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The Bilby Kkkkkkk mmmmmm.

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1 The Bilby Kkkkkkk mmmmmm

2 Description The Bilby can grow up to 650mm.
The Bilby has big ears, a long tail and a long nose. The Bilby has grey fur.

3 Diet The bilby feasts on termites, ants, seeds, fruit and fungi.

4 Habitat The Bilby ‘s home is a grass shrubland or a spinifex

5 Interesting facts The Bilby makes hissing sounds when it is startled.
The Bilby is quiet but people still don’t know how they communicate. The Bilby’s burrow entrance is often found near a shrub or grass clump.

6 Breeding The female Bilby usually gives birth to two babies per year.

7 The Things I used Watching Wildlife Australia, lonely Planet Publications. Cadbury Furry Friends

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