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The Coercive (Intolerable) Acts

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1 The Coercive (Intolerable) Acts

2 Britain reacts to the Boston Tea Party
Colonists had mixed reactions to the event Some cheer the event but others worried that it would encourage lawlessness in the colonies. The colonists were shocked with Britain’s response to the Tea Party.

3 Punishment of Massachusetts 1st Punishment
Parliament shut down the Port of Boston No ship could enter or leave the harbor The harbor remained closed until the colonists paid of the tea that was destroyed.

4 Punishment of Massachusetts 2nd Punishment
Parliament did not allow colonists to hold town meetings more than once a year without the governor’s permission. The colonist’s held these meeting at anytime they pleased in the past.

5 Punishment of Massachusetts 3rd Punishment
Parliament provided customs officers and other officials charged with major crimes to be tried in Britain instead of Massachusetts. Colonists protested because they felt that a dishonest official could break the law in the colonies and avoid punishment.

6 Punishment of Massachusetts 4th Punishment
The Quebec Act expanded Quebec to include the region north of the Ohio River and east of the Mississippi River. (This ignored the claims of some of the colonies) Catholic Priests in Quebec would be allowed to collect the taxes from the colonists. French legal tradition was to replace English tradition in Quebec. This eliminated a trial by jury.

7 Punishment of Massachusetts 5th Punishment
Parliament passed a new quartering act. British soldiers would no longer camped in tents. Colonists would be forced to let British soldiers live in their own homes. The colonists called these laws the Intolerable Acts because they were so harsh.

8 Colonists support Boston
The committees of correspondence spread news of these acts and people from other colonies quickly sent help to the people of Boston. The people were extremely hungry due to the closure of their port. South Carolina sent rice, Virginia sent corn, and Pennsylvania sent flour.

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