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By: Ella Joan Doplon Mendoza Michelle Angela Aba Gonzaga.

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1 By: Ella Joan Doplon Mendoza Michelle Angela Aba Gonzaga

2   Highlighter is an essential stationary item for students as well as working people. In school, students and teachers use highlighter to mark words they don’t understand, things to memorize, terms to research, areas of special interest and things they think will be on the test.  Ink is one of the most important components of writing tool today. All inks consist of a colorant and a vehicle. The selection of ink is an important decision one must make in terms of the performance of one’s pen. Background of the Study

3   Achiote (Bixa Orellana L.) is a shrub or small tree commonly found in the Philippines and better known as atsuwete or achuete. Its fruit is best know for the natural pigment, Achiote.  It is this dye that interest the researcher to pursue the possibility of transforming it into an alternative source of highlighter ink.  These are the primary reasons why there is a need to look for alternative sources of substances used to make inks. Background of the Study

4   What are the characteristics of the different samples of highlighter ink in terms of:  Color  Odor  Texture? Statement of the Problem

5   The quality of the ink, in terms of color, odor and texture has the kind of specifications that maximizes the writing experience of the writer. As such it has the following characteristics:  The alternative ink has the ability to be permanent.  The ink does not dry immediately due to the viscosity of the ink

6  Which of the different ink samples produced is most acceptable? Is there a significant difference on the characteristics and acceptability of the different samples of highlighter ink? Statement of the Problem

7   The researchers used Achiote seeds as the subject sample of their study on the possible source of ink for highlighters. In this study, there is no specific variety of Achiote plant is preferred for the source of ink. All the available local varieties of Achiote plant can be tapped as possible sources.  The method of study is experimental; thus, it will involve some laboratory trial and error methods of sampling to determine the appropriate sample for a workable highlighter ink. Scope and Delimitations

8  1.Gathering of materials and chemicals to be used. 2.Measuring the amount of Achiote powder and chemicals. 3.Mixing the desired amount of powder and chemical. 4.The product is then ready for product evaluation. Procedures

9  Statistical Tools  Mean – used to measure the characteristics of the ink.  Kruskal-Wallis – to test the null hypotheses Where: = sample mean X i = values in the set n = sample size Where: N = sample size T = sum of ranks 1th sample n = total # of observations

10    Encyclopedia Americana: © BY SCHOLASTIC LIBRARY PUBLISHING Inc. 2005, 2004  The New Book of Knowlegde I Copyright © 2007 BY SCHOLASTIC LIBRARY PUBLISHING, INC.  1992 Edition Comptons encyclopedia & Fact – Index Copyright © 1992 by COMPTON’S LEARNING COMPANY Bibliography


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