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1 Value for Money: Making the Most of E-Solutions at BU Melissa Bowden Subject Support Librarian (Law) Bournemouth University

2 2 Background: BU ‘New’ (post-1992) university Regional focus Geared to the professions Growing research profile Period of transition

3 3 Law @ BU Law delivered since 1980 Dept of Law in the Business School Current programmes: QLD CPE/GDL LPC LLM, MPhil, PhD PG Cert IP

4 4 Students ‘Digital Natives’ (Prensky); ‘Millennials’ (Oblinger); ‘Google generation’ (Ciber) Research online Study anywhere Technology enabled 24/7 access Instant gratification ‘Power’ browsers ‘ Digital Immigrants’? (Prensky)

5 5 Law Students @ BU

6 6 BU Libraries Libraries Talbot Campus Lansdowne BH i-floor at EBC Partner institutions 50 staff (incl pt & wknd) 1 ft law librarian No clerical support

7 7 Resource Acquisition “Collection and access development underpins the Library’s contribution to the University by acquiring and making available material, in any medium, to support most efficiently and effectively the academic research and student learning experience. Given current and future requirements, the predominant medium will be electronic” [my emphasis]. Library Collection and Access Development Plan 2007- 2012Library Collection and Access Development Plan 2007- 2012

8 8 Databases Spend (median) as % of Law Acquisitions, 2008/9 Bournemouth University 36% 20%25% All Law Schools ‘New’ Law Schools

9 9 Resource Procurement Central procurement manager (informed by subject librarians) Licences Authentication IT issues Locally negotiated agreements CHEST / JISC deals SUPC membershipSUPC

10 10 Benefits of Outsourcing Books arrive shelf- ready Integration with LMS Paperless records of orders Transparency of funds Procurement staff re- deployed Cataloguing focus on projects

11 11 Benefits of Law E-Resources 24/7 access Simultaneous use Equity of provision Expands physical space No shelving or filing No theft or vandalism ILL requests reduced

12 12 Impact on Library Space More learning space Seating increased Social learning areas Techno booths E-resources access Wireless network More power sockets Self-service 40% shorter loans desk Reduction in staffing

13 13 Challenges of Law E-Resources Lack of e-textbooks E-journal browsing Limited integration Access or ownership? Library policy vs. professional bodies Are students prepared for practice?

14 14 Resource Discovery “The skills that students lack when they arrive at university are much the same as those students have always needed to develop: the capacity to filter and analyse sources and to assess the validity and authority of material.” Bradwell, The Edgeless University (2009)The Edgeless University

15 15 User Support: VLE Blackboard adopted 2006-7 ‘myBU’ Focus on unit level Reading lists Raised student awareness Deep-linked e-resources Unit materials CLA scanning licence Scanned chapters and articles Short loan collection disbanded 2008

16 16 myBU: Reading Lists

17 17 myBU: Unit Materials

18 18 User Support: Virtual Enquiry Independent learners ‘Remote’ users Information overload? Help at point of need Enabling user choice Telephone askBU Chat Blended support

19 19 virtual advice

20 20 VRL Plus Virtual Chat

21 21 User Support: Virtual Community Library as “trusted brand” (Law, 2009) Repository of in-house and external learning resources Enhance resource discovery and referencing skills Flexibility in delivery Freedom of design Timed release materials Customisable content

22 22 Using Information Community

23 23 User Support: Web 2.0 Integrated with VLE Blog Social bookmarking Twitter Are we uninvited guests? Is there life beyond Facebook?

24 24 Things to Consider… ‘Law is different’ Requirements of professional bodies Getting ahead of your users Everything is beta Incremental improvements Find academic champions

25 25 Finally… “…guidance to law libraries wherever they currently choose to place themselves on the spectrum between traditional book-based library and virtual electronic library (SLS Statement of Standards, 2009) “We educate and serve a profession that, it would be charitable to say, is slow to abandon its traditions and for them, the primacy of recorded (read, printed) precedent is just too vital and delicate to the legal justice system to trust to the more ethereal qualities of digital publication (Hinckley, 2007) 

26 26 Bibliography J Beard, K Cheshir, A Davey and B Newland, ‘Integrating E-Resources Within a University VLE’ (2007) 4 Library and Information Update 36 J Beard and P Dale, ‘Redesigning Service for the Net-Gen and Beyond: A Holistic Review of Pedagogy, Resource and Learning Space’ (2008) 14 New Review of Academic Librarianship 99 R Bird, ‘A Moveable Feast – Law Librarianship in the Noughties’ (2006) 14 Australian Law Librarian 7 Bournemouth University, ‘Corporate Plan 2006-2012: A Statement of Strategic Intent’ accessed 4 May 2010 P Bradwell, The Edgeless University: Why Higher Education Must Embrace Technology (London: Demos 2009) K J Burhanna, J Seeholzer and J Salem Jr, ‘No Natives Here: A Focus Group Study of Student Perceptions of Web 2.0 and the Academic Library’ (2009) 35 Journal of Academic Librarianship 523 Ciber, ‘Information Behaviour of the Researcher of the Future: A Ciber Briefing Paper’ accessed 4 May 2010 P Clinch, ‘SLS/BIALL academic law library survey 2007/2008’(2009) 9 Legal Information Management 205 D Law, ‘Academic Digital Libraries of the Future: An Environmental Scan’ (2009) 15 New Review of Academic Librarianship 53

27 27 Bibliography S D Hinckley, ‘Redefining Academic Law Library Excellence in a Technological Age: From Evolution to Revolution’ (2007) 17 Trends in Law Library Management and Technology 45 M Prensky, ‘Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants’ (2001) 9 On the Horizon 5 D Oblinger, ‘Boomers, Gen-Xers and Millenials: Understanding the New Students’ (2003) July/August Educause Review SCONUL, Annual Library Statistics 2007-2008 (London: SCONUL 2009) Society of Legal Scholars, ‘A Library for the Modern Law School: A Statement of Standards for University Law Library Provision in the United Kingdom’ accessed 4 May 2010 Wetsun, ‘Volumes’ cometstarmoon, ‘Dollar Coins, In God We Trust’ Marco Bellucci, ‘Question Mark’ Don Hankins, ‘Online Romance’ Shuttermonkey, ‘Create Your Own Light’

28 Value for Money: Making the Most of E-Solutions at BU Melissa Bowden Subject Support Librarian (Law) Bournemouth University

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