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The Road to Independence

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1 The Road to Independence
Chapter 2, Section 1 The Road to Independence

2 The Colombian Exchange…
Europe to US Wheat, Sugar, Horses, Cows, Small Pox, and Measles US to Europe Gold, Silver, Corn, Potatoes, Tobacco, and Syphilis Long Term Slavery Issue

3 The Colombian Exchange

4 Why did Pilgrims and others leave England?
Religious freedom

5 Did Colonists want to be free of English rule?
At the time……NO Wanted Religious Freedom Colonists still wanted to be apart of England


7 What Countries were involved in the French and Indian War?
British and American Colonies vs. French and Native American Allies

8 Why did England have a problem with the colonists after the French and Indian War?
British felt that colonist did little to help with war. British had huge debt after war How would British pay off debt?


10 What was the Sugar Act? Tax on Sugar imported by colonists
Tax money went back to England to pay off debt

11 What was the Stamp Act? Tax on Stamps and other paper materials
“No Taxation without Representation”

12 What was the Declaratory Act?
Stated that England could tax and make laws that applied to the colonists without there consent. British send troops over to enforce

13 What was the Townshend Acts?
Tax on Imported goods Glass and Tea

14 What is a boycott? Refusal to buy or give in to a certain idea

15 What happened at the Boston Massacre?
Colonists angered about British Taxes Colonists throw rocks at British Troops British troops fire upon colonists 4 dead/ Tensions Rise


17 What was the Tea Act? Colonists could only buy tea from England at higher Price Colonists New Idea

18 Why did the Boston Tea Party occur?
Colonist angry over high taxes on British Tea Colonists throw British Tea over Board as a symbol of boycotting



21 What were the ideas colonialists had at the First Continental Congress?
Boycott English Goods Colonists to arm themselves and create militias Colonies still wanted to be apart of England, just not taxed

22 Why were the Battles of Lexington and Concord important?
Beginning of the Revolutionary War Colonies vs. England Occurs in America Odds are against America



25 What was created at the Second Continental Congress?
Declaration of Independence Pg All Men are Created Equal Created by Thomas Jefferson


27 What did Thomas Paine write and what was it about?
Common Sense Claimed that England was across the ocean, Colonists need to create a new nation


29 Declaration of Independence claims we have three unaliable rights, what are they? (pg. 50)
Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

30 What were the Colonist’s strengths verses England?
Colonist’s were fighting on their own land Familiar with the land

31 What is Patriotism? Love of one’s country


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