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Flowers New Varieties For 2015. AGASTACHE ARIZONA™ SANDSTONE AMERICAN TAKII, INC. First year flowering, drought tolerant perennial hardy to zone 6 Abundant.

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Presentation on theme: "Flowers New Varieties For 2015. AGASTACHE ARIZONA™ SANDSTONE AMERICAN TAKII, INC. First year flowering, drought tolerant perennial hardy to zone 6 Abundant."— Presentation transcript:

1 Flowers New Varieties For 2015

2 AGASTACHE ARIZONA™ SANDSTONE AMERICAN TAKII, INC. First year flowering, drought tolerant perennial hardy to zone 6 Abundant flower spikes loaded with tubular shaped orange blooms Perfect mass planted in dry sunny landscape beds or in large containers Agastache x hybrida

3 AGASTACHE ARIZONA™ SUN AMERICAN TAKII, INC. First year flowering, drought tolerant perennial hardy to zone 6 Compact and uniform 8-10 inches tall and wide Extremely floriferous with little care Agastache x hybrida

4 AGASTACHE ARIZONA™ SUNSET AMERICAN TAKII, INC. First year flowering, drought tolerant perennial hardy to zone 6 Plant 10 to 12 inches apart in a sunny, dry location Attractive to all pollinators Agastache x hybrida

5 ANGELONIA SERENITA  PINK F1 Available at Harris Seeds AAS 2014 National Flower Winner Elegant yet tough plants with long- lasting color Compact, shorter plant height 8-12” Tolerant to heat and dry conditions Performs best in full to part sun Angelonia angustifolia

6 BARBERRY TOSCANA  BAILEY NURSERIES Upright shrub with arching branches 3-5 feet tall, 3-5 feet wide Full sun perennial Zone 4 Large showy foliage emerges red in spring with a fine bright yellow margin Red darkens to burgundy in autumn Berberis thunbergii

7 BASIL HOLY BOTANICAL INTERESTS Also known as Tulsi, this revered basil makes a delicious aromatic healthful tea Steep the leaves for tea, then add the flowers to intensity the flavor Leaves and flowers have a strong fruity, fragrance said to combat stress Plants can be grown indoors Ocimum sanctum

8 CALIBRACHOA HULA SOFT PINK DUMMEN GROUP Massive mounds of 1” pink flowers with a vibrant magenta “hula-hoop” of color Strong performer in sunny baskets and containers Less than 10” tall, spreads 16” Blooms late spring, summer to frost Calibrachoa hybrid

9 CANNA CANNOVA YELLOW BALL HORTICULTURAL CO. Excellent choice for tall backgrounds in your landscape or container “thriller” Sun loving annual 30-48 inches tall blooms from late spring to late summer Cannova series includes Bronze Scarlet, Red Shades and Rose Canna generalis

10 COLEUS MARQUEE BLONDE BOMBSHELL BURPEE HOME GARDENS Shadowy patios to sun-blazed gardens Easy care, excellent garden performance Densely branched plants 18-24” tall Late flowering variety Lanceolate leaves add exciting texture Coleus scutellariodes

11 CONFETTI GLOSSY STRAWBERRY Dummen group Confetti Garden combines a star- patterned petunia, impressive red verbena and fragrant white alyssum Hand selected to perform well together Eye catching combination of red and white sure to be a showstopper! Multi-species

12 CRAPE MYRTLE MIDNIGHT MAGIC  BAILEY NURSERIES Compact variety 4-6 feet tall and wide Superb purple-maroon foliage Dark pink flowers July-September Full sun perennial to Zone 6 Resistant to Cercospora leaf spot and powdery mildew Lagerstroemia indica

13 DAHLIA XXL SUNSET DUMMEN GROUP Boasts huge 4-inch bicolor blooms Striking color pattern and colors Strong and proven garden performer consistently received top marks in trials across the country Blooms late spring to frost Dahlia grandiflora

14 DIANTHUS DIANA CRIMSON PICOTEE IMPROVED HEM GENETICS Great choice for early spring gardens as well as fall - plants tolerate light freezes Full sun to partial sun locations Showy bi-color blooms dominate the vigorous low growing plants 8-10” tall Excellent annual for mixed containers Dianthus chinensis

15 DIGITALIS FOXLIGHT RUBY GLOW Ball/Darwin Perennials Great focal point all summer long in gardens and containers Blooms face outward on tall spikes for better flower display Perennial continues blooming all summer in sun or partial shade Digitalis hybrida

16 DISTYLIUM LINEBACKER  BAILEY NURSERIES Compact upright evergreen matures to an excellent screening and hedge plant Reddish new growth matures to lustrous dark green Full sun to moderate shade perennial Zone 7 with excellent disease resistance Distylium myricoides

17 EUPHORBIA GLITZ Available at Harris Seeds First Euphoria graminea from seed Prolific flowering Long lasting frothy displays Tiny white flowers mix well with other annuals in baskets and containers No pinching required Euphorbia graminea

18 GERANIUM BIG EZEE RED DUMMEN GROUP Bred for the heat Vigorous grower loaded with huge 3” bright red flowers Perfect in mixed plantings, and also stands strong on its own Blooms late spring to frost Pelargonium x hortorum

19 GERANIUM NANO  VIOLET F1 HEM GENETICS New vibrant violet color to Nano series Continuously produces large clusters of flowers abundantly all season Compact habit ideal for containers and window boxes Dark handsome petite foliage Pelargonium hortorum

20 HYDRANGEA BLOOMSTRUCK  BAILEY NURSERIES Big beautiful vivid rose-pink, violet or blue flower heads 3.5” to 5” across Sturdy striking red stems hold blooms upright all summer long Glossy dark green leaves with red petioles and red veins Hydrangea macrophylla

21 HYDRANGEA L.A. DREAMIN’ BALL ORNAMENTALS Shows blue, pink and every color in between on the same plant No need to add aluminum sulfate Great reblooming power with a multi- color show all summer long Perennial hardy in zones 5 to 10 Hydrangea macrophylla

22 IMPATIENS BOUNCE  PINK FLAME PPAF ‘BALBOUFINK’ BALL/SELECTA Completely Downy Mildew resistant Strong-performer for shade and sun gardens from spring through fall Massive amount of stunning blooms Shorter and compact habit is ideal for hanging baskets or patio pots Impatiens hybrida

23 IMPATIENS BOUNCE  VIOLET BALL/SELECTA All-new genetics of interspecific impatiens highly resistant to Downy Mildew Strong-performer for sun and shade Shorter and compact habit is ideal for hanging baskets or patio pots Impatiens hybrida

24 IMPATIENS NEW GUINEA DIVINE F1 MIXTURE Available at Harris Seeds Masses of large, luscious 2-inch blooms Easy care plants for containers, baskets and shade landscapes Well-branched plant habit High resistance to Downy Mildew Impatiens hawkerii

25 IMPATIENS SUNPATIENS ® COMPACT PINK SAKATA AMERICA Dense bushy upright beefy habit 24”-36” tall and wide in the garden, 18”-24” tall in containers and baskets Robust, sun-loving, heat-loving thrives in full sun or part shade Non-stop color spring, summer and fall Impatiens hybrida

26 IMPATIENS SUNPATIENS ® COMPACT ROYAL MAGENTA SAKATA AMERICA Dense bushy plant covered with flowers Non-stop color spring, summer and fall 24-36” tall and wide in the garden 18-24” tall in containers and baskets Robust, sun-loving, heat-loving thrives in full sun or part shade Impatiens hybrida

27 IMPATIENS SUNPATIENS ® SPREADING SHELL PINK SAKATA ORNAMENTALS Truly unique genetic background delivers unsurpassed performance Vigorous spreading plants keep their shape all summer Thrives under high heat, rain and humidity in full sun as well as shade Impatiens x hybrida hort

28 LOBELIA STARSHIP SCARLET BALL/KIEFT SEED Summer flowering perennial zones 6a-10b thrives in full to partial sun Produces masses of showy flowers Sturdy, bushy 20-24” plants ideal for containers or center of the border Attracts hummingbirds and bees Lobelia x speciosa

29 LOBULARIA YOLO WHITE DUMMEN GROUP Great heat tolerance makes it a wise choice from early spring until frost Adds fragrance and clear white color to mixed plantings, containers and baskets Gorgeous groundcover Lobularia maritima

30 LUPINE AVALUNE MIX VAN HEMERT & CO. SEEDS Sweetly scented mix of blue, pink, white and 2 bi-colors Compact plants bloom in early spring with well-packed flower spikes Prized border plant for full to part-sun gardens and mass plantings Lupinus hartwegii

31 MARIGOLD GARLAND ORANGE AVAILABLE AT HARRIS SEEDS Very tall (28-60”) bushy habit Immense double blooms 3.5- 4.5” Long strong stems make excellent cut flowers Wind tolerant flexible stems Tagetes erecta

32 ORNAMENTAL PEPPER CONGA  AMERICAN TAKII, INC. Dark purple foliage with purple peppers that mature to bright red Full sun annual less than 10 inches tall Great addition to combination planters Fabulous houseplant Capsicum annuum

33 ORNAMENTAL CORN JAPONICA STRIPED MAIZE SEEDS BY DESIGN, INC. Beautiful ornamental 5-6 foot tall corn Long, variegated leaves, dark purple tassels, burgundy-purple kernels Cut and add to flower arrangements for unique greens and color Widely space plants for better color Zea mays

34 ORNAMENTAL PEPPER MAMBO  YELLOW RED AMERICAN TAKII, INC. Bright yellow peppers turn orange and mature to deep, rich red Striking in a combination planter Great paired with mums for fall Needs sunny location, well drained soil Capsicum annuum

35 ORNAMENTAL PEPPER MAMBO  PURPLE ORANGE AMERICAN TAKII, INC. Ideal for fall plantings and great for Halloween decorating Dark purple fruit matures to brilliant orange Annual 5-7” tall, 6-8” wide Full sun, well drained soil Capsicum annuum

36 PANSY COOL WAVE SUNSHINE ’N WINE Ball Horticultural Co. Most vigorous spreading pansy Adds dramatic color to spring, late summer, and autumn patios & pots Great in combos and as a groundcover Biennial to Zone 5 with superior overwintering hardiness Viola wittrockiana

37 PERICALLIS SENETTI BLUE EYE Suntory Flowers Ltd. Thrives in lower temperatures Large, daisy-like flowers provide high-impact color in early spring Senetti series spans 12 bright colors Full sun to part shade annual Cut plants back 50% for a fresh flush of blooms Pericallis hybrida

38 PETUNIA EASY WAVE  VELOUR BURGUNDY AVAILABLE AT HARRIS SEEDS Vigorous, mounding spreading habit Prolific 2.5”-3” blooms cover the plants Flowers have a special sheen that offers a three dimensional appearance Full sun, frost tolerant annual Petunia hybrida

39 PETUNIA EASY WAVE  VELOUR RED Ball Horticultural Co. Spreading petunia with deep, dark texture and fashion-forward color Perfect patio centerpiece display or trailing from hanging baskets Give it sun and feed it regularly for lush vigorous blooms through the summer Petunia hybrida

40 PETUNIA OPERA SUPREME  RED AMERICAN TAKII, INC. Trailing petunia spreads 3.5-4 feet Covered with flowers from plant center to the very tips of each stem Plants are so loaded with blooms virtually no foliage is visible Petunia hybrida

41 PETUNIA SUPERCAL ® GRAPE SAKATA AMERICA Best characteristics of petunias and calibrachoas in one exceptional series Superior garden performance Large blooms with unique vibrant color Better heat and cold tolerance Petchoa hybrid

42 PETUNIA SUPERCAL ® SALMON GLOW SAKATA AMERICA Excellent heat tolerance & weather recovery Foliage is not sticky so spent flowers drop easily from the plant Plants 12” tall & 15” wide are ideal for sunny baskets and containers Petchoa hybrid

43 PETUNIA SURFINIA ® SUMO PINK SUNTORY FLOWERS LTD. Super-sized vegetative petunias Big and bold vigorous Sumo series also includes Plum and Bold Lilac Very full, vigorous mounding habit Perfect for large containers, baskets and landscape beds Petunia hybrida

44 PETUNIA TRILOGY RED F1 TAKII & CO. LTD. Stunningly rich vibrant red Unique compact dome-shaped habit Plants cover and recover themselves in upright non-fading blooms Flower beds, baskets and containers Bounces back quickly after a rain Petunia x atkinsiana

45 PRIMULA DANESSA Sakata America Market’s earliest flowering acaulis! Diminutive 2-3 inch plant blooms in early spring Maintains a compact habit Can also be enjoyed as a houseplant Danessa is available in 9 colors Primula acaulis

46 ROSE ABOVE AND BEYOND  BAILEY NURSERIES New large-flowered climber is a rose for colder climates – perennial USDA zone 3 Clusters of 5 or more buds open to apricot semi-double to double flowers Dependable climber or large free- standing shrub in colder regions Prolific and reliable spring flowering Very resistant to fungal diseases

47 ROSE BEVERLY Greenheart farms, Inc. Fragrance with perfume of citrus, peach, pear, plum, patchouli and myrtle Perfectly formed, high-centered blooms Hybrid tea - enchanting blend of pinks Perennial Zone 5 hardy Rosa korpauvio

48 SALVIA BLUE MARVEL Ball/Darwin Perennials Perennial Zones 4-10 Largest flowers of all Salvia nemorosa Re-blooms reliably Upright, colorful spikes attract pollinators early spring through autumn Prefers a sunny location, 6 hours of sun Salvia nemorosa

49 SALVIA SUMMER JEWEL WHITE Takii & Co. Ltd. Dwarf sized compact plant has a prolific bloom count throughout the summer Blooms almost two weeks earlier than other white salvias used as comparisons Bees, butterflies and hummingbirds love the larger flowers Salvia coccinea

50 SCAEVOLA SURDIVA VARIEGATED BLUE SUNTORY FLOWERS LTD. First scaevola with variegated foliage Extremely heat tolerant plant provides continuous color all summer Tidy compact appearance and exceptional flower coverage Scaevola aemula

51 SNAPDRAGON POTOMAC CUSTOM MIX Johnny’s Selected Seeds Tall, strong, sturdy, clean stems Long and well-defined spikes with outstanding colors and flower quality Improved uniformity of bloom time Makes great flower arrangements Antirrhinum majus

52 VERBENA ENDURASCAPE HOT PINK BALL FLORAPLANT Tougher verbena - hardy in frost conditions and doesn’t cycle out of flower in the heat Perennial great for hillsides, ground covers and retaining walls Excellent powdery mildew resistance Verbena hybrida

53 VERBENA WICKED COOL BLUE DUMMEN GROUP Striking contrast between bright white and vivid blue Perfect for adding interest to mixed plantings Plays well with others Blooms non-stop all summer Verbena hybrida

54 VIOLA COLORMAX SAKATA AMERICA Giant flowers fill out containers with tremendous color in spring and fall Perfect for pots, baskets and containers Heat tolerant Available in 10 eye-catching colors Viola hybrid

55 VIOLA GEM™ LILAC ANTIQUE American Takii, Inc. Blooms prolifically providing welcome color in late fall and early spring Unique color for sunny containers, baskets and gardens Cold, frost and rain tolerant annual Viola cornuta

56 VIOLA CORINA BLACK F1 HEM GENETICS Novelty black-flowered viola 6-8” tall spreading 10-12” wide Very frost tolerant so ideal for early spring and fall plantings More heat tolerant, so lasts longer into the warmer time of the year Viola cornuta

57 VITEX DELTA BLUES  BAILEY NURSERIES 8-10 foot tall Chaste Tree Aromatic bluish-purple flowers in summer are followed by small, red- colored fruits that persist into winter Eye-catching highly fragrant foliage Sun loving perennial zone 6-9 Vitex agnus-castus

58 ZINNIA CROUCHING TIGER PARK SEED Giant 3” blooms open single, then mature to fully double pompons Looks terrific in the garden or in a vase Vigorous, healthy 10”-24” tall annual Compact, free-flowering, easy to grow Zinnia elegans

59 ZINNIA SALSIANDO Van Hemert & Co. Seeds Superb mixture of Macarenia (scarlet flowers with gold tips) and Mazurkia (scarlet flowers tipped with cream) Large 3” bi-color blooms attract bees and butterflies late spring through fall Excellent for pick-your-own bouquets Zinnia elegans

60 ZINNIA ZINDERELLA PEACH SELECT SEEDS Shades of salmon, peach, pink and cream accented with a dark eye Striking scabiosa-shaped blooms with full mounded tops Excellent as cut flower, very easy to grow, and disease resistant Fleuroselect Approved Novelty Zinnia elegans

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