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Research & Innovation HORIZON 2020 A streamlined approach for new and improved health research in Europe Health Directorate DG Research and Innovation.

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1 Research & Innovation HORIZON 2020 A streamlined approach for new and improved health research in Europe Health Directorate DG Research and Innovation European Commission Global Partnership - Beta Cells failure in T2D Lansdowne, Virginia 14-16 October 2013

2 Research & Innovation Where we are coming from: Health R&I in FP7 (2007-2013)

3 Research & Innovation EU health* research produces knowledge, innovation and growth 6 b€ Ec funding invested 1,000 projects 12,000 teams 3,500 organisations 124 countries from FP7 (2007-2013), including Innovative Medicine Initiative and European & Developing Countries Clinical Trial Partnership First outcomes First outcomes (outside IMI) on 308 closed projects 200 patent applications 9,000 publications 3,3 average SJR* publication 30 spin-offs created * SCImago Journal Ranking

4 Research & Innovation International K.O. Mouse Consortium International Cancer Genomics Consortium International cooperation: working on the big challenges International Human Microbiome Consortium International Human Epigenome Consortium International Rare Disease Research Consortium International Initiative for Traumatic Brain Injury Research © rtguest/ Global Alliance for Chronic Diseases Global Research Collaboration for Infectious Disease Preparedness

5 Research & Innovation About Innovative medicine Initiative IMI New type of public/private partnership 1:1 funding, joint decision making All EU funding goes to SMEs, academia, patient organisations and regulatory agencies Large pharmaceutical industry, represented by EFPIA, contributes in-kind 1 billion EUR 2 billion EUR

6 Research & Innovation Key Figures IMI Calls 1-8 6 IMI contribution:736.8 mil EFPIA contribution:714.8 mil Academia, Research Organisations 622 Academia, Research Organisations 622 Patient organisations 26 Patient organisations 26 SMEs 142 SMEs 142 Others, including regulators 84 Others, including regulators 84 … with two/three more calls foreseen before end of 2013 40 on-going projects 5000 researchers plus 7 projects for calls 7 and 8

7 Research & Innovation Some IMI achievements Innovation Faster development of diabetes drugs through the first ever human pancreatic beta-cell line New models to better predict drug toxicity New definition of severe asthma which promises to unlock new therapies The world’s largest database of schizophrenia studies to develop targeted treatments Better understanding of the mechanisms of chronic pain Research 440 academic publications - Average citation impact way above the world average 30% rank in the top quartile of journals in their specific research fields 7

8 Research & Innovation Type of hurdles in drug development addressed by IMI projects

9 Research & Innovation € 296 m. in Diabetes research grouped in 10 fields:  Islets  Biological systems  Diabetes and heart  Genetics  Prevention  Clinical work  Pathology  Complications (other)  Macro-vascular complications  Micro-vascular complications * Including diabesity, but not obesity research FP7 Diabetes research: a total of € 645* million including the HEALTH programme (€ 296 million) (2007-2013): Increased focus on clinical research and complications €296 m. in diabetes research per field

10 Research & Innovation Where we are going: R&I in Horizon 2020 (2014-2020)

11 Research & Innovation What’s new in R&I? Commission proposal for a 80 billion euro research and innovation funding programme (2014-2020) 70.2 billion agreed – but R&I only spending area to increase significantly A single programme bringing together three separate programmes/initiatives* Coupling research to innovation – from research to retail, all forms of innovation Focus on societal challenges facing EU society, e.g. health, clean energy and transport Simplified access, for all companies, universities, institutes in all EU countries and beyond *The 7th Research Framework Programme (FP7), innovation aspects of Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP), EU contribution to the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT)

12 Research & Innovation Excellent science Industrial leadership Societal challenges Action lines: Spreading Excellence and Widening Participation Science with and for Society A single programme 3 main pillars Coupling research to innovation Focus on societal challenges Simplified & broader access Horizon 2020 – in a nutshell

13 Research & Innovation 13 Horizon 2020: Last budget agreement Health is one of the "Societal Challenges"

14 Research & Innovation Priority 1 - Excellent science Why: World class science is the foundation of tomorrow’s technologies, jobs and wellbeing Europe needs to develop, attract and retain research talent Researchers need access to the best infrastructures

15 Research & Innovation European Research Council (ERC) Frontier research by the best individual teams13 095 Future and Emerging Technologies Collaborative research to open new fields of innovation 2 696 Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions (MSCA) Opportunities for training and career development6 162 Research infrastructures (including e-infrastructure) Ensuring access to world-class facilities2 488 Proposed funding (€ million, 2014-2020)

16 Research & Innovation Priority 2 - Industrial leadership Why: Strategic investments in key technologies (e.g. advanced manufacturing, micro-electronics) underpin innovation across existing and emerging sectors Europe needs to attract more private investment in research and innovation Europe needs more innovative small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to create growth and jobs

17 Research & Innovation Leadership in enabling and industrial technologies (LEITs) (ICT, nanotechnologies, materials, biotechnology, manufacturing, space) 13 557 Access to risk finance Leveraging private finance and venture capital for research and innovation 2 842 Innovation in SMEs Fostering all forms of innovation in all types of SMEs 616 + complemented by expected 20% of budget of societal challenges + LEITs and 'Access to risk finance' with strong SME focus Proposed funding (€ million, 2014-2020)

18 Research & Innovation Horizon 2020 pillars

19 Research & Innovation Strong participation by SMEs Integrated approach Simplification of particular benefit to SMEs (e.g. single entry point) A new SME instrument, building on the SBIR model, will be used across all societal challenges 'Access to risk finance' will have a strong SME focus (debt and equity facility)

20 Research & Innovation Special support for SMEs in Horizon 2020 ~5 billion EUR in H2020 Inspired by the US model "SBIR" Challenge driven, bottom up A single company can be funded 3 phases / 3 entry points: Concept and feasibility assessment R&D, demonstration, market replication Commercialization

21 Research & Innovation Conditions for participation Collaborative research projects require at least three legal entities from different EU Member States or Associated Countries Activities requiring at least one legal entity European Research Council, Training & mobility actions SME instrument, Programme co-fund Coordination & support actions Calls for proposals open to organizations from countries outside Member States and Associated Countries. See 020.pdf 020.pdf

22 Research & Innovation Some key elements Simplified funding model  Up to 100% of the eligible costs  Limited to 70% for innovation projects Shorter time-to-grant (capped at 8 months) Single entry point for applicants New forms of funding aimed at innovation (pre-commercial procurement, inducement prizes, dedicated loan and equity instruments)

23 Research & Innovation Health R&I in Horizon 2020

24 Research & Innovation Understanding health, wellbeing and disease Preventing disease Treating and managing disease Active ageing and self- management of health Methods and data Health care provision and integrated care Health, Demographic change and wellbeing Unravelling the complexity of health and disease Towards personalised, safe and more effective health interventions Advancing active and healthy ageing Improving health information, data exploitation and providing an evidence base for health policies and regulation Integrated, sustainable, citizen centred care

25 Research & Innovation In the pipeline: Innovative Medicines Initiative 2 Mission: create an even more powerful research and innovation machine – with broader objectives and a wider range of activities and partners Proposed budget from public and private partners: 3.5 Billion Euro Key objectives: Pave the way for the breakthrough vaccines, medicines and treatments needed in the near future Enable top quality research and innovations with great public health benefits and commercial possibilities

26 Research & Innovation In the pipeline: EDCTP2 EDCTP2 launch in early 2014 expected with: a) Larger scope (including neglected infectious diseases, all clinical phases, diagnostics and delivery optimisation) b) Bigger budget c) Longer duration 16 European countries have committed to spend almost €600 million on EDCTP2 EU will provide matching co-funding through its Horizon 2020 programme

27 Research & Innovation The H2020 Work Programme: Principles In general, not disease-specific, meaning wider research opportunities for all diseases Broader areas with less prescription A challenge-based approach: More inter-disciplinarity Opportunities in various Programs: diabetes research may also feature under "Food", or "Nanotechnologies", or "Advanced materials" etc. User friendly with renewed web tools allowing SEARCH throughout H2020 Single work programme for Horizon 2020 (except ERC, JRC, EIT) 2 years+1 planning structure with budget information included

28 Research & Innovation Evaluation of proposals Collaborative research  Excellence  Impact  Quality and efficiency of the action European Research Council  Excellence

29 Research & Innovation Priority 3 – "Societal challenges" Why: Concerns of citizens and society/EU policy objectives (climate, environment, energy, transport, etc.) cannot be achieved without innovation Breakthrough solutions come from multi-disciplinary collaborations, including social sciences & humanities Promising solutions need to be tested, demonstrated and scaled up

30 Research & Innovation Proposed funding for the Health, demographic changes and well-being - (€ million, 2014-2020)  Additional funding for nuclear safety and security from the Euratom Treaty activities (2014-2018) Health, demographic change and wellbeing7 472 Food security, sustainable agriculture, marine and maritime research & the Bioeconomy 3 851 Secure, clean and efficient energy *5 931 Smart, green and integrated transport6 339 Climate action, resource efficiency and raw materials3 081 Inclusive and reflective societies1 309 Secure societies1 695 Science with and for society462 Spreading excellence and widening participation816

31 Research & Innovation Adapting to an ageing population Pursuing the path to personalised medicine Translational research (including clinical trials) Harnessing and encouraging private sector capability Coordinating national efforts Reducing costs (comparative effectiveness research) Expanding global cooperation Health, demographic changes and well- being challenge - Some features

32 Research & Innovation Find a partner for you project Get in touch with your national contact point: Fit for Health: Health competence: IMI partnering platform:

33 Research & Innovation OPEN INFO DAY FRIDAY 22 NOVEMBER 2013 in BRUSSELS Stay tuned and visit the Info Day web page 2020-health-open-info-days_en.html 2020-health-open-info-days_en.html You cannot attend the Info Day? Watch it on your computer via the internet - live or after the event. We'll post the necessary on the Info Day website here on time. Download all slide presentations soon after the event. Contact your Horizon 2020 'Health' National Contact Point to learn about national info days and other information sources in your country.Horizon 2020 'Health' National Contact Point Consider attending the Horizon 2020 National Launch Events to get a general introduction into the new programme.Horizon 2020 National Launch Events

34 Research & Innovation The Global Alliance for Chronic diseases (GACD) 34

35 Research & Innovation GACD Mission Facilitate joint research on non-communicable diseases in low and middle-income countries and vulnerable communities in high income countries Enable research findings to serve as the evidence base for policymakers Focus on innovative collaborations among un-usual suspects Facilitate joint research on non-communicable diseases in low and middle-income countries and vulnerable communities in high income countries Enable research findings to serve as the evidence base for policymakers Focus on innovative collaborations among un-usual suspects 35

36 Research & Innovation Global health challenges: GACD Why international cooperation ? Health research is a priority for all of us Addressing global challenges needs critical mass of resources, expertise, infrastructures, patients Need for data sharing, exchange of good practices Sharing work and costs Strategic objectives Tackle chronic non-communicable diseases Contribute towards the MDGs GACD is a unique model of pairing HIC with LMIC researchers 36

37 Research & Innovation GACD History 2007 Nature article on the Grand Challenges in Global Health 2008 Grand Challenges Global Partnership holds its first meeting 2009 GACD re-brands at HIROs Meeting, defines research priorities 2010 Development of Hypertension Call for Proposals begins 2011 UCL is chosen as host institution and Celina Gorre is ED 2012 Fifteen grants are awarded in GACD Hypertension Programme EC becomes the newest GACD member 2013 Development of second GACD Call for Proposals on type 2 diabetes 37

38 Research & Innovation GACD: Members National Health and Medical Research Council Canadian Institutes of Health Research Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences & Chinese Academy of Sciences Indian Council of Medical Research South African Medical Research Council Medical Research Council National Institutes of Health European Commission, Health Directorate at Research & Innovation DG 38


40 Research & Innovation GACD first call: Hypertension 23 M$, 15 projects, 15 countries Funding per Region (Million $) 40

41 Research & Innovation GACD projects 41

42 Research & Innovation GACD Update EC joined the Alliance (contract from Jan 2013) Second call: Diabetes New Member: Mexico Discussions with Brazil and Indonesia EC proposed a GACD session in AAAS in US 2014 Election of the next chair in the coming weeks 42

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