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Give Me Liberty Russell Freedman By Kristy Keeler.

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1 Give Me Liberty Russell Freedman By Kristy Keeler

2 Summary Give me Liberty is the story of the Declaration if Independence and what it was and who signed it. Give Me Liberty was a great book I recommend it to anyone that is just learning about history, or if your interested to learn about why the Declaration of Independence was written.

3 The Night the Revolution Began. The Boston tea party, December 16,1773 the colonist objected to paying King George’s taxes without having a voice in Parliament, so on December 16,1773 the colonist dressed up as Mohawk Indians boarded three British ships and dumped 342 chest full of tea into the Boston Harbor.

4 A New World By the 1770s the colonies had more than 2.5 million inhabitants, including about five hundred thousand people of African descent, most of whom were enslaved. America became a melting pot of Nationalities and religions. Many immigrants had come had come to new world to escape religions persecution.

5 Woman In the 1770s woman were not allowed to vote and girls did not go to school. Colonial woman supervised large plantations, ran farms, shops and Inns, engaged in many trades, raised huge families, and expressed their views freely. Eventually woman fought in the Revolutionary war, but they did not vote until 1920.

6 The Stamp Act The Stamp Act was passed in 1765, the colonist were outraged. They did not want to pay taxes without representation, so they arranged a boycott of British goods that was so effective that the English merchants protected the boycott costing them a fortune. Parliament gave in and in 1770 repealed all the Townshend taxes except for one the tax on tea.

7 The Boston Massacre On the evening of March 5,1770 a crowed of men shouted insults and threw rocks, oyster shells, and chunks of ice, at eight British soldiers. When someone said “FIRER” The British soldiers killed five men. The soldiers were tried for murder. Six of them were acquitted. The other two were branded on their thumbs and released.

8 The Whites of Their Eyes July 17,1775.The Americans waited at the top of Breeds Hill behind their earthen walls. Their offices moved among them, urging them to stay calm ordering them to save their fire until the last possible moment. “ Don’t fire until you see the whites of their eyes" The men were told.

9 The Declaration of Independence The Declaration of Independence was written after a long fight for freedom and equal rights during the 1780s, 1790s, and early 1800s the ideas expressed in the Declaration of Independence led northern states to free slaves and in 1848 women's rights advocates drafted a Declaration of sentiments based on the Declaration of Independence,they proclaimed that are men and women are created equal.

10 July 4,1776 The Declaration of Independence is on display in the Rotunda of National Archive Building in Washington DC along with US Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The three documents are enclosed for public viewing in massive bronze-framed,bulletproof glass containers.

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