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Sights Sponsored by Russia, Novosibirsk Gymnasium #12.

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1 Sights Sponsored by Russia, Novosibirsk Gymnasium #12

2 My Novosibirsk I live in Novosibirsk. It is a large city. There are many interesting places. The theatre of opera and ballet is considered the symbol of Novosibirsk. It is places at the centre of Novosibirsk. Also in my city there are many other theatres, museums, picture galleries and circus. There are some beautiful fountains in different places and recently new large fountain was open near the State public scientific and technical library(SPSTL). Peoples in my country name themselves Siberians. The flag of my cite and coat of arms are: Maxim Raschupkin

3 Sights My name is Zina. I from Novosibirsk. We have zoo, circus, opera theatre, local- history museum, a botanical garden, Lenin's house and the house Bitter. The most interesting I think it a zoo. He enters into 10 best zoos of the world. Our inhabitants join language, a nationality, a flag, the arms, the native land and laws. Our flag is painted in red, dark blue, white. White - cleanliness. Red-blood spilled for the Native land. Dark blue- sky. Zina Kuznectova

4 Sights Many sights are in my city. For example: Monument of glory, sport-ice palace of "Siberia“, theatre of opera and ballet, zoo. Embankment "River station“ is most interesting in my city, because park, motor ship,,attraction consorts are in embankment" River station". People in my country look like Moscow- -is capital our country. I am from capital of Siberia- Novosibirsk. Symbols in my county's flag: white, red, blue stripes. two head eagle is symbol in my country's coat of arms. Because Russia extend from west to east and two head eagle observe for all territory. Sergey Smirnyh

5 Sights Hi! My name is Nastya. I’m from Russia in Novosibirsk. The most interesting place in our city are the zoo and garden of hero’s of revolution, Opera and ballet theatre, bridge over the river. People in our city are with big eyes.

6 Our flag has three colors. White, blue, red. On length of the second half 19 ages amongst historian were winnowed disputes what flag to consider national: white-blue-red or black- yellow-white. The Question was is officially solved(decided) April 28 1883 (7 May 1883 this(it) decision were comprised of Meeting(Assembly) of the legalizations to Russian empire.), when "Command about flag embellishment of the buildings in solemn occasions" Alexander III, biased to(towards), ordered to use solely white-blue-red flag. Our coat of arms two-headed eagle. Basically material were take from essay of the captain to Russian army "Russian State Eagle" which(who) was typed in Paris 1966. Already after death of the author. Probably this(it) most full(complete) study(research; investigation) of such sort(gender), from(of; out of) all which(who) me to manage to find and, I not in(to; at) cohere to measure do not pretend these material on authorship(copyright ability). Nastya Petrova

7 Sights I am from Novosibirsk. The heart of Novosibirsk in the Lenin’s Square. It’s a central square of the city. The most interesting sight of Novosibirsk state Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre. The capital of Russia is Moscow. Moscow is a multinational city. People of many nationalities live here. Most of the people are Russians, but it is also inhabited by Ukrainians, Byelorussians, Jews, Tatars and many other nationalities. Muscovites are very sociable and hospitable people. The State symbol of Russia is a three-colored banner with three horizontal stripes: white, blue and red. The white stripe symbolizes the earth, the blue one the sky and red one symbolizes liberty.

8 The national symbol of Russia is two- heated eagle watching the West and the East, Europe and Asia. Yuliya Brus

9 C.N. Tower The CN Tower is located in Toronto, Ontario in Canada. From 1975 to September 12, it was the tallest freestanding building in the world. It stands 553.33 metres tall, with 1776 stairs. People are allowed to enter the CN Tower, and at the top, there is a rotating restaurant. In another part, there is a glass floor which you can stand on to see how high up you are. Niagara Falls There are 2 parts of Niagara Falls; one in the U.S.A., and one in Canada. There are 168000 metres of water that fall from the waterfall each minute, and every once in awhile, some mental bloke jumps off the bridge at the top in a barrel. 5 out of 15 of them have died. The falls are also used for hydroelectricity, because it is the most powerful waterfall in North America. The Falls were formed by melting glaciers, and there is a series of tunnels behind it.

10 Ottawa River The Ottawa river is a 1271 kilometre long river with 2 provinces and 43 cities beside it. It goes from Lake Capimitchigama in central Quebec all the way to the Saint Lawrence River. It's amazing for kayaking and whitewater rafting.

11 Royal Botanical Gardens established as an independent entity in 1941 Royal Botanical Gardens is the steward of over 900 hectares of ecologically sensitive natural lands Around this time of year they grow Poinsettias and holiday plants, indoor tropical plants, Mediterranean plants, orchids, cacti and succulents Handin Okenge

12 Canada’s Wonderland Location and Overview Canada's Wonderland is a 330 acre theme park located in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada, 30 kilometres north of Toronto, Ontario. It is considered one of North America's best amusement parks, with more than 200 attractions. The park is open seasonally from May to October. While under Paramount Pictures (later bought by Viacom) ownership from 1994 until 2006, the park was known as Paramount Canada's Wonderland, until it was sold to Cedar Fair and reverted to its original name. The park has also been the most attended seasonal theme park in North America for two years running (2005 and 2006).Park attendance in 2005 was 3.7 million people. In 2006, attendance was just over 3.2 million. A season’s pass in 2008 will cost an adult $88 and a child $66.

13 History In 1972, the Taft Broadcasting Company first proposed building a 1.50 km² (330 acre) theme park in the small village of Maple, now part of Vaughan, Ontario. On June 13, 1979, Ontario Premier William Davis depressed the plunger on an electronic detonating device, triggering an explosion on the site. Construction on Canada’s Wonderland began immediately and continued through to early 1981.On May 23, 1981, Canada's Wonderland was officially opened.

14 The park's former connection to Hanna-Barbera productions was reduced after Paramount Pictures purchased the park. Then the park was renamed Paramount Canada's Wonderland. After Viacom bought Paramount in 1994, they started using Nickelodeon cartoon characters that were familiar to a new generation. While the Nickelodeon channel is not available in Canada, many of the network's shows air on YTV. On 14 May 2006, it was announced that Cedar Fair Entertainment Co. was interested in acquiring the five Paramount theme parks, including Canada's Wonderland. The deal was completed on 30 June 2006. In August 2007, Cedar Fair announced that Fearfest would be renamed Halloween Haunt to remain consistent with other Cedar Fair parks, they discontinued the Spooktacular show and extended its regular operating season until the last weekend in October. So, the park is open to the public during the day, and Halloween Haunt runs in the late evenings on October weekends. The park also announced a new hypercoaster called Behemoth, which will be the largest roller coaster in Canada, and will open in May 2008. Behemoth will also be the tallest ride in the park, reaching three feet taller than the park's ride Drop Zone.

15 Rides Today, Canada's Wonderland has over 200 attractions, including over 60 thrill rides. The park has North America's 3rd greatest number of roller coasters with 14 in total, and North America's greatest variety. The park features eight themed areas on 330 acres (1.3 km²) of land which includes a 20 acre (81,000 m²) waterpark called Splash Works. Splash Works has over 2 million gallons (7,570 m³) of heated water, Canada's largest outdoor wave pool measuring 36,000 square feet (3,300 m²), a lazy river, and 16 water slides.

16 Canada Science and technology museum first opened in 1967(celebrating it’s 40th anniversary) museum in ottawa has exhibitions on astronomy, simple machines, energy (light, sound...) movement, materials... includes exhibitions, boutique, party rooms and classrooms

17 Some interesting facts about the Ottawa Royal Canadian Mint: The oldest and one of the largest gold refineries in the Western Hemisphere is located at the Mint in Ottawa. The Mint produces coins for such places as the Czech Republic and Zambia. Every one of the collector coins produced in Ottawa is inspected at the press to ensure premium quality. We call the one dollar coin a "loonie" because it has an image of a loon (a bird) on it. We call the two-dollar coin a 'twoonie'. The gold Maple Leaf Coin is 99.99% pure. The Royal Canadian Mint was the first to refine gold to this level of purity for commercial distribution, establishing a new international gold standard. establishing a new international gold standard.

18 Lansdowne Park is a sports center. It has a dome, a rink an indoor and outdoor soccer pitch. It is also the home of the Ottawa 67s who are a hockey team. One really big event in July was the U- 20 FIFA World Cup. Argentina won it.

19 Iearn – 3 Sites Benn Van Ryn – December 3, 2007 Rocky Mountains The Rockies are a famous North American Mountain range that runs mostly along the north western part of the continent. In Canada, it runs through British Columbia and Alberta, before crossing the boarder into the United States. The Canadian Rockies have a different appearance than most because they are heavily glaciated which caused them to be very pointed with deep u-shaped valleys and glaciers. The American Rockies on the other hand, are more rounded at the peaks and have v-shaped valleys. Here are some other interesting facts: Tallest Mountain in the Canadian Rockies is Mnt Robinson at 3, 954m Most difficult climb in the Rockies is Mount Alberta at 3,619 There are 5 national parks in the Rockies named Banff, Jasper, Kootenay, Yoho and Waterton

20 Mount Logan Mount Logan is the tallest mountain in Canada and the second highest in North American. It is 5959 meters tall, located in the Yukon Territory in Cluane National Park. The first successful accent was on Tuesday, June 23rd, 1925 by a group of 4 mountaineers. One very unique feature of this mountain is the very wide base. In fact, the circumference is the largest of any mountain in world. This mountain was named in honour of William Edmond Logan who was the first Director of the Geological Survey of Canada. Valley of the Ten Peaks The Valley of the Ten Peaks is located in Banff National park that is crowded by 10 mountain peaks surround Moraine Lake. The tallest mountain is Delta Form at 3,424m. This is both a famous and beautiful location and was on the Canadian $20 bill for many years. The lake is a stunning turquoise and in a photo you would not believe the colour until you see it with your own eyes. The lake is this colour because it is made from melted glaciers and is freezing cold. In some areas near the lake, you must travel with a number of people because of the presence of grizzly bears.

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