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By: Ray Hanley 1557-pictures.htm

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1 By: Ray Hanley 1557-pictures.htm

2 Classifications Kingdom – Animalia Phylum- Chordata Sub-phylum- Vertebrata Class- Mammalia Order- Lagomorpha Family- Leporidae- Rabbits and Hares Ochotonidae- Pikas Prolagidae- Sardinian Pikas and other extinct pikas

3 Order Lagomorpha Large-eared, terrestrial mammal Large incisors About 80 living species Currently 2 living families 13 Genera All continents except Australia & Antarctica Active year round Coprophagy

4 Family- Ochotonidae: Pikas

5 Family- Ochotonidae: Pikas Genus Ochotona Subgenus Pika: northern pikas Alpine Pika/Altai Pika, Ochotona alpina Alpine Pika Silver Pika, Ochotona argentata Silver Pika Collared Pika, Ochotona collaris Collared Pika Hoffmann's Pika, Ochotona hoffmanni Hoffmann's Pika Northern Pika/Siberian Pika, Ochotona hyperborea Northern Pika Pallas's Pika, Ochotona pallasi Pallas's Pika American Pika, Ochotona princeps American Pika Turuchan Pika, Ochotona turuchanensis Turuchan Pika Subgenus Ochotona: shrub-steppe pikas Gansu Pika/Gray Pika, Ochotona cansus Gansu Pika Plateau Pika/Black-lipped Pika, Ochotona curzoniae Plateau Pika Daurian Pika, Ochotona dauurica Daurian Pika Tsing-ling Pika, Ochotona huangensis Tsing-ling Pika Nubra Pika, Ochotona nubrica Nubra Pika Steppe Pika, Ochotona pusilla Steppe Pika Afghan Pika, Ochotona rufescens Afghan Pika Moupin Pika, Ochotona thibetana Moupin Pika Thomas's Pika, Ochotona thomasi Thomas's Pika Subgenus Conothoa: mountain pikas Chinese Red Pika, Ochotona erythrotis Chinese Red Pika Forrest's Pika, Ochotona forresti Forrest's Pika Gaoligong Pika, Ochotona gaoligongensis Gaoligong Pika Glover's Pika, Ochotona gloveri Glover's Pika Himalayan Pika, Ochotona himalayana Himalayan Pika Ili Pika, Ochotona iliensis Ili Pika Kozlov's Pika, Ochotona koslowi Kozlov's Pika Ladak Pika, Ochotona ladacensis Ladak Pika Large-eared Pika, Ochotona macrotis Large-eared Pika Muli Pika, Ochotona muliensis Muli Pika Black Pika, Ochotona nigritia Black Pika Royle's Pika, Ochotona roylei Royle's Pika Turkestan Red Pika, Ochotona rutila Turkestan Red Pika

6 Ochotonidae- Characteristics ut.shtml Egg shaped 6-10 inches in length 4-10 oz mal/page_03.htm

7 Ochotonidae- Pikas About 30 species Distribution North America- Western Mountains, Alaska,and the Yukon Central Asia- The mountains and plains, Himalayan and Ural mountain ranges Habitat Rocky areas Steppes & meadows Shrubs & desert Diet Grasses, leaves, twigs, bark, and herbs Reproduction Gestation period- 25-30 days, 2 litters a year, litters-(1-6) Predators Foxes, eagles, bears, ermines, hawks, weasels, and martens

8 U.S. Species – American Pika

9 Family-Leporidae: Rabbits & Hares s.htm hares/

10 Family-Leporidae: Rabbits & Hares 11 Genera 14 Sub-genera About 50 species Family Leporidae Genus Brachylagus Genus Bunolagus Genus Caprolagus Genus Lepus Genus Nesolagus Genus Oryctolagus Genus Pentalagus Genus Poelagus Genus Pronolagus Genus Romerolagus Genus Sylvilagus

11 Leporidae- Characteristics Long legs Large hind feet Tibia & fibula fused 10-30 inches 14 oz – 13.2 lbs

12 Leporidae Distribution Found on every continent except Antarctica About ½ of all kinds of rabbits and hares live in North America Habitat Thrive in all types of climates Mountains, swamps, grasslands, deserts, & frozen tundra Diet Grasses, fruit, various seeds, leaves, and herbs Reproduction Gestation period- (28-50 days), several litters a year, litters-(2-8) (up to 15) Predators Foxes, coyotes, bobcat, lynx, hawks, owls, eagles, raccoons, snakes, opossums, skunks, domestic animals, & hunters

13 Rabbits vs. Hares RabbitsHares Birth Give birth in fur-lined nests Born furless, eyes closed In nest for couple of weeks Give birth on ground Born with fur, eyes open Within 5 min, able to hop Characteristics Smaller in size Typically digs burrows Danger- Run and hide Larger (ears, legs,& feet) Typically lives above ground Danger- Run Social Activities More social May live in groups Less social Usually lives alone

14 Snowshoe Hare ofiles/profile_snowshoe_hare.htm

15 Eastern Cottontail

16 Works Cited rpha rpha Ochotonidae.html Ochotonidae.html ily.asp ily.asp info.htm info.htm Leporidae-BEHAVIOR-REPRODUCTION.html

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