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Plant Classification Jimmy Holton.

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1 Plant Classification Jimmy Holton

2 Phylum Bryophyta Common name- Mosses Seedless nonvascular
Grow close to the ground, use rhizoid to anchor down, and don’t have true leaves. Asexual reproduction, Can grow just about anywhere with a little water Sphagnum

3 Pictures of Bryophyta

4 Phylum Hepatophyta Common Name- Liverworts Seedless nonvascular
Look like lobes of liver flat on the ground Can be leafy or thallose Damp environment- wet rocks, greenhouse flowerpots, other areas with a lot of moisture Asexual reproduction Leafy or Thallose Liverworts

5 Pictures of heptaphyta

6 Phylum Anthocerophyta
Common Name- Hornworts Seedless nonvascular Grow low to the ground, body has flat lobed appearance Found in tropical rain forests and along streams around the world Asexual reproduction Cretaceous (Maastrichtian)

7 Pictures of Anthocerophyta

8 Lycophyta Club mosses Seedless vascular
Highly flammable spores, small and tree like Moist, wet wooded area Sexual reproduction Princess Pines, Lycopodium

9 Pictures of Lycophyta

10 Pterophyta Ferns Seedless vascular
Mostly smaller type plants, have single vein leaves Shaded and moist wooded areas Sexual reproduction Whisk Ferns,

11 Pictures of Pterophyta

12 Cyadophyta Cycads Cone-bearing seed plants
Similar to palms, shrub like, mostly smaller than palms Tropics and sub tropics Sexual reproduction Sago Palm, Cycas Revolutae

13 Pictures of Cycadophyta

14 Ginkophyta Ginkgoes Cone bearing seed plants
Fan shaped leaves, tall and skinny Can grow in any temperate climate Sexual reproduction Ginkgo Biloba (only species left)

15 Pictures of Ginkophyta

16 Conifrophyta Conifers Cone bearing seed plants
Evergreens, grow year round in mountainous areas, can grow quickly Sexual reproduction Pines, Redwoods, and Cedar

17 Pictures of Coniferophyta

18 Anthophyta Flowering plants Flowering seed plants
Have flowers or fruits, vascular system, fruit that is edible for us to eat Can be warm or cold climate Sexual reproduction Apple Trees, Peach Trees, and Orange Trees

19 Pictures of Anthophyta

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