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Pre-Revolutionary America 1607 – 1763 Chapter 3: US History: Beginnings to 1877 Chapter 4: Creating America.

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1 Pre-Revolutionary America 1607 – 1763 Chapter 3: US History: Beginnings to 1877 Chapter 4: Creating America

2 SWBATs Students will be able to: 1)Locate 13 colonies and other major land features of Eastern Coast of North America. 2)Describe the distinctive economy of each colonial region (New England, Middle, South). 3)Describe how taxation is related to representation in government using colonial history. 4)Describe results of the French and Indian War.

3 Colonialism: Why build British Colonies in America? ________________________ Also, many came for _______ ________ and to avoid _____________ in Europe Benefit to the Mother Country: England/Great Britain ________ Economy: When a country _______ goods and __________ goods = $$$

4 Map of the original Thirteen Colonies With a partner identify the colonies, major bodies of water, and major cities Color sections: New England Middle Southern Text Book: p. 89 p. R3 – R5

5 Essay: Cultures in Conflict – Native Americans and the English Colonists 3 to 5 paragraph essay on the interactions between English colonists and Native Americans See Handout: Assignment Due Meet in Tech Lab Thursday through Monday

6 Southern Colonies Jamestown, Virginia founded in 1607 Failure due to _____________ _________________________ _________________________ Eventually Southern Colonies take hold because __________ is planted as a successful _________________________ Southern Colonies were characterized by  ____________: tobacco and later Cotton  ____________

7 Slavery Definition: A social relationship in which one person has _______________ over the life, fortune, and liberty of another. Slavery was part of a system called ______________. Trade across the Atlantic ocean was characterized by the movement of slaves, sugar, cotton, tobacco, iron, rum, manufactured goods and textiles. Four continents were involved: The Americas, Europe (Great Britain), and Africa

8 Northern Colonies, New England Puritan Religion: the original religious pilgrims from Europe dominated ____________________ ____________________ Shipping was important– lots of ______________ and _______________! World trade: Imports and Exports,____________________

9 Middle Colonies Diverse – large amount of _____________ from Europe Pennsylvania – Penn’s woods. _________ settled the region of Pennsylvania under guidance of William Penn Known as the “Breadbasket” of the colonies – with focus on growing ________ crops: wheat, grains for trade to other colonies _____________was also important!

10 Exit Ticket: What is distinctive economically about each of the colonial regions? New England Middle Southern

11 Roots of Representative Government in England Representative Government: a small group of selected officials who represent the needs of the many _______ ________written in 1215 It created a ___________ = a style of Representative Government Outcome: Less power to the _________ (king), governing power moved downward to the nobles (people).

12 Roots of Representative Government in America Each colony had its own government and leaders Royal State ___________ were selected by the King Some had locally elected ___________ to advise the governors Main issue = _____________ Taxes were collected by King’s Tax Collectors to pay for _________________________ _________________________ _________________________

13 Late 1600s in New England NE colonial charters were cancelled by the King 1685: ____________ attempted more control Tensions between ______________ and local residents grew

14 The Glorious Revolution (in England) King James was overthrown Protestants offered throne to William & Mary British create a ________________ in order to guarantee individual rights New England colonists claimed full British Rights

15 Shared Power in the Colonies King appoints ______________ Governor runs the __________ Locally Elected ___________ advise the governor, but the governor makes all final decisions Council Governor Monarch Assembly

16 Bacon’s Rebellion In Virginia: a classic “have-nots” vs. the “haves” Citizens like Nathaniel Bacon were upset over lack of __________________________ __________________________ __________________________ __________________________ __________________________ Bacon, a former _____________ ________, led a revolt. His group attacked friendly Native Americans and attacked and burned the city of ____________ Result: System of indentured servants was replaced by a greater reliance on slavery to run plantations in the South Indentured Servant: someone who is paid to do a contracted amount of labor before gaining their freedom

17 Exit Ticket: Describe how taxation is related to representation in government using colonial history?

18 Salem Witch Trials Watch the video –answer the questions –ASK questions –be prepared to discuss

19 Ben Franklin designed this political cartoon during the middle 1700’s. What does it represent? Why did he draw it?

20 Colonial Conflicts in the New World There were many French and British conflicts from 1689 to 1750. __________ and ___________ fought 3 wars ___________ was in contention – in the 1750’s British colonists wanted to expand into valley along the Ohio __________ French and ___________ allies conducted raids on British trading posts to prevent spread of British trade and colonists

21 French and Indian War In 1753, the Lt Governor of Virginia sent a young _________________ to tell the French to leave the Ohio Valley. Very courteously, the French say, “go stuff yourself, we are staying.” Washington builds a fort, “________________”, but is quickly defeated and forced out GW writes about hiking through the woods during the winter to meet with the French representative. It gets printed throughout the colonies and he becomes the second most famous colonist next to Benjamin Franklin. He is certainly the most famous military person.

22 British Victory French win many of the early battles, but __________ ultimately wins. However, Britain has to borrow a lot of _________to gain victory. The ________________ signed in 1763 officially ends the war North America as claimed by European empires...

23 Great Britain now in Great Debt Colonists want to expand ________________________ Indians ___________ spread of colonists To prevent further military costs: _____________________ - prevents colonists from expanding west of the Appalachian Mountains _____________________ – Tax of good to raise money to pay for war

24 Setting the stage for Revolution The proclamation and stamp tax were done without real colonial _________________ in government decisions Colonist want to expand west. They also feel the taxes are unfair without having any say in the decisions of British Government even though they are loyal citizens of Great Britain.

25 Exit Ticket: What were some results of the French and Indian War?

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