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100 200 400 300 400 AB C 300 200 400 100 500 200 300 400 D 100 500.

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3 AB C D

4 Who is Paul Revere? He warned that the British troops were coming to Lexington.

5 What is Quebec? Samuel de Champlain set up a trading post in this place.

6 What is guerilla warfar? This type of attack used a hit-and-run, ambush type of method.

7 What is independence? Common Sense argued that colonists should fight for _______ from Britain.

8 What is Georgia? A colony for debtors that served as a military barrier against Spain.

9 Who was Benjamin Franklin? He influenced the patriot cause and was a well known scientist.

10 Who is Thomas Paine? He was the author of Common Sense.

11 What is Virginia? House of Burgesses established in this colony.

12 What is the Stamp Act? A tax on printed materials such as newspapers.

13 What is Pennsylvania? A colony founded by Protestant Quakers who wanted religious tolerance.

14 What is triangular trade? This type of trade took place between the colonies, West Africa, and the West Indies.

15 What is Massachusetts? This colony was where pilgrims settled at Plymouth Rock.

16 What is The Boston Massacre? Started by colonist who were taunting British soldiers.

17 What are the Townshead Acts? This act placed a tax on imported items such as tea and lead.

18 What is Rhode Island? Roger Williams was banished to this colony.

19 What is The Boston Tea Party? Colonial protest of shipping policies. Hint: Something dumped into the water…

20 What is the Sugar Act ? This Act lowered tax on molasses.

21 What is the Proclamation of 1763 ? This proclamation prevented colonist from settling land won in the French and Indian War.

22 What are Coercive Acts? These Acts were punishment for the Boston Tea Party.

23 What is New York? Capital was originally New Amsterdam.

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