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August 21, 2013 LED Lighting: Efficiencies in Energy and Maintenance August 21, 2013 Call in number: 1-800-309-2350 Pass Code: 2369526#

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1 August 21, 2013 LED Lighting: Efficiencies in Energy and Maintenance August 21, 2013 Call in number: 1-800-309-2350 Pass Code: 2369526#

2 Your Cooperation is Needed Please mute your phone *6 To ask questions and open your line *6 This will help all of our friends!

3 PSAB’s Blended Training Webinars Traditional Classroom Sessions One-on-One Assistance

4 Upcoming Training Webinars Working with District JudgesAug 22 Bringing Broadband Services to All of Pa.*Aug 27 Neighborhood Dispute Settlement*Aug 28 CDL Drug and Alcohol Policies and ProceduresAug 29 * Free to PSAB members 4

5 Upcoming Classroom Training The Course in Community Planning The Course in Zoning The Course in Subdivision & Land Development Review Municipal Officials Training & Update The Course in Zoning Administration Basic Municipal Budgeting Confined Space Training PSAB’s Fall Leadership Conference Oct. 18 – 20 Pittsburgh, Pa.

6 Finding the “Best Solution” for Your Environment

7 Agenda Who we are/What we Do LED Background LED vs Traditional Lighting Evaluating LED Solutions Benefits of LED Lighting Funding Methods Performance Contracting Connect with us!

8 Who We Are / What We do Numerous Manufactures Not a distributor offering only one product line Provide Multiple LED Products Lighting Retrofits New Installation Provide Total Turnkey Installation Services Energy Efficient Lighting Solutions Include : Energy Efficient Lighting Products Lighting audits / analysis Lighting Layouts Lighting Controls Turn-key lighting retrofits/replacements

9 Where We Do it… Hatfield Township Jenkintown Borough East Norrinton Township Whitpain Township Richland Township Milford Township Upper Southampton Township Morrisville Borough New Britain Township Nockamixon Township Richlandtown Boro Edgmont Township Thornbury Township Chadds Ford Township Bethel Township Aston Township Manor Township Falls Township Upper Chichester Township Lower Chichester Township Marcus Hook Borough Chester Heights Township Ridley Township Folcroft Borough Darby Borough Swarthmore Borough Rutledge Borough Collingdale Borough East Lansdowne Borough Glenolden Borough West Chester Borough West Nottingham Township East Caln Township North Londonderry Township Bethel Township Authority Leacock Township

10 Our Approach (How we do it)

11 How we Do it cont… Product CategoriesVariations Area-Flood7000+ Canopy/Parking Garage10000+ Lamp Post/Decorative500+ Highbay/Lowbay5000+ Linear/Troffer Solution400+ Parking Lot38000+ Spot/Track1200+ Street/Roadway15000+ Wall Pack/ Parameter3000+ - As of 6/1/13

12 LED 101

13 Origin of LEDs Electroluminescent Discovered in 1907 First LED Created in 1927 First Practical Use LED Created in 1962 Used Indicator Lamps, Alarm Clocks, Scientific Instruments

14 What is an LED Light-Emitting Diode: a semiconductor diode that emits light when conducting current and is used in electronic equipment. Tiny “Chip” comprised of layers of Semi-Conducting Material Generate light through Electroluminescence

15 Traditional Lighting vs LED Source Directionality Differences Traditional light sources emit radiant energy in all directions (OMNI-Directional) Light Distribution Differences Near-Point Sources vs Multiple Point-Source Illumination Lamp Housings vs Individual Optics Light Generation Differences Incandescent – Heated Filament Fluorescent – Gas Discharge/Phosphors HID – Electric Arc Discharge All need glass bulb to contain gases/coatings

16 460 Watt Parking Lot Fixtures 105 Watt LED Fixtures Traditional Lighting vs LED - Example

17 Traditional Lighting vs LED Cont… Light Trespass When light strays from intended purpose and becomes a annoyance, nuisance, municipal code violation, or determent to visual performance Wasted Light Glare Sensation produced by luminance within the visual field that is greater than light to which the eye is adapted, in turn causing discomfort or loss is visibility and visual performance Sky Glow Brightening of night sky as a result of reflected radiation scattered from the atmosphere, in the direction of observer.

18 Form Factor Small size and directional light emissions enable low-profile and compact lighting solutions Must be carefully engineered (heat dissipation) Infrared and Ultraviolet Emissions LED are more efficient at generating light Incandescent – Infrared radiation accounts for 90% of energy consumed HID – Require ultraviolet-blocking outer bulb Traditional Lighting vs LED Cont…

19 Evaluating LED Lighting

20 Testing and Qualifications LM-79 Optics and Light Distribution Capabilities Standard test method for measuring the photometric properties of SSL devices, allowing calculation of Luminaire efficacy. LM-80 Lifetime Test Thermal Management Standard method for measuring lumen depreciation of LEDs, allowing the calculation of LED lifetime. Both tests should be performed DOE approved Testing Laboratories

21 Lifetime Lumen Maintenance LM-79 – Absolute Testing Percentage of initial light output produced by a light source at some percentage of rated useful life Can be difficult when comparing to traditional lighting due to different methods used for testing L70 “Rated-Life” term utilized by LED fixtures. Evaluating LEDs Cont…

22 Evaluating LEDs Color CCT Correlated Color Temperature Relative color appearance of white light source 2700K-6000K CRI Color Rendering Index Measure of how a light source renders colors of objects “0-100”.” 100 being equal to actual object color

23 Light Output and Light Levels Light Output Lumen Output – Amount of light generated by luminaire CCT Effect Perception must be considered, but can be difficult to quantify Foot-candles Amount of Light that actually falls on a given surface Most important measurement for establishing equivalency between traditional lighting and LEDs, as well as comparing the effectiveness of various LED luminaries. Evaluating LEDs Cont…

24 Designlights Consortium LED Fixtures only Energy Star LED Lamps and certain fixtures Non-LED products Many utility companies that provide rebates will follow the guidelines provided by either DLC or Energy Star. Certifications and Listings

25 Benefits of LED Lighting

26 458 Watt HID Highbay143 Watt LED Highbay Benefits of LED’s – Energy Reduction Form Factor Example -

27 Benefits of LED’s – Maintenance Reduction Light Generation Difference Solid-State vs Gas or Filament Fixture/Lamp Designed around functionality Durability Vibration and ON/Off Cycling Resistance Lack of adverse heat effects (fusing) Light Level Maintenance Light Levels maintained longer Consistent Light Quality

28 Benefits of LED’s – Visual Performance Light Levels Less “Hot Spots” High average Foot-Candles Light Quality CCT and CRI Perception of “Brightness” and safety Directional Control Light Trespass avoidance Sky Glow avoidance (Dark Sky Compliant)

29 Dimming Many (not) LED products can be dimmed Compatibility issues with existing Dimmers CFL – Limited Dimming Range HID – No dimming Range On/Off Cycling and Instant On LED’s not susceptible to life degradation from ON/Off cycles Lumen output not affect No Re-strike time Control Wireless control can enable multiple luminaire system wide controls of on/off and dimming Compatibly with communication types and existing control systems Benefits of LED’s – Controls!

30 Benefits of LED Lighting - Conclusion “It is estimated that switching to LED lighting over the next two decades could save the country $250 billion in energy costs over that period, reduce the electricity consumption for lighting by nearly one half, and avoid 1,800 million metric tons of carbon emission” -Department of Energy Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

31 Funding Options Straight Purchase (COSTARS Approved Vendor) Phased Approach Performance Contracting

32 Thank You! 31 Thank you for your time today, we appreciate your interest in Stouch Lighting’s LED Lighting Products! By providing multiple LED lighting products from various lighting manufacturers, we will provide you with the best solution for your environment.

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