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Technical Service Provider (TSP) Not-To-Exceed (NTE) Rates March 17, 2005 Belfast, Maine.

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1 Technical Service Provider (TSP) Not-To-Exceed (NTE) Rates March 17, 2005 Belfast, Maine

2 Not-to-Exceed (NTE) Rates Maximum dollar amount NRCS will reimburse landowners for technical services provided to them by a TSP Rates vary by: conservation practice, geographic area, implementation phase, land use, and practice amount

3 Current NTE Rates NTE rates based on salary, benefits, and overhead cost per hour of Maine NRCS Range $30 to $60 per hour (inc. benefits & overhead) Current rates were updated August 2004 – in effect for FY 2005 NTE rates available through

4 TSP NTE Rate Exceptions NTE rates are based on time estimates for the most “typical” situations Whenever an atypical situation arises, an exception for NTE rates can be used to account for unusual factors

5 Exceptions to NTE Rates Conditions When there is a one time specific need No NTE rates available for practice Unique environmental or other conditions exist and practice implementation more complex than typical

6 Special Exception Examples Impact on T&E species Impact on historic or archeological sites Especially difficult access to site Presence of urban development requiring special practice design Special expertise required

7 Special Exceptions (cont.) Usually the need for an exception will be known in advance If TSP encounters a situation that might require an exception, contact NRCS field office

8 Maine NTE Exceptions To Date 3 Fish passages Reason: no Maine rate, practice cost highly site-specific Cost range: $20,000 - $34,000 1 Tree/Shrub Establishment Reason: travel costs for site much higher than typical Cost: $329 1 Waste Storage Structure Reason: unusual site conditions (blasting required, urbanized area) Cost: $3,000

9 Design, Installation, and Checkout Phases General descriptions of these available here: Most contracts will use all 3 phases However, just 1 or 2 phases may be contracted for Bills submitted by TSPs should be broken out by these phases

10 Example PhaseNTE RateTSPs BillPayment Design$100 Installation$100$125$100 Checkout$100$70 Total$300$295$270

11 TSP NTE Rates Questions?

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