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2014 Farm Bill: changes and what it means to the Headwaters Region November 5, 2014 Pennsylvania Natural Resources Conservation Service.

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1 2014 Farm Bill: changes and what it means to the Headwaters Region November 5, 2014 Pennsylvania Natural Resources Conservation Service

2 2

3 Agriculture Act of 2014 3 Or otherwise know as the 2014 Farm Bill Signed by the President on February 7 th, 2014

4 The $956 billion farm bill, in one graph 4

5 Summary of Conservation Portion Would assist farmers/landowners addressing resource concerns on their property through conservation financial assistance programs, CREP administered through FSA or easement programs, etc.. 23 different conservation programs were consolidated into 13 programs. 5

6 2015 Financial Assistance Programs NRCS Conservation Programs Available Under the 2014 Farm Bill to fund conservation practices: Agricultural Management Assistance AMA Conservation Stewardship Program CSP Environmental Quality Incentives Program EQIP Federal govt. operating under Continuing Resolution budget through December 11 2014 – Final Funding To Be Determined! 6

7 The following Conservation Programs no longer exist: Chesapeake Bay Watershed Iniative (CBWI) Wildlife Habitat Incentive Program (WHIP) 7

8 Agricultural Conservation Easement Program ACEP ACEP has 2 components Agricultural Land Easement Component (ALE) Replaces o Farm & Ranchland Protection Program FRPP o Grassland Reserve Program GRP Wetland Reserve Easement Component (WRE) Replaces o Wetland Reserve Program WRP Prior executed easements remain valid and enforceable. 8

9 Farm Service Agency Conservation Programs Available Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program-CREP Conservation Reserve Program-Continuous CRP 9


11 Common Types of Projects Cropland o Erosion Control o Water Quality o Agronomic Pasture o Water Quality o Grazing Systems Livestock/Animal Operations o Manure Management o Water Quality 11

12 2015 AMA and EQIP Pennsylvania Signup Cycles Signup NumberApplication received by 1FridayOctober 17, 2014 2FridayDecember 19, 2014 3FridayFebruary 20, 2015 4FridayApril 17, 2015 5FridayMay 15, 2015

13 Conservation Stewardship Program - CSP o CSP will be available o Currently working with producers who wish to re- new their 2010 contracts o 2015 Signup period for other new participants not yet announced 13

14 AMA, CSP, EQIP Practices 14 EQIP Conservation Activity Plans 103 AMA and EQIP Conservation Practices 74 CSP Conservation Enhancements 14

15 14 Conservation Activity Plan Proposed 2015 EQIP Options Agricultural Energy Management Plan o (energy audit) Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plan Conservation Plan Supporting Organic Transition Drainage Water Management Feed Management Plan Fish and Wildlife Habitat Mgt Plan Forest Management Plan Grazing Management Plan Integrated Pest Management Plan Irrigation Water Management Plan Nutrient Management Plan Pollinator Habitat Enhancement Plan Prescribed Burning Plan IPM Herbicide Resistant Weed Plan

16 103 AMA and EQIP Conservation Practices 16

17 74 CSP Conservation Enhancements 17

18 Agricultural Management Assistance (AMA) PA commonly receives a low sllocation FY2015 allocation to be determined Anticipate targeting for Irrigation

19 Fiscal Year 2015 Potential National EQIP Initiatives Required in 2014 Farm Bill o Beginning Farmers Veteran Farmers’ preference o Socially Disadvantaged Farmers o Organic Initiative NRCS Agency Initiatives o On-Farm Energy Conservation o Seasonal High Tunnel o Water Quality Initiative Great Lakes Restoration Initiative 19

20 High Tunnel 20

21 PA State EQIP Priorities Local Ranking Pools o Cropland o Pasture o Livestock/Manure Management Statewide or Regional Ranking Pools: o Forestry o Forest Management Plan Development o Stream Corridor Management o Working Lands for Wildlife/Golden Winged Warbler 21

22 EQIP Local Fund Pools Cropland Pasture/Grazing Land Livestock/Manure Management

23 On Farm Energy Conservation Energy Audit meeting o NRCS Ag Energy Mgt Plan (122 or 128) OR o American Society of Agricultural & Biological Engineers ASABE S612 standard With an energy audit, NRCS can fund: o Farmstead Energy Improvement (374) Dairy Grain Dryers Motors Maple Syrup o Lighting System Improvement (670) o Building Envelope Improvement (672) 23

24 EQIP Organic Initiative Two Options: Producers with Certified Organic acreage Includes those exempt from certification requirements because <$5,000 in sales. Producers with no certified acreage, who are transitioning to become certified. 24

25 EQIP Organic Initiative Range of Practices for common livestock, grazing, and cropland operations Statutory payment limit of <= $20,000/year; $80,000 over 6 years applies But, less competition than regular EQIP fund pools 25

26 Soil Health Initiative Erosion, Runoff, Ponding and Drought Stress might be signs of Poor Soil Health! Key Points Reduce Tillage Cover Crops Diversity of Crop Rotation Something growing through the year 26

27 Soil Health Initiative Consider program options such as CSP - Ag Land cropland and pasture enhancements EQIP cropland fund pool grazing/pasture fund pool 27

28 Cover Crop 28

29 CSP Enhancements-Soil Health ANM03-Incorporate native grasses or legumes into 15% or more of forage base ANM23-Multispecies native perennials for biomass/wildlife habitat PLT20-High residue cover crop for weed suppression and soil health SOE05-Intensive no-till

30 CSP Enhancements-Soil Health SQL04- Cover crop mixes SQL05-Deep rooted crops to break up soil compaction SQL08-Intercropping to improve soil quality and increase biodiversity SQL09-Conversion of cropped land to grass-based agriculture

31 CNMP Plan Requirement Producers receiving EQIP funds to implement waste storage, handling or treatment practices must have a Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plan (CNMP) Plan can be developed by private consulant/TSP, NRCS, other qualified person, or combinations Must be in place before beginning the practice. Preference given to applicants who have a current CNMP plan in place when they apply. 31

32 EQIP Forestry Funding to hire consultant (TSP) to develop a Forest Management Plan Funding to implement practices recommended in a Forest Management or Forest Stewardship Plan Common practices o Forest Stand Improvement o Tree/Shrub Establishment o Early Successional Habitat Management o Brush Management 32

33 Golden-Winged Warbler Priority Area 33

34 Waste Storage Facility 34

35 Heavy Use Area 35

36 Windbreak 36

37 Access Road

38 Agrichemical Handling Facility 38

39 Animal Trail 39

40 Grass Waterway 40

41 Terrace 41

42 Streambank Protection

43 How To Participate in 2015 Be in USDA Farm Service Agency record system as owner or operator o Must be operator for CSP Be in compliance with Highly Erodible Land and Wetland Conservation requirements Have control of land for length of the contract. Review or develop your conservation plan

44 Adjusted Gross Income AGI required for AMA, CSP, EQIP in 2015 Average AGI does not exceed $900,000 o For previous 3 tax years For 2015 Program Year/Fiscal Year, consider the participant or members’ AGI for: o 2013 o 2012 o 2011 FSA verifies with IRS before certifying compliance

45 Entities must have DUNS and be registered in SAM.Gov Authentic free SAM.Gov site


47 For More Information, contact Your local NRCS Field Office Pennsylvania Natural Resources Conservation Service

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