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When was Jamestown founded? 1607. Who founded the colony of Pennsylvania? William Penn.

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1 When was Jamestown founded? 1607

2 Who founded the colony of Pennsylvania? William Penn

3 List the 3 sections of the 13 colonies… New England Colonies Middle Colonies Southern Colonies

4 List the New England Colonies… New Hampshire Massachusetts Connecticut Rhode Island Plus later the states of Maine & Vermont New Hampsters Massacre Connecticut Rodents

5 List the Southern Colonies… Maryland Virginia North Carolina South Carolina Georgia Mary Virginia Never Studies Geography

6 List the Middle Colonies… New York Pennsylvania New Jersey Delaware New Penns New Dells

7 Who founded the colony of Georgia? James Oglethorpe

8 Thomas Hooker & the Puritans wrote the first constitution in the colonies… Name the constitution? Fundamental Orders of Connecticut FoofConn !

9 What was the name of the Pilgrims ship? The Mayflower

10 In what colony did the Pilgrims land? Massachusetts

11 Name the first representative assembly in the colonies… Virginia House of Burgesses

12 Name the document signed by the men on the Mayflower… The Mayflower Compact

13 Which colonial religious group helped the Indians? The Quakers

14 Which section of the colonies used slave labor on plantations to grow tobacco, rice, sugar, and indigo? The Southern Colonies

15 Which section of colonies grew grains like wheat,rye,and oats. They were called the breadbasket colonies… The Middle Colonies

16 Which group of colonies fished, built ships, traded, and mainly Puritans? The New England Colonies

17 What series of British laws required the colonists to sell products only to England? The Navigation Acts

18 Name the time of religious revival during the colonial times… The Great Awakening

19 What document from 1215 limited the English King’s power and allowed trial by jury? The Magna Carta

20 What nation won the French and Indian War? Great Britain ( England)

21 Which Virginia colonist saved the settlement (Jamestown) by making everyone work? John Smith

22 Which colonist created a money making product for Virginia? (tobacco) John Rolfe

23 Which Pennsylvania colonist was a printer, scientist, inventor, & politician? Benjamin Franklin

24 What movement emphasized logical thinking and science? The Enlightenment

25 What ocean lies to the east of the 13 colonies? Atlantic Ocean

26 What mountain range was the western border of the 13 colonies? The Appalachian Mountains

27 What nation lies to the north of the United States? Canada

28 What nation lies to the south of the United States? Mexico

29 What river flows from Minnesota to Louisiana and empties into the Gulf of Mexico? The Mississippi River

30 What western mountain range stretches from Canada to Mexico ? The Rocky Mountains

31 What English document protected rights for English citizens & was the basis for the U.S. Bill of Rights? The English Bill of Rights

32 What economic system depended on colonies sending raw materials to Europe which could be sold to bring in gold? Mercantilism This will help convince the colonies to break away from England

33 What economic system used private business to make a profit, the government stays out! The Free Enterprise System

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