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1 State Propositions November 4, 2014 Primary Election Susan Hough The League of Women Voters of Cupertino-Sunnyvale.

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1 1 State Propositions November 4, 2014 Primary Election Susan Hough The League of Women Voters of Cupertino-Sunnyvale

2 2 1 Water Bond Act

3 click 3 Water What 1 Does Authorizes $7.1B in new bonds, redirects $425M in approved water bonds Repayment out of General Fund ~$360 million/year repayment costs 1

4 click 4 Water Where the money goes Dams, groundwater replenishment, recycling - $4.2B Watershed restoration - $1.5B Water quality - $1.4B Flood protection - $395M 1

5 click 5 Water Support: Legislature, Governor Brown Farm Bureau Federation The Nature Conservancy Democratic Party Association of CA Water Agencies Total support (with Prop1)$2M Opposition: Assemblymember Wesley Chesbro Food and Water Watch Southern California Watershed Alliance Restore the Delta Friends of the River Total opposed$40k 1

6 6 2 Budget Stabilization Account Constitutional Amendment

7 click 7 Budget Stabilization What 2 Does Annual transfer of 1.5% of revenues to stabilization account and debt payments Transfer of capital gains revenues >8% of General Fund to BSA/debts Budget emergency required in order to spend from BSA Creates education stabilization account – caps local reserves 2

8 click 8 Budget Stabilization Support: Legislature Governor Brown California Chamber of Commerce Michael Kirst, California State Board of Education Democratic Party LWV California California Forward Total for (with Prop1)$2.1M Opposition: Educate Our State 2

9 9 45 Health Insurance Rates Initiative Statute

10 click 10 Health Insurance What 45 Does Grants Insurance commissioner approval/rejection over rate changes Affects small-employer and individual plans Process same as auto, homeowner insurance rate review 45

11 click 11 Health Insurance Support: California Nurses Association Consumer Watchdog$500k Congress of California Seniors______ Total all donors $980k Opposition: American Nurses Association of California California Chamber of Commerce California Association of Rural Health Clinics Kaiser Permanente$14.6M Wellpoint$12.5M Blue Cross$10M__ Total all donors $37.6M 45

12 12 46 Medical Negligence Initiative Statute

13 click 13 Medical Negligence What 46 Does Raise the cap for 'pain and suffering' lawsuits to $1.1M, inflation indexed Require doctors to check database before prescribing certain drugs Require drug/alcohol testing of doctors 46

14 click 14 Medical Negligence Support: Consumer Watchdog$290k Congress of California Seniors Several bereaved families Consumer Attorneys of CA$1.2M Total all donors$6.2M Opposition: American Nurses Association Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse Cooperative of American Physicians$10.2M The Doctors Company$10.1M Norcal Mutual Insurance Company$10M Total all donors$53.5M 46

15 15 47 Criminal Sentencing Initiative Statute

16 click 16 Sentencing What 47 Does Reduces most nonviolent felonies and wobblers to misdemeanors Exceptions for history of violent, serious felonies Permits resentencing in many cases Savings go to truancy, drug treatment, mental health programs 47

17 click 17 Sentencing Support: George Gascon, DA, City and County of SF William Lansdowne, former police chief, SJ, SD Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice Open Society Policy Center$1.2M CEO, Public Storage$750k Total all donors$3.5M Opposition: California Police Chiefs Association California District Attorneys Association Crime Victims United California State Sheriffs Association Total all donors$43.5k 47

18 18 48 Gaming Compacts Referendum

19 click 19 Gaming Compacts What 48 Does Approves two gaming compacts agreed to by the Legislature North Fork tribe – OK to build new casino on tribal, off-reservation, land Wiyot tribe – may not build casino, shares in North Fork's revenues Payments to state funds for non- gaming tribes, local government costs 48

20 click 20 Gaming Compacts Support: Governor Brown CA State Bldg & Construction Trades Council Board of Supervisors, Madera County Station Casinos, N. Fork Rancheria$375k Total all donors$379k Opposition: Nisei Farmers League Harry Perea, Fresno County Supervisor Mooretown Rancheria David Rogers, Madera County Supervisor Table Mountain Rancheria$3.5M Brigade Capital Mgmt$2.7M Total all donors$6.7M 48

21 click 21 Nonpartisan Election Information  League of Women Voters of California  One-stop shopping for election information  Concise explanations of state propositions  financial reports and endorsements  government and fiscal analysis, not just for elections  online registration, election info  LWV Education Fund information site

22 click 22 Nonpartisan Election Information  Cupertino-Sunnyvale LWV  – Registrar of Voters Check status on registration & mail-in ballots

23 click 23 END OF SLIDE SHOW

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