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Chapter 4 European Settlements

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1 Chapter 4 European Settlements
Lesson 5 The Plymouth Colony Pages

2 Quick Summary This lesson describes the role that religion played in the development of Plymouth Colony and the governing system formed to run the colony.

3 Objectives Explain why English settlers came to Plymouth Colony.
Identify the origins of representative government in the United States. Describe the relationship between American Indians and the Plymouth colonists. Analyze the impact of religion on the Plymouth colonists

4 Review p. 168 What is self-rule? Governing oneself

5 Review p. 169 How would you categorize the first winter at Plymouth?
Cold and difficult

6 Review p. 170 What helped the Plymouth colonists prosper?
The colonial leaders divided the land among

7 Study Questions What effect did the Mayflower compact have on government in Plymouth Colony? The Mayflower Compact encouraged people to live by a set of rules and laws that applied to every colonist.

8 Study Questions How did Plymouth’s leaders motivate colonists to work harder? Plymouth’s leaders initiated a system of private land ownership that motivated colonists to work harder.

9 Summarize Key Content The Mayflower Compact formed the basis of representative government in the United States. At first, the colonist and the Wampanoags had a good relationship. However, tensions arose as colonist began encroaching on Wampanoag lands. Plymouth Colony prospered because of good fishing, farming and fur trading.

10 LESSON 5 REVIEW CATEGORIZE What were the names of some of the Indians who had contact with the first Plymouth colonists? . Samoset, Tisquantum, and Massasoit

11 LESSON 5 REVIEW 1 BIG IDEA Why did many settlers come to the Plymouth Colony? They came in search of religious freedom and so their children would learn English ways.

12 LESSON 5 REVIEW 2 VOCABULARY Describe the difference between self-rule and majority rule. Self-rule is a governing of oneself. Majority rule means that more than half of the people have to agree for a decision to be made.

13 LESSON 5 REVIEW 3 TIME LINE When did Plymouth become part of the Massachusetts Bay Colony? in 1691

14 LESSON 5 REVIEW 4 CIVICS AND GOVERNEMENT Describe the Mayflower Compact and tell why you think it would serve as a model for later documents. The Mayflower Compact encouraged people to follow a set of rules and laws that applied to everyone. It allowed majority rule, so the people had a voice in their government.

15 LESSON 5 REVIEW 5 CRITICAL THINKING—Hypothesize What do you think might have happened if Tisquantum had not helped the Pilgrims? More Pilgrims would have died from starvation. © Harcourt

16 Review What was another name for a Separatist? Puritan Pilgrim
Hollander Compact

17 Review What was the name of the ship that the Pilgrims came to America? Nina Mayflower Good Ol’Speed Virginia

18 Review Where is Plymouth Rock? Massachusetts Roanoke Virginia

19 Review When more than half of the people have to agree for a decision to be made, it is called? Self-rule Majority rule The Mayflower Rule The Compact Rule

20 Review Who was the long term governor of the Plymouth colony in Massachusetts? John Smith Miles Standish William Bradford Powhatan

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