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7 Years War (French and Indian War)

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1 7 Years War (French and Indian War)

2 A. Event leads to American Revolution (1776-1781)
B. Last of series of four wars between Fr/G.B. Last and final conflict » only 1 fought N.A. At stake - each’s colonial territory in New World (North America) » Not New Spain Ownership: Britain Atlantic coast » Appalachian Mts./France App. Mts » Rockies » Canada to Gulf (whole mid section North America)

3 C. Causes Fishing Rights: Huge $/North coast of N.A.
Timber: Lumber » building material of choice - Europe Fur: pelts = $ (warmth in Europe) Political rivals = land = size = power Religious differences = Fr. = hated Protestantism Boundary Issues: Where did each colonial possession stop/start?

4 D. Phase I: French with Allies (Iroquois » feared) repeatedly defeat British with Allies (Algonquin » more peaceful) most fighting = New York colonies and Canada Important Battle » Ambush British general Braddock heading to Fort McHenry (Near Albany, NY) Arrogant Fought European style Wore British uniforms (Redcoats)

5 French use North American techniques
Guerilla warfare techniques Stage ambush Result: Braddock & many troops dead mass chaos Few escape under young Lt. Colonel: G. Washington

6 E. Phase II - Turning Point
New P. Minister: William Pitt (Pittsburgh, Pa.) “All or Nothing” Threw $, supplies, men into conflict British began winning *France’s land here too big to coordinate »Only Catholics could come over and settle (mistake)

7 Battle of Quebec September Quebec Capital of New France (take capital = take all!) Commanders: Britain: Wolfe Fr: Montcalm Story of “Cliffs” Battle of “Plains of Abraham” hours long 2. Both young commanders mortally wounded 3. French defeated: 1763 (Done as N.A. Colonial Power) a) “Cajun”

8 F. Effects of 7 Years War Treaty 1763 - “Treaty of Paris”
France lost 90% of N.A. New World territory Britain in Greatest European Power New Problems: How rule that large area? How pay for the war?

9 Solutions Tax Colonists: fought on their land/now they could expand over Appalachian Mts. Colonial reaction 1st real problem w/ Crown » “You said you’d let us cross with protection” Crown: “Sorry, no more $ - cross at own risk!” Proclamation Line 1963 *Leads to war!

10 Effects of 7 Years War A. Treaty not signed until 1963 B. New Problems
Treaty of Paris France lost 90% of New World possessions Cajun people Britain greatest European power B. New Problems How rule large area? $ to pay for war?

11 C. Solutions Tax colonies » Colonist could now cross Appalachians » Spread West Don’t follow up on promise to protect colonist if they cross App. Mts. #2 angers Colonists = reason why fought 1st real grievance against Mother Country Called “Proclamation Line 1763” a. Beginning of problems - lead to war

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