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Tebriz Pictures by Nasser Alikhani Municipality Building October 2008.

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2 Tebriz Pictures by Nasser Alikhani Municipality Building October 2008

3 Heyderzade House, Tourism Headquarter


5 Heyderzade House, Central Foyer

6 Heyderzade House, Guest Room

7 Heyderzade House -Water Fountain in basement, -Ceiling Motif

8 Heyderzade House, Front Elevation

9 Front Elevation Architectural Details

10 Entrance Door to Sanjesh (weighing devices) Museum

11 Sanjesh Museum, Courtyard

12 Painted Niche Fireplace Water Pool

13 Heyderzade House, Arched brick ceiling

14 Tebriz, Town of Rushdy’ye


16 Tebriz, Town of Bagmeshe

17 Tebriz, Town of Vely-e-Esr

18 Tebriz, historic Erk, hidden by new surrounding buildings!

19 The view of the historic Erk building is blocked by the new Musella (Mosque).

20 Tebriz, local markets

21 Tebriz, fresh fruits on sale!

22 Tebriz, Cable Bridge

23 Tebriz, Cable Bridge & Shehryar Grand Hotel

24 Residential Buildings across Tebriz University

25 Tebriz

26 Tebriz, Sa’at Circle

27 Tebriz, Municipality BuildingTebriz, Mirza Selman Mosque

28 Merend, a roadside village

29 Merend, a roadside farm with Birch trees

30 Merend, Mishow Mountain


32 Zunuz River

33 Apple Orchards on the Banks of Zunuz River

34 Apple Orchards at Zunuz River

35 Zunuz, a Plum Tree in a private garden

36 Village of Zunuzaq, right above city of Zunuz

37 Apple Orchard behind Village of Zunuzaq

38 Zunuz, a view of western horizon, from the hills of Damji Qaya

39 Zunuz, Village of Ket Deresi

40 Apple Orchards and Birch Trees of Village of Ket Deresi

41 Damji Qaya (dripping bolder) Cavern

42 Pond at Damji Qaya

43 Apricot Orchard at Zunuz Suburb

44 Colorful Mountains of Zunuz suburbs

45 Village of Zemherir

46 Fall Foliage at Ket Deresi

47 A beautiful valley, north of Zunuz

48 Wild flowers beneath Apricot trees

49 Colorful Landscape of Zunuz suburbs

50 A magnificent view of southwestern horizon, from the dirt road leading to Mahar

51 Mahar, the Summer Land on mountain top

52 Mahar, this region reminds me of the Grand Canyon

53 A small village in Mahar

54 Mahar - The snow covered mountains are situated in Republic of Azerbycan. City of Ordubad could be seen in the valley.

55 Geven, the wild shrub of the high mountains

56 The reservoir of the Zunuz Dam

57 Turquoise color of a mineral spring flowing into a small pond

58 Trickling water of Zunuz River

59 Colorful autumn leaves of tiered apple orchards at Zunuz River

60 Beautiful Miniature Wild Flowers of Mahar Hope you have enjoyed your picture journey! This slide show will end automatically in a few seconds.

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