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Spanish Louisiana Mr. E’s Monday Jan. 5th Louisiana History Class.

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1 Spanish Louisiana Mr. E’s Monday Jan. 5th Louisiana History Class

2 Fact # 1 In 1762, during the French and Indian Wars, France transferred Louisiana to Spain. This was done in the Treaty of Fontainebleau. France needed money and military aid from Spain. As payment France gave up the territory west of the Mississippi and the “Isle of Orleans.”

3 Fact # 2 Suddenly Spain now controlled everything from the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean to most of South America. France was trying to keep the colony from falling into British hands if France lost the war to England.

4 Fact # 3 Louisiana became a “buffer” between the western Spanish colony and the British colonies. The Acadians The Acadians were Catholics from French Acadia which will later become British Nova Scotia in 1713. In 1755 the British claimed the Frenchmen were enemies and not good British Subjects.

5 Fact # 4 In 1755 the Acadians were expelled from Acadia and scattered along the Atlantic coast of English colonies. After many hardships and tragic events many made their way to Louisiana in 1764 where they were welcomed into the Attakapa region of SW Louisiana.

6 Fact # 5 In 1763 France sent a government official to transfer the colony to Spain. Louisiana was in poor condition and needed supplies. The transfer was kept secret until the Spanish arrived in 1764, after that Gov. Antonio Ulloa arrived but the colonist refused to accept his authority.

7 Fact # 6 Ulloa arrived with only 75 soldiers and one ship. He arrived in a downpour making his entrance less than dignified. Ulloa had asked for 700 troops but was refused. He was told the “French would join his troops” – they did not. They considered themselves French – not Spanish.

8 Fact # 7 Ulloa was soft spoken, gentle and tried to befriend the colonists. However, his social behavior offended the French. They were even offended when Ulloa had a private wedding and did not invite them. By 1768 a French mob gathered in New Orleans and over-threw the Ulloa’s government. The French thought they were now through with Spain.

9 Fact # 8 The Spanish government considered the French action as TREASON. The Spanish then sent Alejandro O’Reilly. He arrived with 3,000 troops and 24 ships. The rebels rushed to tell O’Reilly their side of the story. O’Reilly listen politely. The rebels left thinking they were now safe.

10 Fact # 9 O’Reilly headed to new Orleans to plan his next move. He brought his troops to Place d’Armes (Jackson Square) and paraded them with cannons firing, flags flying and then had a Catholic mass.

11 Fact # 9 Then he dealt with the rebels with Spanish law. They were tried, sentenced, and shot! The trial and sentence angered the colonists. O’Reilly became known from then on as “Bloody O’Reilly”.

12 Upcoming Tuesday: 12 th night history, new QizLab starts Tues. on today’s facts Wednesday: Unzaga, Los Adaes, New Iberia, The American Revolution Thursday: Spanish Louisiana; Post Revolution, and end of QuizLab Friday: Pop test, end of six weeks

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