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Upper Darby Interesting Locations T.J.DiFilippo 2006.

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1 Upper Darby Interesting Locations T.J.DiFilippo 2006

2 Luken’s Home, Lansdowne & Cedar

3 Kirk-Bond-Inge Home Lansdowne & Cedar-demolished

4 Winona Farms, State Road & Winona Farm

5 Statzel home—Burnley & Bermont Statzel home

6 400 block Forrest Ave

7 Madison Ave near West Chester Pike

8 Cedar Ave, near fire house

9 South Avenue & Franklin-real estate office

10 Oak Avenue & Central

11 Shadeland Ave near Montbard’s-demolished

12 Providence Road, Primos-demolished

13 Providence Road, Secane-demolished

14 Garrett home, Taylor Ave-demolished

15 McClatchy Building 69 th & Market St

16 Hoodland—Sellers Library, State Road view

17 Collen Brook-Lewis/Smith home

18 U of Penn Observatory-demolished

19 Richard Bond home, Bond Shopping Center

20 Secane Station—serpentine stone

21 Car Barn, Lansdowne & West Chester Pike, demolished

22 Burn Brae, now Home Depot location, Baltimore Pike

23 Site of Drexel Hill Jr. School

24 Turso, home of Anthony Drexel, now location of Prendergast HS, destroyed by fire

25 Prendergast High School—was St. Vincent’s Orphanage

26 Typical Sears Home by Mail, Riverview Road

27 Drexel Park home

28 Llanerch Hills

29 DrexelBrook Apartments

30 Typical Center Hallway home

31 Clover Lane, Stonehurst Hills

32 Upper Darby Cop, Date unknown

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