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21 hours of our life… for you… and we couldn’t be happier! Wait for it, Wait for it…

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2 21 hours of our life… for you… and we couldn’t be happier! Wait for it, Wait for it…

3 YES!!! Dunkford’s ppts are rad! Thank goodness we did our hair today for this phenom event! Mom warned me I should look good today…now I know why! Power Point MON!

4 Number 1-4 on the top of your notes…Please 1. T/F: The American Revolution is the same as the Revolutionary War 2. Guess when the American Revolution happened. 3.Who Fought against who in this war? 4. What does “Revolution” mean?

5 Interactive Ppt - We need – Random Guy 1 Random Guy 2 B. Frank Britain (british accent if you can) Colonist Sam Adams

6 EVENTS THAT LEAD TO THE AM. REVOLUTION AKA: What tics off Colonists so much that they revolt from Britain! 8 EVENTS!!! We really Hate those Brits! I am currently thinking of how we shall revolt against them… I don’t think anyone knows I’m picking my nose….they’re too worried about Britain. RANDOM GUY 2 B.Frank RANDOM GUY 1

7 Before Britain gets all up in the Colonists bis-nass, things are going pretty well…

8 2. 1700s Britain Enacts Salutatory Neglect Britain lets the colonists run their land and governs from afar. * Colonists LOVE running the show…start to get used to it. 1. Enlightenment Thinking … In the 1600s Colonists began to question why Britain ruled them the way they did. Colonists start to think on their own/challenge authority Why Britain ? We’ll Watch the Colonists from way over here… Bye Britain! British Colonists SO…

9 Colonists Like Being on their own…. But still need help sometimes!

10 FR get NA’s to help attack Colonists. British Army comes to help. British Army beats FR & kicks them out of North America. S O W H A T ’ S T H E B I G D E A L ? ! ? B r i t W A Y i n d e b t f r o m t h i s w a r E q u a l t o $ 1 2 5 m i l l i o n D o n ’ t t h e C o l o n i s t s o w e t h e m ! ? ! ? 3. FRENCH & INDIAN WAR 1763 Brit is like Cuba Gooding Jr… Colonists are like Tom Cruise…. Show me the Money!

11 Britain REALLY wants their money BUT Colonists won’t give in…. So Britain starts the…

12 4. STAMP ACT 1765 You must purchase a stamp for EVERYTHING “You’re paying for nothing” Colonists HATE King’s Office Holders Awh! Stamp Yo’ Self fools!

13 This Divides the Colonies.... 1/3 PATRIOT FOR the revolution & HATE the British 1/3 Undecided 1/3 LOYALIST Loyal to Britain (No rev)

14 Here’s the leaders of both sides…. I’m a PATRIOT … Which means, I hate the British. Oh, yeah, and I’m CRAZY… I will stop at nothing to make the British look bad! Sam Adams Patriot/Pyscho King George III Loyalist/Wuss Good luck making this look bad Kiss my booty Patriots! I own you & always will! PS, Don’t I look good in this lion fur?!?

15 Sam Adams gets a bunch of Psychos together & they form a group…. SONS OF LIBERTY: Patriots who will do ANYTHING to revolt against Britain. Seek out to harass Loyalists “Tar & Feather”


17 SAMMY Gets everyone riled up & gives them this slogan… “No taxation w/out Representation” (no tax without a vote) But Sam’s crazy… Colonists didn’t want to vote… They just wanted to complain PS - Colonists don’t pay very much in taxes, $1.20 per YEAR….. The British already pay $26.00 per year

18 5. BOSTON MASSACRE 1770 1 Brit soldier mobbed by crowd of angry colonists… Throwing Snow/Ice Yelling More Brits come to help One Slips, Gun goes off British soldiers begin firing 5 Colonists die A Re-enactment… Here We Go…

19 IS 5 PEOPLE DYING A MASSACRE ? That’s what I call it…bc Everyone will freak out & want a revolution! Another Lie!

20 The colonists are SO mad about this “Massacre” they want REVENGE!

21 6. Boston Tea Party – B.T.P 1773 Colonists must pay Huge taxes on British tea Sam & Sons of Liberty dress as Indians & throw 15,000 lbs of tea into the harbor. $3 million dollars today

22 Now, the BRITISH want… REVENGE!

23 7. INTOLERABLE ACTS 1774 Georgie’s Response to Tea Party 3 PARTS: 1. Close Boston harbor - No more ships - Colonists can’t make money 2. Quartering Act - B rit soldiers live in their houses 3. Martial Law - T he British army is in charge. So, how Do you Like that?!? (insert snap) It’s INTOLERABLE! War is Coming you foolish man! Sleep w/ one eye open! COLONIST

24 Finally, ALL Colonists get some (8.) “COMMON SENSE” in 1776 47 page pamphlet telling of all the wrong’s the king has committed. By T Paine (not the rapper) Before only Boston hated the King…. Now all colonies know how bad he is!

25 What’s next? R E V O L U T I O N !

26 Do you see WHY the colonists wanted To revolt!?!?


28 Just one more thing…

29 Please number note card from 1-10 and answer these. Turn in when finished. 1.How many events are there that lead to the Revolution 2.Name the term for someone FOR the revolution 3.Who fought in the French & Indian War? 4.Name the term for someone AGAINST the revolution. 5.Who’s the king of England? 5.How many died in the Boston Massacre? 6.Who’s the leader of the Sons of Liberty & how did they harass Loyalists? 7.Who wrote “Common Sense”? 8.Name 1 of the 3 intolerable acts. 9.What is it called when the army takes control? 10. What 2 teachers are phenom at reenacting history?

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