLECT Get an index card – Heading your card. Remember that Jamestown was primarily a business venture. Do you think Jamestown was regarded as a success or a failure according to modern business guidelines. Explain your answer.

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