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The U.S. and Canada Shaped by History

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1 The U.S. and Canada Shaped by History
Chapter 7 The U.S. and Canada Shaped by History

2 The 1st Americans and the Arrival of the Europeans
Section 1 The 1st Americans and the Arrival of the Europeans

3 Who were the first Americans?
Scientific View Land Bridge Between Asia and North America Sea level dropped because of ice age Hunters followed herd across into North America Native American Views Have always been here Indigenous Belonging to or native to a place

4 Spain and France Spain - Christopher Columbus
Southern part of North America Gold Religion - Missionaries - people who want to convert others to their religion France Furs Lived with the native people and learned their ways

5 England 13 Colonies on the Atlantic Coast Reasons they came:
Own land, free from debt, religious freedom Indentured servant -work for a period of years to gain freedom

6 England - Britain 1607 - Jamestown 1620 - Pilgrims
Massachusetts Slaves being brought over to work on plantations in the south

7 Wars French and Indian War - 1754
Britain and France fighting over land Britain won with Colonist’s help Britain needed to have army in Colonies Paid for by taxes - colonist’s boycotted Revolutionary War Colonists rebel against Britain Treaty of Paris Made independence official Constitution is approved Still the highest law of the United States

8 Growth, Settlement, and Civil War in the United States
Section 2 Growth, Settlement, and Civil War in the United States

9 Growing Nation Lewis and Clark Louisiana Purchase - 1803
explore the land west of the Mississippi River Louisiana Purchase Paid France $15 million

10 Growing Nation 1830’s - Indian Removal Act
Forced Natives from their homes to Indain Territory Trail of Tears

11 More Room? 1836 - Mexican Controlled Texas Manifest Destiny
Texans rebelled against Mexican rule Went to war U.S. took over SW Manifest Destiny Americans thought it was their destiny to own all of the land from the Atlantic to the Pacific

12 Industrial Revolution
The change from making goods by hand to making them by machine Clothing, steam engines, railroads Immigrants People who move from one country to another

13 Debate over Slavery Civil War 1861-1865
North - Union Had wealth, industry, soldiers, abolitionists South - Confederacy Experienced officers, cotton-help from other countries Despite North’s advantages war dragged out for 4 years. Emancipation Proclamation Lincoln freed the slaves

14 After the war Reconstruction
Rebuilding the nation President Lincoln was assassinated less than a week after the end of the war 1877 southern states voted to segregate Separate blacks from whites in all aspects of life

15 The United States Becomes a World Power
Section 3 The United States Becomes a World Power

16 U.S Industrial Revolution made life easier for the upper and middle class, but not the Lower class. Homestead Act of 1862 Free Midwest land to people Had to live on it for 5 years Helped spark settlement and the expansion of the population from Atlantic to Pacific

17 Beyond the shores 1867 - Bought Alaska from Russia
took over control of Hawaii won Spanish-American War Took over: Puerto Rico, Guam, Philippines World War I U.S. joined the Allies of Britain and France Central Powers: Germany, Austria-Hungary, Turkey Allies won in 1918

18 World Issues The Great Depression - 1929
Factories closed, people lost jobs, lost all savings Affected all of the world, not just U.S. Franklin D. Roosevelt - New Deal Helped people get back on their feet Jump started the economy

19 World Issues World War II Allies Dec 7, 1941 Japan bombed Pearl Harbor
Defeat Germany April 1945 U.S. drops two bombs on Japan, ending WWII in August 1945

20 Postwar Responsibilities
Soviet Union Communism Cold War U.S. & Soviet Union Tension Arms race Civil Rights Movement Martin Luther King Jr.

21 Growth, Settlement, and Independence in Canada
Section 4 Growth, Settlement, and Independence in Canada

22 French and British Both countries were there for the fur trade
Both wanted Ohio River Valley British - land for settlement French - Beavers Fought (7 years war) Known as French and Indian War in the U.S. British won - gave complete control of Canada to them. War of 1812 French and British united to fend off U.S. from invading Canada

23 Self-Rule Louis Papineau - revolted in Lower Canada against British
William MacKenzie - revolted in Upper Canada against British Dominion - a self governing area July 1, 1867-Britain accepted plan Still subject to Great Britain Rule itself under central government

24 Taking its place “Peaceful Revolution” Took Part in WWI with British
Were able to govern themselves. Saw years of prosperity Took Part in WWI with British Also involved with WWII with Allies

25 Present Times Bilingual 1982 Canada has two official languages
French and English 1982 New constitution Canada became completely independent of Britain

26 Section 5 Partners and Friends

27 Environmental Issues Lake trout Water Quality Air Quality Forests
The Great Lakes Water Quality Air Quality Most air pollution from our factories goes north Burning fossil fuels - acid rain Forests Clear-cutting - cutting down all the trees in an area allowing soil to wash away.

28 Economic Partners St. Lawrence Seaway Diagram on page 188
Completed in Allows ships to move throughout the Great Lakes through a series of canals, locks, and dams. Diagram on page 188

29 Trade U.S. is Canada’s biggest trading partner
Canada is U.S.’s biggest trading partner Before 1989 Tariffs - cost to trade, raised the price of goods After 1989 Free trade - eliminated tariffs NAFTA - North American Free Trade Agreement Mexico, U.S., and Canada Singed to allows free trade and promote economic growth in all three countries

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